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Bot Cheat Sheet


This page lists a quick reference and highlights how to use bots. Check out bot commands for a more detailed list of commands that bots can use.

Getting Started

There's a one time command to create a bot. Use ^create help. You'll get a popup listing the options, e.g. ^create Xackery 2 6 1 creates a bot named Xackery, class cleric, race dark elf, gender female

Now, you can spawn it with ^spawn Xackery. To make it despawn, you use ^camp while targetting the bot, or ^camp Xackery to have it camp without targetting it.

Once a bot is spawned, you can invite it to your group via /inv Xackery as if it's a normal player.

Use ^botstopmeleelevel # to set a level to tell the bot to stop meleeing. E.g. set it to 0 so they never engage in melee.

I suggest hotkeying ^summon all to quickly get bots unstuck and at your location. Since bots aggro, it's suggested to just spam this so you have better control. It's also a way to leash a bot who engages too aggressively.

I suggest hotkeying ^attack as well, this is handy for having the bots engage first

Using ^invgive while holding an item on your cursor is faster than trading with each bot individually.

Other handy commands to consider are: ^cure disease, ^pull, ^guard, ^invis living, ^waterbreathing, ^levitation, ^track, ^taunt, ^resistance, ^resurrect, ^rune, ^portal, ^picklock, ^movementspeed, ^lull, ^mesmerize, ^charm


Spells have two types of logic. By default, all spells go to the ^spells command. Default behavior is just to use every spell on this list. You can press the add saylinks by each spell to add them to spell settings explained below.

Spell setting is a mode to let you granularly control spells, first, you need to opt in to spell settings by typing ^enforcespellsettings

Now that you've opted in, you can use ^spellsettings to see the list of spells you can enable/disable, or remove. By default, spells you pressed Add on from ^spells goes to this list enabled, so you don't need to do anything, But, pressing the Enabled links will flip them to disabled, and Remove will remove them from the list so they're back in the ^spells section.

There are many more advanced ways to use bots, including healrotations, stances, disciplines, but for a quick start this should get you started.