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This page was last generated 2023.01.22


Column Data Type Description
type int Type: 0 = Trash, 1 = Named, 2 = Raid
level int Level
ac int Armor Class
hp int Health
accuracy int Accuracy
slow_mitigation int Slow Mitigation
attack int Attack
strength int Strength
stamina int Stamina
dexterity int Dexterity
agility int Agility
intelligence int Intelligence
wisdom int Wisdom
charisma int Charisma
magic_resist int Magic Resistance
cold_resist int Cold Resistance
fire_resist int Fire Resistance
poison_resist int Poison Resistance
disease_resist int Disease Resistance
corruption_resist int Corruption Resistance
physical_resist int Physical Resistance
min_dmg int Minimum Damage
max_dmg int Maximum Damage
hp_regen_rate int Health Regeneration Rate
attack_delay int Attack Delay: Delay between the attack arounds in 10ths of a second.
spell_scale int Spell Scale: 50 = 50%, 100 = 100%, 150 = 150%
heal_scale int Heal Scale: 50 = 50%, 100 = 100%, 150 = 150%
special_abilities text Special Abilities