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Texture ID Texture Name
0 Naked for Player Races
1 Cloth for Player Races
2 Chain for Player Races
3 Plate for Player Races
4 Leather for Player Races
5 NPC Race Only
6 NPC Race Only
7 NPC Race Only
8 NPC Race Only
9 NPC Race Only
10 NPC Race Only
11 Robe 1 for Player Races
12 Robe 2 for Player Races
13 Robe 3 for Player Races
14 Robe 4 for Player Races
15 Robe 5 for Player Races
16 Robe 6 for Player Races
17 Velious Leather 1
18 Velious Chain 1
19 Velious Plate 1
20 Velious Leather 2
21 Velious Chain 2
22 Velious Plate 2
23 Velious Monk
240 Velious Helmets

Velious Textures

The following lines must exist in your client file "eqclient.ini" in order for Velious textures to load properly on the client:


In order to use Velious helmet textures on an item the idfile field should be "IT240" and the material field should be 240. The client determines which helmet model to load based on the race and gender of the player that equips it.