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    spells_new {
        int id
        int descnum
        int effectdescnum
        int effectdescnum2
        int typedescnum
        varchar teleport_zone
    db_str {
        int id
    auras {
        int npc_type
        int spell_id
    blocked_spells {
        mediumintunsigned spellid
        int zoneid
    bot_pets {
        varchar bot_id
        varchar pets_index
        varchar spell_id
    bot_pet_buffs {
        varchar pets_index
        varchar spell_id
    spells_new ||--o{ db_str : "One-to-One"
    spells_new ||--o{ db_str : "One-to-One"
    spells_new ||--o{ db_str : "One-to-One"
    spells_new ||--o{ db_str : "One-to-One"
    spells_new ||--o{ auras : "One-to-One"
    spells_new ||--o{ blocked_spells : "Has-Many"
    spells_new ||--o{ bot_pets : "Has-Many"
    spells_new ||--o{ bot_pet_buffs : "Has-Many"

    spells_new {
        int id
        int descnum
        int effectdescnum
        int effectdescnum2
        int typedescnum
        varchar teleport_zone
    bot_spells_entries {
        varchar type
        varchar npc_spells_id
        varchar spell_id
        varchar spellid
    character_auras {
        int id
        int spell_id
    character_buffs {
        intunsigned character_id
        smallintunsigned spell_id
    character_disciplines {
        intunsigned id
        smallintunsigned disc_id
    character_pet_buffs {
        int char_id
        int spell_id
    spells_new ||--o{ bot_spells_entries : "Has-Many"
    spells_new ||--o{ character_auras : "Has-Many"
    spells_new ||--o{ character_buffs : "Has-Many"
    spells_new ||--o{ character_disciplines : "Has-Many"
    spells_new ||--o{ character_pet_buffs : "Has-Many"

    spells_new {
        int id
        int descnum
        int effectdescnum
        int effectdescnum2
        int typedescnum
        varchar teleport_zone
    character_pet_info {
        int char_id
        int spell_id
    character_spells {
        intunsigned id
        smallintunsigned spell_id
    damageshieldtypes {
        intunsigned spellid
    items {
        int id
        int book
        varchar name
        int recasttype
        int icon
        mediumint bardeffect
        int clickeffect
        int focuseffect
        int proceffect
        int scrolleffect
        int worneffect
    ldon_trap_templates {
        intunsigned id
        smallintunsigned spell_id
    spells_new ||--o{ character_pet_info : "Has-Many"
    spells_new ||--o{ character_spells : "Has-Many"
    spells_new ||--o{ damageshieldtypes : "Has-Many"
    spells_new ||--o{ items : "Has-Many"
    spells_new ||--o{ items : "Has-Many"
    spells_new ||--o{ items : "Has-Many"
    spells_new ||--o{ items : "Has-Many"
    spells_new ||--o{ items : "Has-Many"
    spells_new ||--o{ items : "Has-Many"
    spells_new ||--o{ ldon_trap_templates : "Has-Many"

    spells_new {
        int id
        int descnum
        int effectdescnum
        int effectdescnum2
        int typedescnum
        varchar teleport_zone
    merc_spell_list_entries {
        varchar merc_spell_list_id
        varchar spell_id
        varchar stance_id
    npc_spells_entries {
        int npc_spells_id
        smallintunsigned spellid
    spell_buckets {
        varchar key
        bigintunsigned spellid
    spell_globals {
        varchar qglobal
        int spellid
    spells_new ||--o{ merc_spell_list_entries : "Has-Many"
    spells_new ||--o{ npc_spells_entries : "Has-Many"
    spells_new ||--o{ spell_buckets : "Has-Many"
    spells_new ||--o{ spell_globals : "Has-Many"

Relationship Type Local Key Relates to Table Foreign Key
One-to-One descnum db_str id
One-to-One effectdescnum db_str id
One-to-One effectdescnum2 db_str id
One-to-One typedescnum db_str id
One-to-One id auras spell_id
Has-Many id blocked_spells spellid
Has-Many id bot_pets spell_id
Has-Many id bot_pet_buffs spell_id
Has-Many id bot_spells_entries spellid
Has-Many id character_auras spell_id
Has-Many id character_buffs spell_id
Has-Many id character_disciplines disc_id
Has-Many id character_pet_buffs spell_id
Has-Many id character_pet_info spell_id
Has-Many id character_spells spell_id
Has-Many id damageshieldtypes spellid
Has-Many id items bardeffect
Has-Many id items clickeffect
Has-Many id items focuseffect
Has-Many id items proceffect
Has-Many id items scrolleffect
Has-Many id items worneffect
Has-Many id ldon_trap_templates spell_id
Has-Many id merc_spell_list_entries spell_id
Has-Many id npc_spells_entries spellid
Has-Many id spell_buckets spellid
Has-Many id spell_globals spellid


