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Automated cron-based backups that upload to Dropbox using Dropbox API

There are plans to update this to include more cloud providers in the future via but Dropbox has been tried and true for many years and is a great solution currently.

Initialize Backups

To get started, you need to run the uploader script in the backup-cron container for the first time to initialize your application

As of July 2021 this guide has changed to Dropbox's new auth mechanisms to include more configuration in the OAuth flow.

docker-compose exec backup-cron

Follow the instructions prompted from running the command

 This is the first time you run this script, please follow the instructions:

(note: Dropbox will change their API on 2021-09-30.
When using configured in the past with the old API, have a look at, before continue.)

 1) Open the following URL in your Browser, and log in using your account:
 2) Click on "Create App", then select "Choose an API: Scoped Access"
 3) "Choose the type of access you need: App folder"
 4) Enter the "App Name" that you prefer (e.g. MyUploader1167208717053), must be unique

 Now, click on the "Create App" button.

 5) Now the new configuration is opened, switch to tab "permissions" and check "" and ""
 Now, click on the "Submit" button.

 6) Now to tab "settings" and provide the following information:
 App key: dmz4wbjsnghfkwj
 App secret: iq26gmwnlsnwj48
  Open the following URL in your Browser and allow suggested permissions:
 Please provide the access code: Bun8T-9NG2kAAAAAAABF0by79e-VuivtOXRtHkS10KA                                                                                               

 > App key: xxx
 > App secret: 'xxx
 > Access code: 'Bun8T-9NG2kAAAAAAABF0by79e-xxx'. Looks ok? [y/N]: y
   The configuration has been saved.

Once you go through the steps of creating your application. Do not forget to set scopes on your app to be able to write and read files. You MUST follow the prompts above in order otherwise you will run into issues.

Your configuration gets written to .dropbox_uploader which resides at the root of your deployment. This is a sensitive file and is not to be checked into any sort of version control and is used by the backup-cron container

Validate it Works!

Run make backup-dropbox-list

make backup-dropbox-list
docker-compose up -d backup-cron
docker-compose exec backup-cron list
 > Listing "/"... DONE

If it shows > Listing "/"... DONE then it is initialized successfully

You can test by running a backup

make backup-dropbox-database
docker-compose exec backup-cron ./backup/
# Dumping database and compressing
# Uploading database snapshot
 > Uploading "/tmp/peq-06-19-2022.tar.gz" to "/backups/database-snapshots/peq-06-19-2022.tar.gz"... DONE
# Truncating backups/database-snapshots days back 7
# Cleaning up...

Backup Configuration

Backup retention configurable in .env

Your deployment name is what your backups will be prepended to when they get uploaded to Dropbox

# DEPLOYMENT_NAME=peq-production

Crons defined in backup/crontab.cron

Crons are configured to run on a variance so that not all deployments fire backups at the same time

Backup Type Description Schedule
Deployment Deployment consists of the entire akk-stack folder (server, database etc.). If you ever experienced catastrophic failure or needed to restore the entire setup, simply restoring the deployment folder will get you back up and running Once a week at 1AM on a random variance of 1800 seconds
Quests A simple snapshot of the quests folder Once a day at 1M on a random variance of 1800 seconds
Database A simple snapshot of the database Once a day at 1M on a random variance of 1800 seconds

Running Backups Manually

Bash into the backup-cron service; assuming your OAUTH token is valid and everything works

root@host:/opt/eqemu-servers/peq-production# docker-compose exec backup-cron bash
backup-cron@backup-cron:~$ list peq-production
 > Listing "/peq-production"... DONE
 [D]  database-snapshots
 [D]  deployment-backups
 [D]  quest-snapshots

Database Snapshots

backup-cron@backup-cron:~$ list peq-production/database-snapshots
 > Listing "/peq-production/database-snapshots"... DONE
 [F] 182189205 peq-07-02-2020.tar.gz
 [F] 182222834 peq-07-03-2020.tar.gz
 [F] 182263995 peq-07-04-2020.tar.gz
 [F] 182300144 peq-07-05-2020.tar.gz
 [F] 182394017 peq-07-06-2020.tar.gz
 [F] 182464528 peq-07-07-2020.tar.gz
 [F] 182465093 peq-07-08-2020.tar.gz
 [F] 182527952 peq-07-09-2020.tar.gz
 [F] 182574977 peq-07-10-2020.tar.gz
 [F] 182566469 peq-07-11-2020.tar.gz
 [F] 182661537 peq-07-12-2020.tar.gz

Deployment Snapshots

(Includes entire deployment folder)

 backup-cron@backup-cron:~$ list peq-production/deployment-backups
 > Listing "/peq-production/deployment-backups"... DONE
 [F] 3309179293 deployment-07-02-2020.tar.gz
 [F] 2357754207 deployment-07-05-2020.tar.gz
 [F] 2364156848 deployment-07-12-2020.tar.gz

Quest Snapshots

backup-cron@backup-cron:~$ list peq-production/quest-snapshots
 > Listing "/peq-production/quest-snapshots"... DONE
 [F] 29464443 quests-07-07-2020.tar.gz
 [F] 29464443 quests-07-08-2020.tar.gz
 [F] 29464443 quests-07-09-2020.tar.gz
 [F] 29464443 quests-07-10-2020.tar.gz
 [F] 29464443 quests-07-11-2020.tar.gz
 [F] 29464443 quests-07-12-2020.tar.gz