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  • Doodman opcode/struct changes to allw zoning in on live.


  • Doodman Fixed leak in Separator


  • FatherNitwit fixed item handing to non-quest NPCs
  • FatherNitwit delete nodrop or norent items left in world containers
  • FatherNitwit changed quest::spawn commands to return the NPC ID of the spawned mob (in XS)
  • FatherNitwit Cleaned up perl variable setting a lot
  • FatherNitwit Tribute masters should work completely now.
  • FatherNitwit Fixed login problem wher chars get into zone and move, but nothing else works.
  • FatherNitwit fixed #level and other leveling commands to give proper ammount of training points.
  • FatherNitwit Added new extended player profile for emu custom data storage
  • FatherNitwit Implemented elemental damage on weapons
  • FatherNitwit Cleaned up memory allocation a bunch
  • FatherNitwit Made merchant lists load async, to speed dynamic boots
  • FatherNitwit Fixed repop to not kill player pets.
  • FatherNitwit Made pets cross teleport doors with their master.
  • FatherNitwit Tweaked teleport doors, they should always work now.
  • FatherNitwit Added optional command logging
  • FatherNitwit Moved a lot of hard coded access levels for commands to features.h
  • FatherNitwit Added optional status requirement to zone to specific coords
  • FatherNitwit Fixed several minor crashes.
  • FatherNitwit Added the unfearable flag (D in special attacks) to mobs.
  • FatherNitwit Fixed mana burn and life burn (from Branks)
  • FatherNitwit Added optional packet manager for mob movement packets (PACKET_UPDATE_MANAGER)
  • FatherNitwit Configure it in updatemgr.cpp (level_distances2,level_timers)
  • FatherNitwit Added reference counting to applayer packet (for broadcasts)
  • FatherNitwit Improved packet profiler a bunch, added #packetprofile command
  • FatherNitwit Cleaned up eq_packet_structs.h a bit
  • FatherNitwit Required DB update:

ALTER TABLE character_ ADD extprofile BLOB NOT NULL;


  • Doodman Fixed merchant selling bug on merchant slot


  • Doodman Fixed the initialization of augs on NPC loot that was causing a zone crash when looting NPC's


  • Doodman Implemented Augmentation inserting, removal and distilling.
  • Doodman Augment saves in inventory, shared bank, player_corpse and object_contents.
  • Doodman Fixed world to detect and cleanup a zone disconnect immediately instead of when it tries to write to it.
  • Doodman Reimplmented cursor queue using an actually queue. Should be unlimited depth now.
  • Doodman Updated items for new fields and new names.


  • LethalEncounter Fixed a couple of corpse related bugs.
  • LethalEncounter Added in various functions for the new login system.


  • FatherNitwit Fixed minor crash with new grid delay thing.


  • LethalEncounter Fixed loot bug with stacked items.
  • LethalEncounter Added a 10 second timer to grid assignments to speed up zone in time.
  • FatherNitwit Fixed invalid bind zone crash.
  • FatherNitwit Fixed taunt crash.
  • FatherNitwit Initial tribute system. Dosent give benefits, or save state yet.
  • FatherNitwit Proximity quests: added quest::set_proximity, quest::clear_proximity
  • FatherNitwit Proximity quests: added events: EVENT_ENTER, EVENT_EXIT
  • FatherNitwit Added event queue for perl commands which cause perl events, like spawn and attack
  • FatherNitwit Added the ability to define in game commands in perl (EMBPERL_COMMANDS)
  • FatherNitwit Hopefully fixed multiple-death XP loss bug.
  • FatherNitwit Hopefully fixed mob chain-casting buffs when target is immune
  • FatherNitwit Reworked quest timers to not crash if the NPC depops/dies.
  • FatherNitwit Added simple code profiling capabilities (-DEQPROFILE + features.h)
  • FatherNitwit Rewrote command list to be map based instead of flat array
  • FatherNitwit Rewrote NPC assist to use AIYellForHelp at regular intervals instead of each scan tic
  • FatherNitwit Rewrote NPC assist code to use npc faction values to determine assist
  • FatherNitwit Rewrote NPC aggro code to be a ton more effecient (REVERSE_AGGRO)
  • FatherNitwit Rewrote NPC spell casting code to be a ton more effecient
  • FatherNitwit Run this query (value of 1


  • LethalEncounter Added in three variables per feature request.