Column Data Type Description
id int Unique Spell Identifier
name varchar Name
player_1 varchar Player_1
teleport_zone varchar The zone you are teleporting to or the NPC Name you want to spawn.
you_cast varchar The message sent to others when you cast the spell.
other_casts varchar The message seen when someone around you casts the spell.
cast_on_you varchar The message received when the spell is cast on you.
cast_on_other varchar The message recieved when the spell is cast on another.
spell_fades varchar The message recieved when the spell fades.
range int Range
aoerange int Area of Effect Range
pushback int Push Back
pushup int Push Up
cast_time int Cast Time in Milliseconds
recovery_time int Recovery Time in Seconds
recast_time int Recast Time in Seconds
buffdurationformula int Buff Duration Formula
buffduration int Buff Duration
AEDuration int Area of Effect Duration
mana int Mana Cost
effect_base_value1 int Effect Base Value 1
effect_base_value2 int Effect Base Value 2
effect_base_value3 int Effect Base Value 3
effect_base_value4 int Effect Base Value 4
effect_base_value5 int Effect Base Value 5
effect_base_value6 int Effect Base Value 6
effect_base_value7 int Effect Base Value 7
effect_base_value8 int Effect Base Value 8
effect_base_value9 int Effect Base Value 9
effect_base_value10 int Effect Base Value 10
effect_base_value11 int Effect Base Value 11
effect_base_value12 int Effect Base Value 12
effect_limit_value1 int Effect Limit Value 1
effect_limit_value2 int Effect Limit Value 2
effect_limit_value3 int Effect Limit Value 3
effect_limit_value4 int Effect Limit Value 4
effect_limit_value5 int Effect Limit Value 5
effect_limit_value6 int Effect Limit Value 6
effect_limit_value7 int Effect Limit Value 7
effect_limit_value8 int Effect Limit Value 8
effect_limit_value9 int Effect Limit Value 9
effect_limit_value10 int Effect Limit Value 10
effect_limit_value11 int Effect Limit Value 11
effect_limit_value12 int Effect Limit Value 12
max1 int Max 1
max2 int Max 2
max3 int Max 3
max4 int Max 4
max5 int Max 5
max6 int Max 6
max7 int Max 7
max8 int Max 8
max9 int Max 9
max10 int Max 10
max11 int Max 11
max12 int Max 12
icon int Icon
memicon int Memmed Icon
components1 int Item Identifier
components2 int Item Identifier
components3 int Item Identifier
components4 int Item Identifier
component_counts1 int Component Count 1
component_counts2 int Component Count 2
component_counts3 int Component Count 3
component_counts4 int Component Count 4
NoexpendReagent1 int If it is a number between 1-4 it means component number 1-4 is a focus and not to expend it. If it is a valid item ID it means this item is a focus as well.
NoexpendReagent2 int If it is a number between 1-4 it means component number 1-4 is a focus and not to expend it. If it is a valid item ID it means this item is a focus as well.
NoexpendReagent3 int If it is a number between 1-4 it means component number 1-4 is a focus and not to expend it. If it is a valid item ID it means this item is a focus as well.
NoexpendReagent4 int If it is a number between 1-4 it means component number 1-4 is a focus and not to expend it. If it is a valid item ID it means this item is a focus as well.
formula1 int Formula 1
formula2 int Formula 2
formula3 int Formula 3
formula4 int Formula 4
formula5 int Formula 5
formula6 int Formula 6
formula7 int Formula 7
formula8 int Formula 8
formula9 int Formula 9
formula10 int Formula 10
formula11 int Formula 11
formula12 int Formula 12
LightType int Light Type
goodEffect int Good Effect: 0 = Detrimental, 1 = Beneficial, 2 = Beneficial Group Only
Activated int Activated
resisttype int Resist Type
effectid1 int Effect Identifier 1
effectid2 int Effect Identifier 2
effectid3 int Effect Identifier 3
effectid4 int Effect Identifier 4
effectid5 int Effect Identifier 5
effectid6 int Effect Identifier 6
effectid7 int Effect Identifier 7
effectid8 int Effect Identifier 8
effectid9 int Effect Identifier 9
effectid10 int Effect Identifier 10
effectid11 int Effect Identifier 11
effectid12 int Effect Identifier 12
targettype int Target Type
basediff int Base Difficult Fizzle Adjustment
skill int Skill Identifier
zonetype int Zone Type
EnvironmentType int Environment Type
TimeOfDay int Time of Day Type
classes1 int Required Level for Warrior
classes2 int Required Level for Cleric
