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Relationship Diagram(s)

Diagram Edit


Relationship Type Local Key Relates to Table Foreign Key
One-to-One dbstring db_str id
One-to-One merc_npc_type_id merc_npc_types merc_npc_type_id
One-to-One merc_template_id merc_merchant_template_entries merc_merchant_template_entry_id
One-to-One merc_template_id merc_merchant_template_entries merc_template_id
One-to-One merc_template_id mercs TemplateID
One-to-One merc_subtype_id merc_subtypes merc_subtype_id
One-to-One name_type_id merc_name_types name_type_id


Column Data Type Description
merc_template_id int Unique Mercenary Template Identifier
merc_type_id int Mercenary Type Identifier
merc_subtype_id int Mercenary Subtype Identifier
merc_npc_type_id int Mercenary NPC Type Identifier
dbstring varchar DBString Identifier
name_type_id tinyint Name Type Identifier
clientversion int Client Version