  • LethalEncounter Fixed Merchant bug that wouldnt let you buy anything.
  • LethalEncounter Fixed stack bug that wouldnt automatically stack any items you bought.


  • LethalEncounter Client Freeze/Black Screen of Death bugs have been eliminated.
  • LethalEncounter Added a simple count to our linked list so we can process a few things faster and more efficiently.
  • LethalEncounter Fixed a small compile bug in regards to corpses.


  • FatherNitwit Fixed exploit with split that kathgar found.


  • LethalEncounter Inventory items on zone in are now sent in one packet like live instead of individual packets. This will save on bandwidth and processing time.
  • Cofruben Added support for /makeleader command.
  • FatherNitwit Increased max buffs from 15 to 20
  • FatherNitwit Fixed group zoning
  • FatherNitwit Fixed loading map files on UNIX with capitol letters
  • FatherNitwit Fixed a couple crashed related to old AA stuff
  • FatherNitwit Cannot charm a corpse or charm something when you have a pet
  • FatherNitwit A little work on zoneing with a chanrmed pet, not perfect yet
  • FatherNitwit Fixed throwing weapons like shurikens
  • FatherNitwit Broke all the old LDoN points stuff because it moved in the Player profile
  • FatherNitwit Moved all quest command's logic into the QuestManager class
  • FatherNitwit Rewrote perl to use XS instead of command queue (EMBPERL_XS)
  • FatherNitwit Added routines to capture perl errors into proper log IO (EMBPERL_IO_CAPTURE)
  • FatherNitwit Added a HUGE set of routines for quest objects, with new variables

$client, $npc, and $entity_list... almost the entire class is exported. (EMBPERL_XS_CLASSES)

  • FatherNitwit Added capability to send log messages to in-game clients (CLIENT_LOGS)
  • FatherNitwit Added new log facility for quest messages named Quest
  • FatherNitwit Added new commands #logs and #nologs to request/stop the server sending you its log messages
  • FatherNitwit Fixed NPC -> NPC aggro, need to run these queries onan older DB:

ALTER TABLE npc_faction_entries ADD npc_value TINYINT UNSIGNED DEFAULT '0' NOT NULL;

UPDATE npc_faction_entries SET npc_value=1 WHERE value<0;


  • LethalEncounter Aside from a few tweeks, merchants are finished. They will now keep your items after you sell them like live.
  • LethalEncounter Fixed bug that caused falling damage to be calculated twice.
  • LethalEncounter Changed Sense Heading to start at 200 for new characters.
  • LethalEncounter Black screen bug should be fixed now.
  • LethalEncounter Fixed bash/slam.


  • LethalEncounter Fixed a few issues with item charges.
  • LethalEncounter Fixed illusions.
  • LethalEncounter Rewrote the merchant code. Its now much more efficient and instead of 81 database queries per shop request, a typical request doesnt pull anything from the db. It loads the information at load time.
  • LethalEncounter Added in the beginning parts of temporary merchant items. (you can sell items to merchants and purchase them back) Download the merchantlist_temp table from:


  • Cofruben Added LDoN adventure system.Please,source the new sql file(thanks to skorch for testing).
  • LethalEncounter Mob deaths should be sent to all players now.
  • LethalEncounter ServerType 1 will make you pvp on zone in now. Still trying figure out why the client doesnt send any pvp special combat abilities unless your dueling.


  • Scorpious2k Fixed guild doors


  • FatherNitwit Fixed zone crash related to character_ query.
  • FatherNitwit Fixed book reading to give proper book window.
  • FatherNitwit At least partialy fixed pet dual weild/double attack problem.
  • FatherNitwit Tweaking on selling stackable items.
  • FatherNitwit Fixed archery ammo issue.
  • LethalEncounter Added ability to /consent (and /deny) other players so they can drag your corpse.
  • LethalEncounter Fixed bug where other people were able to loot your corpse.


