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Relationship Diagram(s)

Diagram Edit


Relationship Type Local Key Relates to Table Foreign Key
One-to-One content_flags content_flags flag_name
One-to-One content_flags_disabled content_flags flag_name
Has-Many id tradeskill_recipe_entries recipe_id


Column Data Type Description
id int Unique Tradeskill Recipe Identifier
name varchar Recipe Name
tradeskill smallint Tradeskill
skillneeded smallint Skill Level Needed
trivial smallint Trivial Skill Level
nofail tinyint No Fail: 0 = False, 1 = True
replace_container tinyint Replace Container: 0 = False, 1 = True
notes tinytext Notes
must_learn tinyint Must Learn: 0 = False, 1 = True
quest tinyint Quest Controlled: 0 = False, 1 = True
enabled tinyint Enabled: 0 = False, 1 = True
min_expansion tinyint Minimum Expansion
max_expansion tinyint Maximum Expansion
content_flags varchar Content Flags Required to be Enabled
content_flags_disabled varchar Content Flags Required to be Disabled