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Server Rules

Editing rules

To edit rules, you can use the #rules set <key> <value> command to set a rule.

You can then use #reloadallrules to force all zones to reload the new rules.


The notes field in the database is set by the server software. If you adjust the values in the field, they will be overwritten and restored to default values when you update your server binaries.


If you would like to improve upon the descriptions or notes in the Server Rules table, please submit a pull request on the ruletypes header file.

Type Category Name Default Value Description
Integer Character MaxLevel 65
Boolean Character PerCharacterQglobalMaxLevel FALSE This will check for qglobal 'CharMaxLevel' character qglobal (Type 5), if player tries to level beyond that point, it will not go beyond that level
Integer Character MaxExpLevel 0 Sets the Max Level attainable via Experience
Integer Character DeathExpLossLevel 10 Any level greater than this will lose exp on death
Integer Character DeathExpLossMaxLevel 255 Any level greater than this will no longer lose exp on death
Integer Character DeathItemLossLevel 10
Integer Character DeathExpLossMultiplier 3 Adjust how much exp is lost
Boolean Character UseDeathExpLossMult FALSE Adjust to use the above multiplier or to use code default.
Integer Character CorpseDecayTimeMS 10800000
Integer Character CorpseResTimeMS 10800000 time before cant res corpse(3 hours
Boolean Character LeaveCorpses TRUE
Boolean Character LeaveNakedCorpses FALSE
Integer Character MaxDraggedCorpses 2
Decimal Character DragCorpseDistance 400 If the corpse is <= this distance from the player, it won't move
Decimal Character ExpMultiplier 0.5
Decimal Character AAExpMultiplier 0.5
Decimal Character GroupExpMultiplier 0.5
Decimal Character RaidExpMultiplier 0.2
Boolean Character UseXPConScaling TRUE
Integer Character ShowExpValues 0 0 - normal, 1 - Show raw experience values, 2 - Show raw experience values AND percent.
Integer Character LightBlueModifier 40
Integer Character BlueModifier 90
Integer Character WhiteModifier 100
Integer Character YellowModifier 125
Integer Character RedModifier 150
Integer Character AutosaveIntervalS 300 0=disabled
Integer Character HPRegenMultiplier 100
Integer Character ManaRegenMultiplier 100
Integer Character EnduranceRegenMultiplier 100
Integer Character ConsumptionMultiplier 100 item's hunger restored = this value * item's food level, 100 = normal, 50 = people eat 2x as fast, 200 = people eat 2x as slow
Boolean Character HealOnLevel FALSE
Boolean Character FeignKillsPet FALSE
Integer Character ItemManaRegenCap 15
Integer Character ItemHealthRegenCap 35
Integer Character ItemDamageShieldCap 30
Integer Character ItemAccuracyCap 150
Integer Character ItemAvoidanceCap 100
Integer Character ItemCombatEffectsCap 100
Integer Character ItemShieldingCap 35
Integer Character ItemSpellShieldingCap 35
Integer Character ItemDoTShieldingCap 35
Integer Character ItemStunResistCap 35
Integer Character ItemStrikethroughCap 35
Integer Character ItemATKCap 250
Integer Character ItemHealAmtCap 250
Integer Character ItemSpellDmgCap 250
Integer Character ItemClairvoyanceCap 250
Integer Character ItemDSMitigationCap 50
Integer Character ItemEnduranceRegenCap 15
Integer Character ItemExtraDmgCap 150 Cap for bonuses to melee skills like Bash, Frenzy, etc
Integer Character HasteCap 100 Haste cap for non-v3(overhaste) haste.
Integer Character SkillUpModifier 100 skill ups are at 100%
Boolean Character SharedBankPlat FALSE off by default to prevent duping for now
Boolean Character BindAnywhere FALSE
Integer Character RestRegenPercent 0 0 to enable rest state bonus HP and mana regen. Set to >0 to enable rest state bonus HP and mana regen.
Integer Character RestRegenTimeToActivate 30 Time in seconds for rest state regen to kick in.
Integer Character RestRegenRaidTimeToActivate 300 Time in seconds for rest state regen to kick in with a raid target.
Boolean Character RestRegenEndurance FALSE Whether rest regen will work for endurance or not.
Integer Character KillsPerGroupLeadershipAA 250 Number of dark blues or above per Group Leadership AA
Integer Character KillsPerRaidLeadershipAA 250 Number of dark blues or above per Raid Leadership AA
Integer Character MaxFearDurationForPlayerCharacter 4 4 tics, each tic calculates every 6 seconds.
Integer Character MaxCharmDurationForPlayerCharacter 15
Integer Character BaseHPRegenBonusRaces 4352 a bitmask of race(s) that receive the regen bonus. Iksar (4096) & Troll (256) = 4352. see common/races.h for the bitmask values
Boolean Character SoDClientUseSoDHPManaEnd FALSE Setting this to true will allow SoD clients to use the SoD HP/Mana/End formulas and previous clients will use the old formulas
Boolean Character UseRaceClassExpBonuses TRUE Setting this to true will enable Class and Racial experience rate bonuses
Boolean Character UseOldRaceExpPenalties FALSE Setting this to true will enable racial exp penalties for Iksar, Troll, Ogre, and Barbarian, as well as the bonus for Halflings
Boolean Character UseOldClassExpPenalties FALSE Setting this to true will enable old class exp penalties for Paladin, SK, Ranger, Bard, Monk, Wizard, Enchanter, Magician, and Necromancer, as well as the bonus for Rogues and Warriors
Boolean Character RespawnFromHover FALSE Use Respawn window, or not.
Integer Character RespawnFromHoverTimer 300 Respawn Window countdown timer, in SECONDS
Boolean Character UseNewStatsWindow TRUE New stats window shows everything
Boolean Character ItemCastsUseFocus FALSE If true, this allows item clickies to use focuses that have limited max levels on them
Integer Character MinStatusForNoDropExemptions 80 This allows status x and higher to trade no drop items.
Integer Character SkillCapMaxLevel 75 Sets the Max Level used for Skill Caps (from skill_caps table). -1 makes it use MaxLevel rule value. It is set to 75 because PEQ only has skillcaps up to that level, and grabbing the players' skill past 75 will return 0, breaking all skills past that level. This helps servers with obsurd level caps (75+ level cap) function without any modifications.