  • LethalEncounter Fixed bug where you lost air supply on zoning in underwater.
  • LethalEncounter Fixed GM damage bug.


  • FatherNitwit Enable named quests by default (in features.h)
  • FatherNitwit Fixed decaying world containers problem
  • FatherNitwit Fixed undead nuke spells
  • FatherNitwit Minor line of sight optimization
  • FatherNitwit Minor tradeskill change to avoid a crash
  • FatherNitwit Changed the way fear duration is calculated, hopefully it is better.
  • FatherNitwit Implemented beta fear pathing code (disabled by default in features.h)
  • LethalEncounter Reworked AA system and fixed some of the bugs with it.
  • LethalEncounter Dyes should work correctly now.
  • LethalEncounter Fixed Bazaar trader bug.
  • LethalEncounter Zones now display the proper fog when you update your zone table with the latest.
  • LethalEncounter Fixed zone crash and merchant item charge bug.


  • LethalEncounter Fixed item deletion bug not updating client.


  • LethalEncounter Fixed various AA related bugs.


  • LethalEncounter Reworked zoning in, solved a couple of issues and should speed the process up a tad.


  • FatherNitwit Fixed Disciplines and Abilities (lay hands & harm touch)
  • FatherNitwit Added new server variable: DisableNoDrop (set to 1 takes nodrop off items when loaded)
  • FatherNitwit Fixed NPC buffing through walls
  • FatherNitwit Fixed symbol spell forumulas
  • LethalEncounter Fixed equip bug when using two handed weapons.
  • LethalEncounter Fixed resurrect bug that let you regain xp more than once.
  • LethalEncounter Fixed bug that was making players corpses disappear on death when they shouldnt have.


  • LethalEncounter Fixed pet only spells.
  • LethalEncounter Fixed bug that wouldnt let you loot a corpse if someone got an error looting it. (such as a dupe lore error)
  • LethalEncounter Fixed mana regen bug.


  • LethalEncounter Added some debug code to make it easier for people that cant get minilogin working.
  • LethalEncounter You will now eat/drink like eqlive if you arent a GM.
  • LethalEncounter Fixed infinite recursion bug I made a few days ago :/


  • LethalEncounter Fixed mana bug that was causing people not to regen their full mana.
  • LethalEncounter HP Adjustments, will now send your hp update every tic and only the mob you have targeted (not including group hp updates) to reduce bandwidth.
  • LethalEncounter Fixed a crash bug on character creation. Thanks to blahblah for the help :P
  • LethalEncounter Fixed item charge bug, need to update your database.


  • LethalEncounter Changes necessary for the new MiniLogin :)
  • LethalEncounter Z loc fix, it was placing you ten times the z loc it was supposed to :P


  • Rogean omg we are so teh 0.6.0DR1 now~
  • FatherNitWit A HUGE thanks goes out to wiz for letting me have his source to facilitate this merge.

WR Merges:

  • An innumerable number of small bug fixes and tweaks all over
  • A TON of AAs and related effects
  • FISHING!!!!!!!!!
  • Many timers enforced by server, not just client.
  • Trap support.
  • Sense trap and disarm trap
  • Group linking
  • Zone-crossing pets (lose their buffs though, for now)
  • Voice graft
  • poison and disease counters (in progress)
  • hunger and thirst (in progress)
  • stat food
  • NPC door opening!
  • Optimized idle zones to not eat the CPU
  • Items tints display properly
  • shielding other players (in progress)
  • pick pocket
  • Optional EXP scaling based on CON level
  • Instill Doubt
  • Made auto-putting items into bags respect size constraints.
  • heal/buff aggro.
  • reclaim pet gives you mana back.
  • enforce undead and summoned targets spells
  • reworked bard songs a bit
  • implemented camping properly
  • made alcohol tolerance gain skill (dunno if it does anything yet)
  • better checking of lore items during trades and merchant buying
  • prevent interaction with merchants on basis of bad faction
  • pets should actually taunt now.
  • rouge pets should backstab now.
  • optional: group buffs hit group pets now.
  • fixed memory blur chances
  • several minor group tweaks, should make groups more stable
  • improved duel messages
  • optional random luclin attributes for NPCs with boring faces
  • AGI adjustments based on encumbrance
  • AC bonuses for iskars and monks

