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    task_activities {
        intunsigned activityid
        varchar goalid
        varchar delivertonpc
        intunsigned taskid
        varchar zones
    npc_types {
        intunsigned alt_currency_id
        int id
        int npc_faction_id
        text name
        intunsigned loottable_id
        intunsigned merchant_id
        intunsigned emoteid
        intunsigned adventure_template_id
        intunsigned armortint_id
        intunsigned npc_spells_id
        intunsigned npc_spells_effects_id
        intunsigned trap_template
    goallists {
        varchar listid
    tasks {
        intunsigned id
        tinyint type
        intunsigned dz_template_id
    zone {
        int zoneidnumber
        varchar short_name
        tinyintunsigned version
        varchar content_flags
        varchar content_flags_disabled
    task_activities ||--o{ npc_types : "One-to-One"
    task_activities ||--o{ goallists : "Has-Many"
    task_activities ||--o{ tasks : "One-to-One"
    task_activities ||--o{ zone : "One-to-One"

Relationship Type Local Key Relates to Table Foreign Key
One-to-One delivertonpc npc_types id
Has-Many goalid goallists listid
One-to-One taskid tasks id
One-to-One zones zone zoneidnumber


Column Data Type Description
taskid int Task Identifier
activityid int Activity Identifier: Starts at 0
req_activity_id int Required Activity Identifier
step int Step: 0 = Always Available, >0 = Must Complete Previous
activitytype tinyint Activity Type
target_name varchar Target Name
goalmethod int Goal Method: 0 = Single Value, 1 = List
goalcount int Goal Count
description_override varchar Description Override
goalid int Goal Identifier or Goal List Identifier
goal_match_list text Goal Match List: Pipe (
item_list varchar Item Identifier List
dz_switch_id int Dynamic Zone Switch ID
min_x float Minimum X Coordinate
min_y float Minimum Y Coordinate
min_z float Minimum Z Coordinate
max_x float Maximum X Coordinate
max_y float Maximum Y Coordinate
max_z float Maximum Z Coordinate
skill_list varchar Skill Identifier List
spell_list varchar Spell Identifier List
zones varchar Zones List
zone_version int Zone Version
optional tinyint Optional: 0 = False, 1 = True
list_group tinyint