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Akk Stack employs a few different methods to protect the CPU from being over-utilized and to ensure that the server is always responsive.

CPU Limiting

The eqemu-server container is limited to 90% of the CPU by default. This is to ensure that the server is always responsive and that the host is not over-utilized. This can be changed in the docker-compose.yml file.

cat docker-compose.yml | grep shares
    cpu_shares: 900

CPU Watchdog

The eqemu-server container has a watchdog that will kill processes that are running high for too long. This is to protect from common occurrences where a server operator accidently creates a loop in a script causing the zone process CPU to spike to 100% and become entirely unresponsive. The watchdog is designed to detect and kill these processes.

You can check the logs if you suspect a process is triggering the watchdog from the root of the eqemu-server home directory.

cat process-kill.log
Sat Jul 11 20:52:47 CDT 2020 [process-watcher] Killed process [21143] [./bin/zone] for taking too much CPU time [43.50]