FatherNitwit Improvements:

  • Made most member timers instances, not pointers.
  • Rewrote focus effects system, spells that give focus effect should work too.
  • Reagent reduction focus implemeneted
  • Rewrote activateable AAs and swarm pets based on Brank's work
  • AA spell effects are now in the DB, easily editable
  • Added a bunch of simple GoD AAs
  • Consolidated many #define options into features.h
  • Fixed crash in world when starting zone dosent exist
  • Fixed dual weild with hand-to-hand
  • Extended fishing to allow mobs to spawn when items are fished up.
  • Made item skill modifiers work.
  • Identified meaning of old Skill field of common items.
  • made bind wounds actually consume bandaids.
  • Made archery and throwing consume ammo
  • Archery weapons proc now
  • Fixed bard item bonuses to apply to all a bard's spell effects.
  • rewrote perl HasQuestFile function to behave properly.
  • modified perl quest system to fit better into the virtual parser scheme.
  • enforce spell/skill components being on the player, not in bank.
  • fixed container loading from DB.
  • implemented item skill bonuses
  • prevent merchant purchases when inventory full.
  • safe fall implemented, but the formula is wrong
  • initial implementation of client rampaging
  • eliminated a lot of sqrt calls
  • added an optional packet profiler to EQ network to count opcodes
  • fixed NPC-casted targeted AE spells affecting the caster
  • fixed monk special attack damage to be skill based.
  • most NPC classes do their special attacks now.
  • fixed multi-dose potions (not 100% sure they were broken)
  • implemented Percental Heal spells
  • put caps on haste, HP, and mana regeneration items
  • Changed HP regen to work without client's regen packet, which it dosent send anymore.
  • Updated natural HP regen to be closer to live.
  • corrected AC calculations
  • Implemented new discipline interface.
  • Added new perl function (traindisc(itemid)) to facilitate training disciplines
  • changed discipline reuse timer to a ptimer, since it is long.
  • implemented a ton of new spell effects to support disciplines.
  • implemented PoP item attributes like shielding, accuracy, etc...
  • rewrote much of group system to better support multi-zone groups.
  • groups given world-wide IDs instead of zone local.
  • group disbanding when split between zones works.
  • Fixed warrior/monk triple attack
  • Fixed NPC AE spells to respect faction
  • Tweaked NPC non-caster mobs being able to cast 'proc' spells.
  • Fixed base resistance calculations to match the client.
  • Cleaned up NPC spell interruption messages when they were not needed.
  • DOTs no longer make you stand every tic.
  • Fixed mob immunities special flags
  • Added new mob immunities: snare, magic, meele
  • Immunity to stuns now includes spin effects as well
  • Trading with NPCs should correctly handle no drop items.
  • fixed AA EXP setting
  • allow starting items to include books and empty bags
  • Fixed starting zones problem on char creation.
  • Allow bards to move and use clicky items.
  • Make NPC casters send stop moving packet when they cast.
  • Fixed archery ammo searching to fall over to inventory.
  • mobs now dual-weild based on a chance instead of garunteed
  • groups do not grant EXP if the mob is green to any group members
  • some NPC combat tweaks to balance it over the levels better. Needs through testing.
  • EXP is now awarded to the top damaging player/group instead of killer
  • fixed donal's complete heal
  • fixed AC calculations for high-agi players
  • Changed mobs with primary faction = 0 to be indifferent.
  • If a player logs/zones in to a Z below the world, they are placed at a valid Z if possible.
  • labeled new item field as attuneable, updated DB code for it


  • LethalEncounter Fixed some issues with hp and mana.
  • LethalEncounter Fixed bug with zoning z coord.


