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Logging System


EQEmu used to have many different logging systems in its past.

They all were configured differently, all had different configuration formats.

In 2015 - a much needed massive overhaul to our logging was made and it has been one of the most valuable things to our project to date.


  • Logging levels (General, Moderate, Detail)
  • Hot-Reload of log settings
  • In game, real time server logs
  • Categories (Spells, Merchants, Loot etc.)

Output Formats

  • Console
  • File
  • In game (gmsay)

Can easily be extended to be implemented with other output sinks

Debug Levels

Level Description
General 1 Low-Level general debugging, useful info on single line
Moderate 2 Informational based - used in functions
Detail 3 Use this for extreme detail in logging, usually in extreme debugging in the stack or interprocess communication

Debug levels are PER category, so if you wanted to set for example, level 3 debugging enabled to gmsay (In Game) but only 1 to your console, you put respectively 1 in your console field and 3 in gmsay for whatever category it is your enable


All settings are managed in logsys_categories database table

When a process boots up, such as zone/world/ucs/queryserv/etc. These settings will load and whatever applies to the server category wise is what it will use as rules to understand where to send output, as well as what level of information (high or low) to display


Please note that log_to_gmsay is only available for zone-level debugging

As of 2021 it is available in world as well if you have rule WorldGMSayLogging enabled (enabled by default)

In-Game Commands

Command Description
#logs Displays usage menu
#logs reload Reload all settings in world and all zone processes with what is defined in the database
#logs list Shows current log settings and categories loaded into the current process' memory
#logs set [console file
#logs set [gmsay|file|console] [category_id] [log_level]

File Logs

  • All zone logs go underneath a respective logs/zone/
  • All zones, once booted up, will have a name that actually means something to a server administrator:
    • nexus_version_0_inst_id_0_port_7000_20084.log
    • nexus_version_0_inst_id_0_port_7000_24356.log
    • zone_20084.log - A zone that has been booted up as a dynamic, but not assigned to any logical zone yet
  • Crash Logs will make their way underneath logs/crash
  • All other process logs go to the top level of logs, this may change
  • Naming Convention:
  • Unless a zone is using zone properties for the file name, most processes will look like the following convention
    • process_name_process_id.log

Logging Output Examples

In Game Messages (gmsay)

Windows Console of Zone

Linux Console