Integer Character StatCap 0
Boolean Character CheckCursorEmptyWhenLooting TRUE If true, a player cannot loot a corpse (player or NPC) with an item on their cursor
Boolean Character MaintainIntoxicationAcrossZones TRUE If true, alcohol effects are maintained across zoning and logging out/in.
Boolean Character EnableDiscoveredItems TRUE If enabled, it enables EVENT_DISCOVER_ITEM and also saves character names and timestamps for the first time an item is discovered.
Boolean Character EnableXTargetting TRUE Enable Extended Targetting Window, for users with UF and later clients.
Boolean Character KeepLevelOverMax FALSE Don't delevel a character that has somehow gone over the level cap
Integer Character FoodLossPerUpdate 35 How much food/water you lose per stamina update
Integer Character BaseInstrumentSoftCap 36 Softcap for instrument mods, 36 commonly referred to as "3.6" as well.
Boolean Character UseSpellFileSongCap TRUE When they removed the AA that increased the cap they removed the above and just use the spell field
Integer Character BaseRunSpeedCap 158 Base Run Speed Cap, on live it's 158% which will give you a runspeed of 1.580 hard capped to 225.
Integer Character OrnamentationAugmentType 20 Ornamentation Augment Type
Decimal Character EnvironmentDamageMulipliter 1
Boolean Character UnmemSpellsOnDeath TRUE
Integer Character TradeskillUpAlchemy 2 Alchemy skillup rate adjust. Lower is faster.
Integer Character TradeskillUpBaking 2 Baking skillup rate adjust. Lower is faster.
Integer Character TradeskillUpBlacksmithing 2 Blacksmithing skillup rate adjust. Lower is faster.
Integer Character TradeskillUpBrewing 3 Brewing skillup rate adjust. Lower is faster.
Integer Character TradeskillUpFletching 2 Fletching skillup rate adjust. Lower is faster.
Integer Character TradeskillUpJewelcrafting 2 Jewelcrafting skillup rate adjust. Lower is faster.
Integer Character TradeskillUpMakePoison 2 Make Poison skillup rate adjust. Lower is faster.
Integer Character TradeskillUpPottery 4 Pottery skillup rate adjust. Lower is faster.
Integer Character TradeskillUpResearch 1 Research skillup rate adjust. Lower is faster.
Integer Character TradeskillUpTinkering 2 Tinkering skillup rate adjust. Lower is faster.
Boolean Character SpamHPUpdates FALSE if your server has stupid amounts of HP that causes client display issues, turn this on!
Boolean Character MarqueeHPUpdates FALSE Will show Health % in center of screen < 100%
Integer Character IksarCommonTongue 95 95 By default (live-like?
Integer Character OgreCommonTongue 95 95 By default (live-like?
Integer Character TrollCommonTongue 95 95 By default (live-like?
Boolean Character ActiveInvSnapshots FALSE Takes a periodic snapshot of inventory contents from online players
Integer Character InvSnapshotMinIntervalM 180 Minimum time (in minutes) between inventory snapshots
Integer Character InvSnapshotMinRetryM 30 Time (in minutes) to re-attempt an inventory snapshot after a failure
Integer Character InvSnapshotHistoryD 30 Time (in days) to keep snapshot entries
Boolean Character RestrictSpellScribing FALSE Restricts spell scribing to allowable races/classes of spell scroll, if true
Boolean Character UseStackablePickPocketing TRUE Allows stackable pickpocketed items to stack instead of only being allowed in empty inventory slots
Boolean Character EnableAvoidanceCap FALSE
Integer Character AvoidanceCap 750 750 Is a pretty good value, seen people dodge all attacks beyond 1,000 Avoidance
Boolean Character AllowMQTarget FALSE Disables putting players in the 'hackers' list for targeting beyond the clip plane or attempting to target something untargetable
Boolean Character UseOldBindWound FALSE Uses the original bind wound behavior
Boolean Character GrantHoTTOnCreate FALSE Grant Health of Target's Target leadership AA on character creation
Integer Expansion CurrentExpansion -1 Sets which server side expansion is enabled. See ../../../../developer/project-peq-expansions/expansion-content-filtering for more details.
Integer Mercs SuspendIntervalMS 10000
Integer Mercs UpkeepIntervalMS 180000
Integer Mercs SuspendIntervalS 10
Integer Mercs UpkeepIntervalS 180
Boolean Mercs AllowMercs FALSE
Boolean Mercs ChargeMercPurchaseCost FALSE
Boolean Mercs ChargeMercUpkeepCost FALSE
Integer Mercs AggroRadius 100 Determines the distance from which a merc will aggro group member's target(also used to determine the distance at which a healer merc will begin healing a group member
Integer Mercs AggroRadiusPuller 25 Determines the distance from which a merc will aggro group member's target, if they have the group role of puller (also used to determine the distance at which a healer merc will begin healing a group member, if they have the group role of puller
Integer Mercs ResurrectRadius 50 Determines the distance from which a healer merc will attempt to resurrect a group member's corpse
Integer Mercs ScaleRate 100
Integer Guild MaxMembers 2048
Boolean Guild PlayerCreationAllowed FALSE Allow players to create a guild using the window in Underfoot+
Integer Guild PlayerCreationLimit 1 Only allow use of the UF+ window if the account has < than this number of guild leaders on it
Integer Guild PlayerCreationRequiredStatus 0 Required admin status.
Integer Guild PlayerCreationRequiredLevel 0 Required Level of the player attempting to create the guild.
Integer Guild PlayerCreationRequiredTime 0 Required Time Entitled On Account (in Minutes) to create the guild.
Integer Skills MaxTrainTradeskills 21
Boolean Skills UseLimitTradeskillSearchSkillDiff TRUE
Integer Skills MaxTradeskillSearchSkillDiff 50
Integer Skills MaxTrainSpecializations 50 Max level a GM trainer will train casting specializations
Integer Skills SwimmingStartValue 100
Boolean Skills TrainSenseHeading FALSE
Integer Skills SenseHeadingStartValue 200
Decimal Pets AttackCommandRange 150
Boolean Pets UnTargetableSwarmPet FALSE
Decimal Pets PetPowerLevelCap 10 Max number of levels your pet can go up with pet power
Integer GM MinStatusToSummonItem 250
Integer GM MinStatusToZoneAnywhere 250
Integer World ZoneAutobootTimeoutMS 60000
Integer World ClientKeepaliveTimeoutMS 65000
Boolean World UseBannedIPsTable FALSE Toggle whether or not to check incoming client connections against the Banned_IPs table. Set this value to false to disable this feature.