  • LethalEncounter Fixed spell scribing and meming.
  • LethalEncounter Merged in Xabob's expansion fixes (except regen which FNW is working on).
  • LethalEncounter Merged in RangerDown's fixed version of #spawnfix.
  • LethalEncounter Fix for #zcolor that was brought up by rmanders on the bug forum.
  • LethalEncounter Character conversions from 5.7 to 5.9 should be fixed now.
  • LethalEncounter Implicit length fix and mana struct fixed.


  • FatherNitwit Fix name generator opcode
  • FatherNitwit Added loot table drop chance fix
  • FatherNitwit Cleaned up some map code and other thing


  • LethalEncounter Updated AAs so they are sent based on class now.


  • LethalEncounter Updated to version 5.9-DR2 (EQLive Compatible).


  • LethalEncounter Updated all the structs/opcodes necessary to login using the latest client.


  • LethalEncounter Misc AA fixes.


  • LethalEncounter Fixed AAs, you can now buy them correctly. Big thanks to Xabob for PacketCollecting the information for me!!


  • LethalEncounter Fixed the displaying of AAs, moving them into two tables. Be SURE to source aa.sql for these updates.
   (Will fix the buying aspect soon)


  • Doodman Fixed linux kernel 2.6.x shared memory bug. IPC_NOWAIT is not allowd on shared memory segment operations.


  • Scorpious2k Allow multiple Perl plug-ins


  • Doodman (un)fixed world to hand the LS->world hand off like it did in the past


  • LethalEncounter Finished updating few structs, can now login with latest client. Merchants, combat, loot, etc work fine.


  • LethalEncounter Fixed player profile.


  • **Cofruben**Added basics of begging.
  • **Cofruben**Added group splitting.


  • Wiz Severely cleaned up position update code and made it more efficent. Should drastically reduce update packets generated by other clients.
  • Wiz Improved the LOS calculation. It should use less CPU and work better now.


  • Scorpious2k Changed Quest command settimer to reuse timers with same name instead of creating new


  • Cofruben Added some perl functions,including: ding,addldonpoint,surname,permaclass/race/gender,scribespells.


  • Draupner Added #npcedit


Doodman(WizeOne): Added beacon.o and embxs.o to makefile.perl

  • Doodman Fixed #serverinfo for linux.


Doodman(RangerDown): Added "You cannot attack while invulnerable" message.


  • Scorpious2k Fixed AA related exploit
  • Scorpious2k Fixed AA problem where % remained if player lost levels to below 51


  • Scorpious2k Added quest command spawn2 * same as spawn except also requires heading
  • Scorpious2k Modified Quest Globals. It now always creates a unique var if char specific (not ALL players)
  • Scorpious2k Enabled traders
  • Sandy Changed mobs so they must have SPECATK_SUMMON to summon players


  • Rogean Mobs no longer Dual Wield with Shields


  • Sandy Event Aggro added
  • Sandy Permaroot added
  • Sandy x,y,z variables for quests corrected


  • Dspirit More patch 6/16 opcodes corrected


  • Dspirit Patch 6/16 opcodes corrected


  • Dspirit More opcodes corrected


  • Dspirit Multiple opcodes corrected


  • LethalEncounter #zone fixed.
  • Rogean Fixed inspecting items in adventure window.
  • Rogean/Scorpious2k AA Fixes Implimented


  • Doodman Fixed OP_HPUpdate and SendHPUpate. Client now gets proper HP updates.


Scorpious2k/ *Image #reloadqst now works for perl (Reloads the entire zones quest files).


