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Zone Header Identifiers

The zone header contains the zone type, fog data, safe coordinates, max Z, gravity, time type, weather data, sky, underworld, minclip and maxclip, and suspend buffs flag.

To modify these values you can use the following method.

quest::UpdateZoneHeader(identifier, value);
eq.update_zone_header(identifier, value);

The values are as follows.

Identifier Notes
ztype Zone Type
fog_red Fog's Red Value (0 to 255)
fog_green Fog's Green Value (0 to 255)
fog_blue Fog's Blue Value (0 to 255)
fog_minclip Fog's Minimum Clipping Distance
fog_maxclip Fog's Maximum Clipping Distance
fog_density Fog's Density (0.0 to 1.0)
gravity Zone Gravity (0.4 Usually)
time_type Zone Time Type
rain_chance Rain Chance (0 to 100)
rain_duration Rain Duration (0 to 100)
snow_chance Snow Chance (0 to 100)
snow_duration Snow Duration (0 to 100)
sky Zone Sky
safe_x Zone Safe X Coordinate
safe_y Zone Safe Y Coordinate
safe_z Zone Safe Z Coordinate
max_z Zone Max Z Coordinate
underworld Zone Underworld Z Coordinate
minclip Zone Minimum Clipping Distance
maxclip Zone Maximum Clipping Distance
suspendbuffs Zone Suspend Buffs Flag (0 = Off, 1 = On)