Boolean World EnableTutorialButton TRUE
Boolean World EnableReturnHomeButton TRUE
Integer World MaxLevelForTutorial 10
Integer World TutorialZoneID 189
Integer World GuildBankZoneID 345
Integer World MinOfflineTimeToReturnHome 21600 21600 seconds is 6 Hours
Integer World MaxClientsPerIP -1 Maximum number of clients allowed to connect per IP address if account status is < AddMaxClientsStatus. Default value: -1 (feature disabled)
Integer World ExemptMaxClientsStatus -1 #ERROR!
Integer World AddMaxClientsPerIP -1 Maximum number of clients allowed to connect per IP address if account status is < ExemptMaxClientsStatus. Default value: -1 (feature disabled
Integer World AddMaxClientsStatus -1 #ERROR!
Boolean World MaxClientsSetByStatus FALSE MaxClientsPerIP. If True, IP Limiting will be set to the status on the account as long as the status is > MaxClientsPerIP
Boolean World EnableIPExemptions FALSE If True, ip_exemptions table is used, if there is no entry for the IP it will default to RuleI(World:MaxClientsPerIP)
Boolean World ClearTempMerchantlist TRUE Clears temp merchant items when world boots.
Boolean World DeleteStaleCorpeBackups TRUE Deletes stale corpse backups older than 2 weeks.
Integer World AccountSessionLimit -1 Max number of characters allowed on at once from a single account (-1 is disabled
Integer World ExemptAccountLimitStatus -1 Min status required to be exempt from multi-session per account limiting (-1 is disabled
Boolean World GMAccountIPList FALSE Check ip list against GM Accounts, AntiHack GM Accounts.
Integer World MinGMAntiHackStatus 1 Minimum GM status to check against AntiHack list
Integer World SoFStartZoneID -1 Sets the Starting Zone for SoF Clients separate from Titanium Clients (-1 is disabled
Integer World TitaniumStartZoneID -1 Sets the Starting Zone for Titanium Clients (-1 is disabled). Replaces the old method.
Integer World ExpansionSettings 16383 Sets the expansion settings for the server, This is sent on login to world and affects client expansion settings. Defaults to all expansions enabled up to TSS.
Boolean World UseClientBasedExpansionSettings TRUE if true it will overrule World:ExpansionSettings and set someone's expansion based on the client they're using
Integer World PVPSettings 0 Sets the PVP settings for the server, 1 = Rallos Zek RuleSet, 2 = Tallon/Vallon Zek Ruleset, 4 = Sullon Zek Ruleset, 6 = Discord Ruleset, anything above 6 is the Discord Ruleset without the no-drop restrictions removed. TODO: Edit IsAttackAllowed in Zone to accomodate for these rules.
Boolean World IsGMPetitionWindowEnabled FALSE
Integer World FVNoDropFlag 0 Sets the Firiona Vie settings on the client. If set to 2, the flag will be set for GMs only, allowing trading of no-drop items.
Boolean World IPLimitDisconnectAll FALSE
Integer World TellQueueSize 20
Integer Zone NPCPositonUpdateTicCount 32 ms between intervals of sending a position update to the entire zone.
Integer Zone ClientLinkdeadMS 180000 the time a client remains link dead on the server after a sudden disconnection
Integer Zone GraveyardTimeMS 1200000 ms time until a player corpse is moved to a zone's graveyard, if one is specified for the zone
Boolean Zone EnableShadowrest 1 enables or disables the shadowrest zone feature for player corpses. Default is turned on.
Boolean Zone UsePlayerCorpseBackups TRUE Keeps backups of player corpses.
Integer Zone MQWarpExemptStatus -1 Required status level to exempt the MQWarpDetector. Set to -1 to disable this feature.
Integer Zone MQZoneExemptStatus -1 Required status level to exempt the MQZoneDetector. Set to -1 to disable this feature.
Integer Zone MQGateExemptStatus -1 Required status level to exempt the MQGateDetector. Set to -1 to disable this feature.
Integer Zone MQGhostExemptStatus -1 Required status level to exempt the MGhostDetector. Set to -1 to disable this feature.
Boolean Zone EnableMQWarpDetector TRUE Enable the MQWarp Detector. Set to False to disable this feature.
Boolean Zone EnableMQZoneDetector TRUE Enable the MQZone Detector. Set to False to disable this feature.
Boolean Zone EnableMQGateDetector TRUE Enable the MQGate Detector. Set to False to disable this feature.
Boolean Zone EnableMQGhostDetector TRUE Enable the MQGhost Detector. Set to False to disable this feature.
Decimal Zone MQWarpDetectionDistanceFactor 9 clients move at 4.4 about if in a straight line but with movement and to acct for lag we raise it a bit
Boolean Zone MarkMQWarpLT FALSE
Integer Zone AutoShutdownDelay 5000 How long a dynamic zone stays loaded while empty
Integer Zone PEQZoneReuseTime 900 How long, in seconds, until you can reuse the #peqzone command.
Integer Zone PEQZoneDebuff1 4454 First debuff casted by #peqzone Default is Cursed Keeper's Blight.
Integer Zone PEQZoneDebuff2 2209 Second debuff casted by #peqzone Default is Tendrils of Apathy.
Boolean Zone UsePEQZoneDebuffs TRUE Will determine if #peqzone will debuff players or not when used.
Decimal Zone HotZoneBonus 0.75
Integer Zone ReservedInstances 30 Will reserve this many instance ids for globals... probably not a good idea to change this while a server is running.
Integer Zone EbonCrystalItemID 40902
Integer Zone RadiantCrystalItemID 40903
Boolean Zone LevelBasedEXPMods FALSE Allows you to use the level_exp_mods table in consideration to your players EXP hits
Integer Zone WeatherTimer 600 Weather timer when no duration is available
Boolean Zone EnableLoggedOffReplenishments TRUE
Integer Zone MinOfflineTimeToReplenishments 21600 21600 seconds is 6 Hours
Boolean Zone UseZoneController TRUE Enables the ability to use persistent quest based zone controllers (
Boolean Zone EnableZoneControllerGlobals FALSE Enables the ability to use quest globals with the zone controller NPC
Boolean Map FixPathingZWhenLoading TRUE increases zone boot times a bit to reduce hopping.
Boolean Map FixPathingZAtWaypoints FALSE alternative to WhenLoading, accomplishes the same thing but does it at each waypoint instead of once at boot time.