  • Scorpious2k Changed opcode to fix trade windows >> THANKS Dspirit


  • Scorpious2k Merged in Sandy's EVENT_HP code
  • Scorpious2k Merged in Bleh's Perl/XS enhancement
  • Scorpious2k Added quest commands for mob movement stop(),start(),pause(),resume() and moveto()


  • Doodman/Bleh Move NPCTypes out of shared mem in to zone specific STL maps.
  • Doodman/Bleh Removed NPCTypes.o from makefile in EMuShareMem
  • Doodman/Bleh Fixed null pointer dereference in selling


  • Doodman Upped MMF_MAX_NPCTYPE_ID to 400k to support tcsmyworlds db
  • Doodman Fixed EQNetwork.cpp to be C++ standard compliant, -not* MS compliant


  • Image Better netcode, rawr.
  • Scorpious2k Added AC to mobs * be sure to check MobACupdate.sql
  • Scorpious2k Changed AC so it can now be controlled with serverOp variables ACreduction, ACrandom & ACfail
  • Scorpious2k Added check so items with req level can't be auto equipped if player not >= req level
  • Scorpious2k Added generic (theme = 0) LDoN point processing


  • Image Fixed tradeskill places like smiths


  • Image EQNetwork changes to get packets to send in order
  • Image Fixed zones getting bugged (unable to attack, see others, etc.)


  • LethalEncounter Emu works with the latest patch now. Sony did some crazy crap and added 4608 bytes to player profile :/


  • Image Lifetap now works on PVP
  • Image Fixed the stacks of snare/root/speed, snare breaks speed spells (SOW,JBoots,etc.), root breaks snare, root breaks speed spells also.


  • LethalEncounter Fixed merchants that were broken in the last patch.
  • Image Inventory item combining added to decrease the traffic sent on zoning.


  • LethalEncounter Fixed item struct that was changed in the last patch, items now work again.


  • LethalEncounter Fixed Player Profile that was changed in the last patch, you can now login correctly.


Scorpious2k & Tark: Fixed incompatability problem with Perl and combined packets


  • Image Improvements made on the combination code.


  • Image Combined packets now work to full extent. Set app priority to 6 if you don't want it combined, all packets should no longer be deflated,encrypted unless priority 6.
  • Scorpious2k Fixed mob movement


  • Scorpious2k Added quest command signal() and EVENT_SIGNAL
  • Scorpious2k Made mobs face player for EVENT_SAY and EVENT_ITEM
  • Scorpious2k Added smogo's $hasitem for perl quests
  • Scorpious2k Added selfcast() command to perl quests


  • Scorpious2k Added AC. Probably needs major adjusting of values to match live, but its a start.


  • image Group inviting is fixed.


  • solar corrected an issue with channeling skill/regaining concentration
  • solar changed spell resist so that only detrimental spells are resist checked.

will have to flag beneficial flags that need resist checking later.


  • solar spell resists implemented
  • solar added/fixed up some spell effects. notable ones are the stackable

hastes like melody of ervaj

  • solar added new version of Wiz's CheckLos routine
  • solar fixed a problem with detrimental buffs (root, mez) not working in pvp


  • solar door updates, find sql file in release dir * doorupdate-03-15-04.sql


  • solar fixed zone to zone movement occasionally not working


  • solar spells that are group only should only work on the group now.


  • solar moving coin around should work properly now


  • solar looted stackable items should distribute properly now.


  • solar player armor will appear the proper color now
  • solar LoY Dye works. You need a vial of prismatic dye for each slot you

want to change the color of.

  • solar looting differentiates between left and right clicks. left clicking

will put the item on your cursor as expected, and right clicking will

auto equip it.

  • solar containers can now be auto equip looted


  • solar implemented AE location spells. ex: rain of lava, sentinel. small

issue with this still; the caster continues to execute the casting

animation for the duration of the spell.


  • solar started implementing AE rain type spells, still some work left to do.

There are 2 new files for a Beacon class that you have to add to

the build.


  • solar revised and corrected a ton of spell effect stuff
  • solar corrected an hp regen issue, but need to get the proper calculations

for regen rates. until corrected, clients will see their hp regen

and then immediately change to what the server thinks it should be

  • solar probably broke something


  • solar spells will now consume reagents properly
  • solar lifts work again
  • solar corrected a mistake that caused spells to not finish scribing properly
  • solar fixed some memory leak issues regarding hp updates


  • Scorpious2k Added vesuvias changes for 5.5 * luclin appearence should work now


  • solar spells should be in working order again, more work to be done on this.