classes3 int Required Level for Paladin
classes4 int Required Level for Ranger
classes5 int Required Level for Shadow Knight
classes6 int Required Level for Druid
classes7 int Required Level for Monk
classes8 int Required Level for Bard
classes9 int Required Level for Rogue
classes10 int Required Level for Shaman
classes11 int Required Level for Necromancer
classes12 int Required Level for Wizard
classes13 int Required Level for Magician
classes14 int Required Level for Enchanter
classes15 int Required Level for Beastlord
classes16 int Required Level for Berserker
CastingAnim int Casting Animation
TargetAnim int Target Animation
TravelType int Travel Type (Unused)
SpellAffectIndex int Spell Affect Index
disallow_sit int Disallow Sit: 0 = False, 1 = True
deities0 int Deity List
deities1 int Deity List
deities2 int Deity List
deities3 int Deity List
deities4 int Deity List
deities5 int Deity List
deities6 int Deity List
deities7 int Deity List
deities8 int Deity List
deities9 int Deity List
deities10 int Deity List
deities11 int Deity List
deities12 int Deity List
deities13 int Deity List
deities14 int Deity List
deities15 int Deity List
deities16 int Deity List
field142 int Unknown
field143 int Unknown
new_icon int New Icon
spellanim int Spell Animation
uninterruptable int Uninterruptable: 0 = False, 1 = True
ResistDiff int Resist Difference
dot_stacking_exempt int Damage Over Time Stacking Exempt: 0 = False, 1 = True
deleteable int Deleteable: 0 = False, 1 = True
RecourseLink int Recourse Spell Identifier
no_partial_resist int No Partial Resist: 0 = False, 1 = True
field152 int Unknown
field153 int Unknown
short_buff_box int Short Buff Box: 0 = False, 1 = True
descnum int Description Number
typedescnum int Type Description Number
effectdescnum int Effect Description Number
effectdescnum2 int Effect Description Number 2
npc_no_los int NPC No Line of Sight: 0 = False, 1 = True
field160 int Unknown
reflectable int Reflectable: 0 = False, 1 = True
bonushate int Bonus Hate
field163 int Unknown
field164 int Unknown
ldon_trap int LDoN Trap Identifier
EndurCost int Endurance Cost
EndurTimerIndex int Endurance Timer
IsDiscipline int Is Discipline: 0 = False, 1 = True
field169 int Unknown
field170 int Unknown
field171 int Unknown
field172 int Unknown
HateAdded int Hate Added
EndurUpkeep int Endurance Upkeep
numhitstype int Number of Hits Type
numhits int Number of Hits
pvpresistbase int PVP Resist Base
pvpresistcalc int PVP Resist Calc
pvpresistcap int PVP Resist Cap
spell_category int Spell Category
pvp_duration int PVP Duration
pvp_duration_cap int PVP Duration Cap
pcnpc_only_flag int PC/NPC Only Flag: 0 = Not Applicable, 1 = PCs and Mercs, 2 = NPCs
cast_not_standing int Cast Not Standing: 0 = False, 1 = True
can_mgb int Can Mass Group Buff: 0 = False, 1 = True
nodispell int No Dispell: 0 = False, 1 = True
npc_category int NPC Spell Category Identifier
npc_usefulness int NPC Usefulness
MinResist int Minimum Resistance
MaxResist int Maximum Resistance
viral_targets int Viral Targets
viral_timer int Viral Timer
nimbuseffect int Nimbus Effect
ConeStartAngle int Cone Start Angle
ConeStopAngle int Cone Stop Angle
sneaking int Sneaking: 0 = False, 1 = True
not_extendable int Not Extendable: 0 = False, 1 = True
field198 int Unknown
field199 int Unknown
suspendable int Suspendable: 0 = False, 1 = True
viral_range int Viral Range
songcap int Song Cap
field203 int Unknown
field204 int Unknown
no_block int No Block: 0 = False, 1 = True
field206 int Unknown
spellgroup int Spell Group
rank int Rank
field209 int Unknown
field210 int Unknown
CastRestriction int Cast Restrictions
allowrest int Allow Rest: 0 = False, 1 = True
InCombat int In Combat: 0 = False, 1 = True
OutofCombat int Out Of Combat: 0 = False, 1 = True
field215 int Unknown
field216 int Unknown
field217 int Unknown
aemaxtargets int Area of Effect Max Targets
maxtargets int Max Targets
field220 int Unknown
field221 int Unknown
field222 int Unknown
field223 int Unknown
persistdeath int Persist Death: 0 = False, 1 = True
field225 int Unknown
field226 int Unknown
min_dist float Minimum Distance
min_dist_mod float Minimum Distance Modifier
max_dist float Maximum Distance
max_dist_mod float Maximum Distance Modifier
min_range int Minimum Range
field232 int Unknown
field233 int Unknown
field234 int Unknown
field235 int Unknown
field236 int Unknown