Boolean Map FixPathingZWhenMoving FALSE very CPU intensive, but helps hopping with widely spaced waypoints.
Boolean Map FixPathingZOnSendTo FALSE try to repair Z coords in the SendTo routine as well.
Decimal Map FixPathingZMaxDeltaMoving 20 at runtime while pathing: max change in Z to allow the BestZ code to apply.
Decimal Map FixPathingZMaxDeltaWaypoint 20 at runtime at each waypoint: max change in Z to allow the BestZ code to apply.
Decimal Map FixPathingZMaxDeltaSendTo 20 at runtime in SendTo: max change in Z to allow the BestZ code to apply.
Decimal Map FixPathingZMaxDeltaLoading 45 while loading each waypoint: max change in Z to allow the BestZ code to apply.
Integer Map FindBestZHeightAdjust 1 Adds this to the current Z before seeking the best Z position
Boolean Pathing Aggro TRUE Enable pathing for aggroed mobs.
Boolean Pathing AggroReturnToGrid TRUE Enable pathing for aggroed roaming mobs returning to their previous waypoint.
Boolean Pathing Guard TRUE Enable pathing for mobs moving to their guard point.
Boolean Pathing Find TRUE Enable pathing for FindPerson requests from the client.
Boolean Pathing Fear TRUE Enable pathing for fear
Decimal Pathing ZDiffThreshold 10 If a mob las LOS to it's target, it will run to it if the Z difference is < this.
Integer Pathing LOSCheckFrequency 1000 A mob will check for LOS to it's target this often (milliseconds).
Integer Pathing RouteUpdateFrequencyShort 1000 How often a new route will be calculated if the target has moved.
Integer Pathing RouteUpdateFrequencyLong 5000 How often a new route will be calculated if the target has moved.
Integer Pathing RouteUpdateFrequencyNodeCount 5
Decimal Pathing MinDistanceForLOSCheckShort 40000 (NoRoot). While following a path, only check for LOS to target within this distance.
Decimal Pathing MinDistanceForLOSCheckLong 1000000 (NoRoot). Min distance when initially attempting to acquire the target.
Integer Pathing MinNodesLeftForLOSCheck 4 Only check for LOS when we are down to this many path nodes left to run.
Integer Pathing MinNodesTraversedForLOSCheck 3 Only check for LOS after we have traversed this many path nodes.
Integer Pathing CullNodesFromStart 1 Checks LOS from Start point to second node for this many nodes and removes first node if there is LOS
Integer Pathing CullNodesFromEnd 1 Checks LOS from End point to second to last node for this many nodes and removes last node if there is LOS
Decimal Pathing CandidateNodeRangeXY 400 When searching for path start/end nodes, only nodes within this range will be considered.
Decimal Pathing CandidateNodeRangeZ 10 When searching for path start/end nodes, only nodes within this range will be considered.
Boolean Watermap CheckWaypointsInWaterWhenLoading FALSE Does not apply BestZ as waypoints are loaded if they are in water
Boolean Watermap CheckForWaterAtWaypoints FALSE Check if a mob has moved into/out of water when at waypoints and sets flymode
Boolean Watermap CheckForWaterWhenMoving FALSE Checks if a mob has moved into/out of water each time it's loc is recalculated
Boolean Watermap CheckForWaterOnSendTo FALSE Checks if a mob has moved into/out of water on SendTo
Boolean Watermap CheckForWaterWhenFishing FALSE Only lets a player fish near water (if a water map exists for the zone
Decimal Watermap FishingRodLength 30 How far in front of player water must be for fishing to work
Decimal Watermap FishingLineLength 100 If water is more than this far below the player, it is considered too far to fish
Decimal Watermap FishingLineStepSize 1 Basic step size for fishing calc, too small and it will eat cpu, too large and it will miss potential water
Integer Spells AutoResistDiff 15
Decimal Spells ResistChance 2 chance to resist given no resists and same level
Decimal Spells ResistMod 0.4 multiplier, chance to resist = this * ResistAmount
Decimal Spells PartialHitChance 0.7 The chance when a spell is resisted that it will partial hit.
Decimal Spells PartialHitChanceFear 0.25 The chance when a fear spell is resisted that it will partial hit.
Integer Spells BaseCritChance 0 base % chance that everyone has to crit a spell
Integer Spells BaseCritRatio 100 base % bonus to damage on a successful spell crit. 100 = 2x damage
Integer Spells WizCritLevel 12 level wizards first get spell crits
Integer Spells WizCritChance 7 wiz's crit chance, on top of BaseCritChance
Integer Spells WizCritRatio 0 wiz's crit bonus, on top of BaseCritRatio (should be 0 for Live-like
Integer Spells ResistPerLevelDiff 85 8.5 resist per level difference.
Integer Spells TranslocateTimeLimit 0 If not zero, time in seconds to accept a Translocate.
Integer Spells SacrificeMinLevel 46 first level Sacrifice will work on
Integer Spells SacrificeMaxLevel 69 last level Sacrifice will work on
Integer Spells SacrificeItemID 9963 Item ID of the item Sacrifice will return (defaults to an EE
Boolean Spells EnableSpellGlobals FALSE If Enabled, spells check the spell_globals table and compare character data from the quest globals before allowing that spell to scribe with scribespells
Integer Spells MaxBuffSlotsNPC 25
Integer Spells MaxSongSlotsNPC 10
Integer Spells MaxDiscSlotsNPC 1
Integer Spells MaxTotalSlotsNPC 36
Integer Spells MaxTotalSlotsPET 30 do not set this higher than 25 until the player profile is removed from the blob
Boolean Spells EnableBlockedBuffs TRUE
Integer Spells ReflectType 1 0 = disabled, 1 = single target player spells only, 2 = all player spells, 3 = all single target spells, 4 = all spells
Integer Spells VirusSpreadDistance 30 The distance a viral spell will jump to its next victim
Boolean Spells LiveLikeFocusEffects TRUE Determines whether specific healing, dmg and mana reduction focuses are randomized
Integer Spells BaseImmunityLevel 55 The level that targets start to be immune to stun, fear and mez spells with a max level of 0.
Boolean Spells NPCIgnoreBaseImmunity TRUE Whether or not NPCs get to ignore the BaseImmunityLevel for their spells.
Decimal Spells AvgSpellProcsPerMinute 6 Adjust rate for sympathetic spell procs
Integer Spells ResistFalloff 67 Max that level that will adjust our resist chance based on level modifiers
Integer Spells CharismaEffectiveness 10 Deterimes how much resist modification charisma applies to charm/pacify checks. Default 10 CHA = -1 resist mod.