  • solar merged vesuvias' appearance (face, beard etc) and zone change

changes from the old code.


  • kathgar Fixed, SE_Fear, SE_SpinStun, SE_Charm for fixed duration spells and not double checking breaking
Range check on Archery
Skill checks on Hide and Sneak
Fixed exp deaths in PvP by DoTs cast by clients, spells cast by clients no longer in zone, and client pets
  Added member bool client to Buff_Struct to aid in above fix
Fixed solar's changelog entry where he spelled my name wrong
No EQLive fixes in this change
  • solar fixed a bug that was causing people to be set as gm when they shouldn't


  • solar characters being created are checked for validity now. thanks to

kathgar for the tables.


  • Zaphod Added Door ZonePoint information.


  • solar Doors should work now
  • solar adventure merchant stuff fully working (check me)
  • solar petition interface stuff believed to be working but not fully tested
  • LethalEncounter (entered by solar) fixed item opcode, items fully working


  • solar Opcodes updated from Zaphod's list, also a few others. All the ops

that are tabbed in are unconfirmed, and I marked unused ones also.


  • Image NewSource directory created for 0.5.5 (EQLive Compatability Developement)
  • Image Few opcodes updated, also implicitlen updated.


  • solar fixed a world crash regarding deleting an empty character slot


  • solar AE spells working properly now
  • solar wrote all new buff duration formulas
  • solar buffs being applied will properly displace multiple buffs if needed
  • solar bard spells should keep casting while sitting now
  • solar mobs should now have a proper casting animation when they cast


  • solar some buff stacking changes, misc spell stuff


  • solar more spell work, bards should be in a working state, but not done.


  • Image Divine Aura now works cross zone.
  • Image Invisibility now works cross zone.
  • Image Added a zone(""); command to quest (Zones them to the specified short zone name)
  • Image Added selfcast("spellid"); command to quest (Makes client cast spells on themself, good for self only spells)
  • Image Tons of my personal GW stuff changed, you can't see bwuhahahhah
  • Image Fixed platinum duping
  • Image Levitate now works cross zone (others see you levitate and not warping)


  • Scorpious2k added quest global variables (requires DB change see quest_globals.txt in EQEmu Release))
  • Scorpious2k fixed faction command in parser


  • solar worked on buff stacking and some misc spell stuff.


  • solar group spell fixes
  • solar implemented /targetgroupbuff


  • solar revised the StringID based messaging.


  • solar Merged in Wiz's CheckLos() mob method
  • solar Spell casting fixes.
  • solar Channeling skill should work very similar to live now. If you end

your casting where you started you have a chance to finish casting.

  • solar Line of sight is checked for spells.


  • LethalEncounter Fixed an issue with HT and LoH not repopping, apparently fatigue in player profile was moved into the timer hours slot.
  • solar Updated death. You shouldn't receive an extra message about being

punched when you die to a spell anymore.


  • solar fixed an item dupe bug.


  • solar various fixes to spells, more coming.


  • LethalEncounter Fixed some issues with the guilds.
  • LethalEncounter No Rent items will now be deleted if your offline for more than 30 minutes.


  • LethalEncounter The guild management tool has been updated and works again.
  • LethalEncounter Guilds will now work almost 100% like live, only a few of the #guild commands are left over, mainly for gm management.
  • kathgar Added #revoke and #oocmute
  • LethalEncounter Fixed some resist issues with some spells.
  • LethalEncounter Fixed item charges from merchants.
  • LethalEncounter Fixed expansion issues like not being able to use Adventure merchants.
  • solar bodytypes should be working correctly from the db now. Also added it

to #spawn and #npcstats. Pets are all summoned, except necro which

are summoned and undead. Apply the bodytype_update.sql in release

to flag your mobs.

  • solar /surname command corrects capitalization and rejects non alpha now.
  • solar #name fixed * renames player target
  • solar made some fixes to kathgar's revoke patch * it now works as intended.


  • solar LD clients should now be kicked when the LD timer is up, even if engaged.
  • solar Buffs should be working correctly after zoning now.
  • solar #gassign fixes


  • solar Corpses are now sent to clients zoning in.