Integer Spells CharismaEffectivenessCap 255 Deterimes how much resist modification charisma applies to charm/pacify checks. Default 10 CHA = -1 resist mod.
Boolean Spells CharismaCharmDuration FALSE Allow CHA resist mod to extend charm duration.
Integer Spells CharmBreakCheckChance 25 Determines chance for a charm break check to occur each buff tick.
Integer Spells MaxCastTimeReduction 50 Max percent your spell cast time can be reduced by spell haste
Integer Spells RootBreakFromSpells 55 Chance for root to break when cast on.
Integer Spells DeathSaveCharismaMod 3 Determines how much charisma effects chance of death save firing.
Integer Spells DivineInterventionHeal 8000 Divine intervention heal amount.
Integer Spells AdditiveBonusWornType 0 Calc worn bonuses to add together (instead of taking highest) if set to THIS worn type. (2=Will covert live items automatically
Boolean Spells UseCHAScribeHack FALSE ScribeSpells and TrainDiscs quest functions will ignore entries where field 12 is CHA. What's the best way to do this?
Boolean Spells BuffLevelRestrictions TRUE Buffs will not land on low level toons like live
Integer Spells RootBreakCheckChance 70 Determines chance for a root break check to occur each buff tick.
Integer Spells FearBreakCheckChance 70 Determines chance for a fear break check to occur each buff tick.
Integer Spells SuccorFailChance 2 Determines chance for a succor spell not to teleport an invidual player
Integer Spells FRProjectileItem_Titanium 1113 Item id for Titanium clients for Fire 'spell projectile'.
Integer Spells FRProjectileItem_SOF 80684 Item id for SOF clients for Fire 'spell projectile'.
Integer Spells FRProjectileItem_NPC 80684 Item id for NPC Fire 'spell projectile'.
Boolean Spells UseLiveSpellProjectileGFX FALSE Use spell projectile graphics set in the spells_new table (player_1). Server must be using UF+ spell file.
Boolean Spells FocusCombatProcs FALSE Allow all combat procs to receive focus effects.
Boolean Spells PreNerfBardAEDoT FALSE Allow bard AOE dots to damage targets when moving.
Integer Spells AI_SpellCastFinishedFailRecast 800 AI spell recast time(MS) when an spell is cast but fails (ie stunned).
Integer Spells AI_EngagedNoSpellMinRecast 500 AI spell recast time(MS) check when no spell is cast while engaged. (min time in random
Integer Spells AI_EngagedNoSpellMaxRecast 1000 AI spell recast time(MS) check when no spell is cast engaged.(max time in random
Integer Spells AI_EngagedBeneficialSelfChance 100 Chance during first AI Cast check to do a beneficial spell on self.
Integer Spells AI_EngagedBeneficialOtherChance 25 Chance during second AI Cast check to do a beneficial spell on others.
Integer Spells AI_EngagedDetrimentalChance 20 Chance during third AI Cast check to do a determental spell on others.
Integer Spells AI_PursueNoSpellMinRecast 500 AI spell recast time(MS) check when no spell is cast while chasing target. (min time in random
Integer Spells AI_PursueNoSpellMaxRecast 2000 AI spell recast time(MS) check when no spell is cast while chasing target. (max time in random
Integer Spells AI_PursueDetrimentalChance 90 Chance while chasing target to cast a detrimental spell.
Integer Spells AI_IdleNoSpellMinRecast 6000 AI spell recast time(MS) check when no spell is cast while idle. (min time in random
Integer Spells AI_IdleNoSpellMaxRecast 60000 AI spell recast time(MS) check when no spell is cast while chasing target. (max time in random
Integer Spells AI_IdleBeneficialChance 100 Chance while idle to do a beneficial spell on self or others.
Boolean Spells SHDProcIDOffByOne TRUE pre June 2009 SHD spell procs were off by 1, they stopped doing this in June 2009 (so UF+ spell files need this false
Boolean Spells Jun182014HundredHandsRevamp FALSE this should be true for if you import a spell file newer than June 18, 2014
Boolean Spells SwarmPetTargetLock FALSE Use old method of swarm pets target locking till target dies then despawning.
Boolean Spells NPC_UseFocusFromSpells TRUE Allow npcs to use most spell derived focus effects.
Boolean Spells NPC_UseFocusFromItems FALSE Allow npcs to use most item derived focus effects.
Boolean Spells UseAdditiveFocusFromWornSlot FALSE Allows an additive focus effect to be calculated from worn slot.
Boolean Spells AlwaysSendTargetsBuffs FALSE ignore LAA level if true
Boolean Spells FlatItemExtraSpellAmt FALSE allow SpellDmg stat to affect all spells, regardless of cast time/cooldown/etc
Boolean Spells IgnoreSpellDmgLvlRestriction FALSE ignore the 5 level spread on applying SpellDmg
Boolean Spells AllowItemTGB FALSE TGB doesn't work with items on live, custom servers want it though
Boolean Spells NPCInnateProcOverride TRUE NPC innate procs override the target type to single target.
Integer Combat MeleeBaseCritChance 0 The base crit chance for non warriors, NOTE: This will apply to NPCs as well
Integer Combat WarBerBaseCritChance 3 The base crit chance for warriors and berserkers, only applies to clients
Integer Combat BerserkBaseCritChance 6 The bonus base crit chance you get when you're berserk
Integer Combat NPCBashKickLevel 6 The level that npcs can KICK/BASH
Integer Combat NPCBashKickStunChance 15 Percent chance that a bash/kick will stun
Integer Combat RogueCritThrowingChance 25 Rogue throwing crit bonus
Integer Combat RogueDeadlyStrikeChance 80 Rogue chance throwing from behind crit becomes a deadly strike
Integer Combat RogueDeadlyStrikeMod 2 Deadly strike modifier to crit damage
Integer Combat ClientBaseCritChance 0 The base crit chance for all clients, this will stack with warrior's/zerker's crit chance.
Boolean Combat UseIntervalAC TRUE
Integer Combat PetAttackMagicLevel 30
Boolean Combat EnableFearPathing TRUE
Decimal Combat FleeMultiplier 2 Determines how quickly a NPC will slow down while fleeing. Decrease multiplier to slow NPC down quicker.
Integer Combat FleeHPRatio 25 HP % when a NPC begins to flee.
Boolean Combat FleeIfNotAlone FALSE If false, mobs won't flee if other mobs are in combat with it.
Boolean Combat AdjustProcPerMinute TRUE
Decimal Combat AvgProcsPerMinute 2
Decimal Combat ProcPerMinDexContrib 0.075
Decimal Combat BaseProcChance 0.035
Decimal Combat ProcDexDivideBy 11000
Boolean Combat AdjustSpecialProcPerMinute TRUE Set PPM for special abilities like HeadShot (Live does this as of 4-14
Decimal Combat AvgSpecialProcsPerMinute 2 Unclear what best value is atm.
Decimal Combat BaseHitChance 69
Decimal Combat NPCBonusHitChance 26
Decimal Combat HitFalloffMinor 5 hit will fall off up to 5% over the initial level range
Decimal Combat HitFalloffModerate 7 hit will fall off up to 7% over the three levels after the initial level range
Decimal Combat HitFalloffMajor 50 hit will fall off sharply if we're outside the minor and moderate range
Decimal Combat HitBonusPerLevel 1.2 You gain this % of hit for every level you are above your target
Decimal Combat WeaponSkillFalloff 0.33 For every weapon skill point that's not maxed you lose this % of hit
Decimal Combat ArcheryHitPenalty 0.25 Archery has a hit penalty to try to help balance it with the plethora of long term +hit modifiers for it
Decimal Combat AgiHitFactor 0.01
Decimal Combat MinChancetoHit 5 Minimum % chance to hit with regular melee/ranged
Decimal Combat MaxChancetoHit 95 Maximum % chance to hit with regular melee/ranged
Integer Combat MinRangedAttackDist 25 Minimum Distance to use Ranged Attacks
Boolean Combat ArcheryBonusRequiresStationary TRUE does the 2x archery bonus chance require a stationary npc
Decimal Combat ArcheryBaseDamageBonus 1 % Modifier to Base Archery Damage (.5 = 50% base damage, 1 = 100%, 2 = 200%
Decimal Combat ArcheryNPCMultiplier 1 this is multiplied by the regular dmg to get the archery dmg
Boolean Combat AssistNoTargetSelf TRUE when assisting a target that does not have a target: true = target self, false = leave target as was before assist (false = live like
Integer Combat MaxRampageTargets 3 max number of people hit with rampage
Integer Combat DefaultRampageTargets 1 default number of people to hit with rampage
Boolean Combat RampageHitsTarget FALSE rampage will hit the target if it still has targets left
Integer Combat MaxFlurryHits 2 max number of extra hits from flurry
Integer Combat MonkDamageTableBonus 5 % bonus monks get to their damage table calcs
Integer Combat FlyingKickBonus 25 % Modifier that this skill gets to str and skill bonuses
Integer Combat DragonPunchBonus 20 % Modifier that this skill gets to str and skill bonuses
Integer Combat EagleStrikeBonus 15 % Modifier that this skill gets to str and skill bonuses
Integer Combat TigerClawBonus 10 % Modifier that this skill gets to str and skill bonuses
Integer Combat RoundKickBonus 5 % Modifier that this skill gets to str and skill bonuses
Integer Combat FrenzyBonus 0 % Modifier to damage
Integer Combat BackstabBonus 0 % Modifier to damage
Boolean Combat ProcTargetOnly TRUE true = procs will only affect our target, false = procs will affect all of our targets
Decimal Combat NPCACFactor 2.25
Integer Combat ClothACSoftcap 75
Integer Combat LeatherACSoftcap 100
Integer Combat MonkACSoftcap 120
Integer Combat ChainACSoftcap 200
Integer Combat PlateACSoftcap 300
Decimal Combat AAMitigationACFactor 3
Decimal Combat WarriorACSoftcapReturn 0.45
Decimal Combat KnightACSoftcapReturn 0.33
Decimal Combat LowPlateChainACSoftcapReturn 0.23
Decimal Combat LowChainLeatherACSoftcapReturn 0.17
Decimal Combat CasterACSoftcapReturn 0.06
Decimal Combat MiscACSoftcapReturn 0.3
Boolean Combat OldACSoftcapRules FALSE use old softcaps
Boolean Combat UseOldDamageIntervalRules FALSE use old damage formulas for everything
Decimal Combat WarACSoftcapReturn 0.3448 new AC returns
Decimal Combat ClrRngMnkBrdACSoftcapReturn 0.303
Decimal Combat PalShdACSoftcapReturn 0.3226
Decimal Combat DruNecWizEncMagACSoftcapReturn 0.2
Decimal Combat RogShmBstBerACSoftcapReturn 0.25
Decimal Combat SoftcapFactor 1.88
Decimal Combat ACthac0Factor 0.55
Decimal Combat ACthac20Factor 0.55
Integer Combat HitCapPre20 40 live has it capped at 40 for whatever dumb reason... this is mainly for custom servers
Integer Combat HitCapPre10 20 live has it capped at 20, see above :p
Integer Combat MinHastedDelay 400 how fast we can get with haste.
Decimal Combat AvgDefProcsPerMinute 2
Decimal Combat DefProcPerMinAgiContrib 0.075 How much agility contributes to defensive proc rate
Integer Combat SpecialAttackACBonus 15 Percent amount of damage per AC gained for certain special attacks (damage = AC*SpecialAttackACBonus/100).
Integer Combat NPCFlurryChance 20 Chance for NPC to flurry.
Boolean Combat TauntOverLevel 1 Allows you to taunt NPC's over warriors level.
Decimal Combat TauntSkillFalloff 0.33 For every taunt skill point that's not maxed you lose this % chance to taunt.
Boolean Combat EXPFromDmgShield FALSE Determine if damage from a damage shield counts for EXP gain.
Integer Combat MonkACBonusWeight 15
Integer Combat ClientStunLevel 55 This is the level where client kicks and bashes can stun the target
Integer Combat QuiverHasteCap 1000 Quiver haste cap 1000 on live for a while, currently 700 on live
Boolean Combat UseArcheryBonusRoll FALSE Make the 51+ archery bonus require an actual roll
Integer Combat ArcheryBonusChance 50
Integer Combat BerserkerFrenzyStart 35
Integer Combat BerserkerFrenzyEnd 45
Boolean Combat OneProcPerWeapon TRUE If enabled, One proc per weapon per round
Boolean Combat ProjectileDmgOnImpact TRUE If enabled, projectiles (ie arrows) will hit on impact, instead of instantly.