  • Trumpcard Merged in mongrels fix for undead/invis. Use update sql provided in release to update.
  • solar Buff fading should work for slots besides the first one now. This will

fix the 'mez bug' that was due to the icon not being stripped.


  • solar sense heading skill will now improve as you move around


  • Scorpious2k fixed faction command for quests
  • LethalEncounter Fixed a problem with queued cursor items.
  • solar fixes to #gassign


  • LethalEncounter Added item and spell bonuses to the mana regen formulas, they will now help.
  • LethalEncounter Fixed a bug that was killing players even when they had hitpoints remaining.
  • LethalEncounter Added server side filters
  • LethalEncounter Added a new command (#setstat) that allows you to set a characters stats.
  • LethalEncounter Added a new quest command that allows you to modify a characters stats.
  • LethalEncounter Added the ability for a player to have more than one item on their cursor at once. They will be queued like on live.
  • Scorpious2k added random name generator for char create
  • Scorpious2k changed order of parameters in flag console command to allow for spaces in name
  • kathgar Added FLAG_COMBINED and FLAG_IMPLICIT support, define COMBINED to try it
  • solar fixed #mana
  • solar fixed mana disappearing when you're interrupted mid cast
  • solar applied kathgar's PetCommand crash fix
  • solar fixed a pvp damage crash
  • solar fixed channeling skill rolling over back to 1
  • solar bumped PVP spell damage to ⅔ from ½ of normal


  • Image Memleaks for LDTimer, stamina_timer, CreateHPPacket have been fixed.
  • Image World server now boots people with status < 0.
  • solar Reworked melee hit/miss calculations to work better


  • solar Mez spells break properly on players now
  • solar added a #stun command, takes a duration from 1 to 65535
  • solar Fixed mana disappearing when a spell like cannibalize or necro

subversion is cast.

  • solar Fixed incorrect conditional that was causing ALL damage done TO a

client to be halved. Now only client to client damage is halved.

  • solar Fixed a bug with the spell cast timer bar disappearing prematurely

and the spell gems readying themselves while a spell was still being


  • solar Spells should interrupt properly when you duck, or are otherwise

interrupted while casting.


  • solar HP should regen properly now


  • solar Divine Aura spells should now work


  • LethalEncounter Added ability for groups to zone.
  • LethalEncounter Added the ability to use snares and roots in pvp.
  • LethalEncounter Fixed mob movement to be more like live and to work correctly.
  • LethalEncounter Added the tracking skill.
  • LethalEncounter You will now get hit for max damage when you are sitting and an npc attacks.
  • LethalEncounter Fixed loot messages.
  • LethalEncounter Fixed loot so right click autoequips correctly now.


  • MYRA changed to new opcode for follow
  • MYRA changed to new opcode for taunt
  • MYRA use new (5.x) Status labels in who for telnet connection
  • MYRA Added code to depop at end of grid for wander type 4
  • MYRA Added wander type 4 (single run)
  • MYRA fixed eval in ExportVar per Eglin
  • MYRA corrected spelling for var $uguildrank for event_timer (was $uguildrang)
  • MYRA added vars $status & $cumflag per Eglin
  • MYRA added vars $mobid & $mlevel per Eglin
  • MYRA added missing commands + itemlink to perl
  • MYRA added EVAL & KEEPERR to eval per Eglin's recommendation
  • MYRA restore missing commands for qst type files & add itemlink
  • MYRA fixed comma bug for me command
  • MYRA fixed comma bug for echo command
  • MYRA fixed comma bug for say command
  • MYRA fixed comma bug for emote command
  • MYRA fixed comma bug for shout command
  • MYRA added itemlink(ItemNumber) command


  • LethalEncounter Added further support for eqstr_us.txt, this should cut down on lag.
  • Image Fixed client lockup related to spells. aka 'spell sticking'.


  • LethalEncounter Updated spell structure to new spells_us.txt format. NOTE: You must have the latest eqlive spells_us.txt in your EQEmu directory.