Boolean Combat MeleePush TRUE enable melee push
Integer Combat MeleePushChance 50 (NPCs) chance the target will be pushed. Made up, 100 actually isn't that bad
Boolean Combat UseLiveCombatRounds TRUE turn this false if you don't want to worry about fixing up combat rounds for NPCs
Integer Combat NPCAssistCap 5 Maxiumium number of NPCs that will assist another NPC at once
Integer Combat NPCAssistCapTimer 6000 Time in milliseconds a NPC will take to clear assist aggro cap space
Boolean Combat UseRevampHandToHand FALSE use h2h revamped dmg/delays I believe this was implemented during SoF
Boolean Combat ClassicMasterWu FALSE classic master wu uses a random special, modern doesn't
Integer NPC MinorNPCCorpseDecayTimeMS 450000 level<55
Integer NPC MajorNPCCorpseDecayTimeMS 1500000 #ERROR!
Integer NPC CorpseUnlockTimer 150000
Integer NPC EmptyNPCCorpseDecayTimeMS 0
Boolean NPC UseItemBonusesForNonPets TRUE
Integer NPC SayPauseTimeInSec 5
Integer NPC OOCRegen 0
Boolean NPC BuffFriends FALSE
Boolean NPC EnableNPCQuestJournal FALSE
Integer NPC LastFightingDelayMovingMin 10000
Integer NPC LastFightingDelayMovingMax 20000
Boolean NPC SmartLastFightingDelayMoving TRUE
Boolean NPC ReturnNonQuestNoDropItems FALSE Returns NO DROP items on NPCs that don't have an EVENT_TRADE sub in their script
Integer NPC StartEnrageValue 9 % HP that an NPC will begin to enrage
Boolean NPC LiveLikeEnrage FALSE If set to true then only player controlled pets will enrage
Boolean NPC EnableMeritBasedFaction FALSE If set to true, faction will given in the same way as experience (solo/group/raid
Integer NPC NPCToNPCAggroTimerMin 500
Integer NPC NPCToNPCAggroTimerMax 6000
Boolean NPC UseClassAsLastName TRUE Uses class archetype as LastName for npcs with none
Boolean NPC NewLevelScaling TRUE Better level scaling, use old if new formulas would break your server
Boolean Aggro SmartAggroList TRUE
Integer Aggro SittingAggroMod 35 35%
Integer Aggro MeleeRangeAggroMod 10 10%
Integer Aggro CurrentTargetAggroMod 0 0% -- will prefer our current target to any other; makes it harder for our npcs to switch targets.
Integer Aggro CriticallyWoundedAggroMod 100 100%
Integer Aggro SpellAggroMod 100
Integer Aggro SongAggroMod 33
Integer Aggro PetSpellAggroMod 10
Decimal Aggro TunnelVisionAggroMod 0.75 people not currently the top hate generate this much hate on a Tunnel Vision mob
Integer Aggro MaxScalingProcAggro 400 Set to -1 for no limit. Maxmimum amount of aggro that HP scaling SPA effect in a proc will add.
Integer Aggro IntAggroThreshold 75 Int <= this will aggro regardless of level difference.
Boolean Aggro AllowTickPulling FALSE tick pulling is an exploit in an NPC's call for help fixed sometime in 2006 on live
Boolean Aggro UseLevelAggro TRUE Level 18+ and Undead will aggro regardless of level difference. (this will disabled Rule:IntAggroThreshold if set to true
Boolean TaskSystem EnableTaskSystem TRUE Globally enable or disable the Task system
Integer TaskSystem PeriodicCheckTimer 5 Seconds between checks for failed tasks. Also used by the 'Touch' activity
Boolean TaskSystem RecordCompletedTasks TRUE
Boolean TaskSystem RecordCompletedOptionalActivities FALSE
Boolean TaskSystem KeepOneRecordPerCompletedTask TRUE
Boolean TaskSystem EnableTaskProximity TRUE
Integer Bots AAExpansion 8 Bots get AAs through this expansion
Boolean Bots AllowCamelCaseNames FALSE Allows the use of 'MyBot' type names
Integer Bots CommandSpellRank 1 Filters bot command spells by rank (1, 2 and 3 are valid filters - any other number allows all ranks
Integer Bots CreationLimit 150 Number of bots that each account can create
Boolean Bots FinishBuffing FALSE Allow for buffs to complete even if the bot caster is out of mana. Only affects buffing out of combat.
Boolean Bots GroupBuffing FALSE Bots will cast single target buffs as group buffs, default is false for single. Does not make single target buffs work for MGB.
Integer Bots HealRotationMaxMembers 24 Maximum number of heal rotation members
Integer Bots HealRotationMaxTargets 12 Maximum number of heal rotation targets
Decimal Bots ManaRegen 2 Adjust mana regen for bots, 1 is fast and higher numbers slow it down 3 is about the same as players.
Boolean Bots PreferNoManaCommandSpells TRUE Give sorting priority to newer no-mana spells (i.e., 'Bind Affinity'
Boolean Bots QuestableSpawnLimit FALSE Optional quest method to manage bot spawn limits using the quest_globals name bot_spawn_limit, see: /bazaar/
Boolean Bots QuestableSpells FALSE Anita Thrall's ( Bot Spell Scriber quests.
Integer Bots SpawnLimit 71 Number of bots a character can have spawned at one time, You + 71 bots is a 12 group raid
Boolean Bots BotGroupXP FALSE Determines whether client gets xp for bots outside their group.
Boolean Bots BotBardUseOutOfCombatSongs TRUE Determines whether bard bots use additional out of combat songs (optional script
Boolean Bots BotLevelsWithOwner FALSE Auto-updates spawned bots as owner levels/de-levels (false is original behavior
Boolean Bots BotCharacterLevelEnabled FALSE Enables required level to spawn bots
Integer Bots BotCharacterLevel 0 this value you can spawn bots if BotCharacterLevelEnabled is true. 0 as default (if level > this value you can spawn bots if BotCharacterLevelEnabled is true
Boolean Chat ServerWideOOC TRUE
Boolean Chat ServerWideAuction TRUE
Boolean Chat EnableVoiceMacros TRUE
Boolean Chat EnableMailKeyIPVerification TRUE
Boolean Chat EnableAntiSpam TRUE
Boolean Chat SuppressCommandErrors FALSE Do not suppress by default
Integer Chat MinStatusToBypassAntiSpam 100
Integer Chat MinimumMessagesPerInterval 4
Integer Chat MaximumMessagesPerInterval 12
Integer Chat MaxMessagesBeforeKick 20
Integer Chat IntervalDurationMS 60000
Integer Chat KarmaUpdateIntervalMS 1200000
Integer Chat KarmaGlobalChatLimit 72 amount of karma you need to be able to talk in ooc/auction/chat below the level limit
Integer Chat GlobalChatLevelLimit 8 level limit you need to of reached to talk in ooc/auction/chat if your karma is too low.
Boolean Merchant UsePriceMod TRUE Use faction/charisma price modifiers.
Decimal Merchant SellCostMod 1.05 Modifier for NPC sell price.
Decimal Merchant BuyCostMod 0.95 Modifier for NPC buy price.
Integer Merchant PriceBonusPct 4 Determines maximum price bonus from having good faction/CHA. Value is a percent.
Integer Merchant PricePenaltyPct 4 Determines maximum price penalty from having bad faction/CHA. Value is a percent.
Decimal Merchant ChaBonusMod 3.45 Determines CHA cap, from 104 CHA. 3.45 is 132 CHA at apprehensive. 0.34 is 400 CHA at apprehensive.
Decimal Merchant ChaPenaltyMod 1.52 Determines CHA bottom, up to 102 CHA. 1.52 is 37 CHA at apprehensive. 0.98 is 0 CHA at apprehensive.
Boolean Merchant EnableAltCurrencySell TRUE Enables the ability to resell items to alternate currency merchants
Boolean Bazaar AuditTrail FALSE
Integer Bazaar MaxSearchResults 50
Boolean Bazaar EnableWarpToTrader TRUE
Integer Bazaar MaxBarterSearchResults 200 The max results returned in the /barter search
Boolean Mail EnableMailSystem TRUE If false, client won't bring up the Mail window.
Integer Mail ExpireTrash 0 Time in seconds. 0 will delete all messages in the trash when the mailserver starts
Integer Mail ExpireRead 31536000 1 Year. Set to -1 for never
Integer Mail ExpireUnread 31536000 1 Year. Set to -1 for never
Integer Channels RequiredStatusAdmin 251 Required status to administer chat channels
Integer Channels RequiredStatusListAll 251 Required status to list all chat channels
Integer Channels DeleteTimer 1440 Empty password protected channels will be deleted after this many minutes
Boolean EventLog RecordSellToMerchant FALSE Record sales from a player to an NPC merchant in eventlog table
Boolean EventLog RecordBuyFromMerchant FALSE Record purchases by a player from an NPC merchant in eventlog table
Integer Adventure MinNumberForGroup 2
Integer Adventure MaxNumberForGroup 6
Integer Adventure MinNumberForRaid 18
Integer Adventure MaxNumberForRaid 36
Integer Adventure MaxLevelRange 9
Integer Adventure NumberKillsForBossSpawn 45
Decimal Adventure DistanceForRescueAccept 10000
Decimal Adventure DistanceForRescueComplete 2500
Integer Adventure ItemIDToEnablePorts 41000 0 to disable, otherwise using a LDoN portal will require the user to have this item.
Integer Adventure LDoNTrapDistanceUse 625
Decimal Adventure LDoNBaseTrapDifficulty 15
Decimal Adventure LDoNCriticalFailTrapThreshold 10
Integer Adventure LDoNAdventureExpireTime 1800 30 minutes to expire
Integer AA ExpPerPoint 23976503 Amount of exp per AA. Is the same as the amount of exp to go from level 51 to level 52.
Boolean AA Stacking TRUE Allow AA that belong to the same group to stack on SOF+ clients.
Integer Console SessionTimeOut 600000 Amount of time in ms for the console session to time out
Boolean QueryServ PlayerLogChat FALSE Logs Player Chat
Boolean QueryServ PlayerLogTrades FALSE Logs Player Trades
Boolean QueryServ PlayerLogHandins FALSE Logs Player Handins
Boolean QueryServ PlayerLogNPCKills FALSE Logs Player NPC Kills
Boolean QueryServ PlayerLogDeletes FALSE Logs Player Deletes
Boolean QueryServ PlayerLogMoves FALSE Logs Player Moves
Boolean QueryServ PlayerLogMerchantTransactions FALSE Logs Merchant Transactions
Boolean QueryServ PlayerLogPCCoordinates FALSE Logs Player Coordinates with certain events
Boolean QueryServ PlayerLogDropItem FALSE Logs Player Drop Item
Boolean QueryServ PlayerLogZone FALSE Logs Player Zone Events
Boolean QueryServ PlayerLogDeaths FALSE Logs Player Deaths
Boolean QueryServ PlayerLogConnectDisconnect FALSE Logs Player Connect Disconnect State
Boolean QueryServ PlayerLogLevels FALSE Logs Player Leveling/Deleveling
Boolean QueryServ PlayerLogAARate FALSE Logs Player AA Experience Rates
Boolean QueryServ PlayerLogQGlobalUpdate FALSE Logs Player QGlobal Updates
Boolean QueryServ PlayerLogTaskUpdates FALSE Logs Player Task Updates
Boolean QueryServ PlayerLogKeyringAddition FALSE Log PLayer Keyring additions
Boolean QueryServ PlayerLogAAPurchases FALSE Log Player AA Purchases
Boolean QueryServ PlayerLogTradeSkillEvents FALSE Log Player Tradeskill Transactions
Boolean QueryServ PlayerLogIssuedCommandes FALSE Log Player Issued Commands
Boolean QueryServ PlayerLogMoneyTransactions FALSE Log Player Money Transaction/Splits
Boolean QueryServ PlayerLogAlternateCurrencyTransactions FALSE Log Ploayer Alternate Currency Transactions
Boolean Inventory EnforceAugmentRestriction TRUE Forces augment slot restrictions
Boolean Inventory EnforceAugmentUsability TRUE Forces augmented item usability
Boolean Inventory EnforceAugmentWear TRUE Forces augment wear slot validation
Boolean Inventory DeleteTransformationMold TRUE False if you want mold to last forever
Boolean Inventory AllowAnyWeaponTransformation FALSE Weapons can use any weapon transformation
Boolean Inventory TransformSummonedBags FALSE Transforms summoned bags into disenchanted ones instead of deleting
Boolean Client UseLiveFactionMessage FALSE Allows players to see faction adjustments like Live
Boolean Client UseLiveBlockedMessage FALSE Allows players to see faction adjustments like Live
Boolean Character ProcessFearedProximity FALSE Process proximity checks while feared.
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