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Zone Name Short Name Era Patch Date (ISO 8601) Notes
Plane of Fear fearplane Classic 1999-07-26 Initial Release
The Temple of Solusek Ro soltemple Classic 1999-10-13 Initial release. Available via the newly implemented optional patch system.
Kedge Keep kedge Classic 1999-10-28 Enhanced with new items and creatures
Plane of Hate hateplane Classic 1999-11-03 Initial release. Patch message is released on Wednesday but states actual opening occurred 4 days prior on Sunday (1999-10-31) after the Halloween event. Must be 46th level or greater to enter.
Plane of Sky airplane Classic 2000-01-20 Initial release
Paineel paineel Classic 2000-02-17 Initial release
Kerra Ridge kerraridge Classic 2000-04-10 Initial release
The Lair of the Splitpaw paw Classic 2000-04-10 1st revamp

Zone Changes

Ak'Anon (akanon)

The Arena (arena)

Befallen (befallen)

Gorge of King Xorbb (beholder)

Blackburrow (blackburrow)

Butcherblock Mountains (butcher)

Dagnor's Cauldron (cauldron)

The Temple of Cazic-Thule (cazicthule)

West Commonlands (commons)

Crushbone (crushbone)

Sunset Home (cshome)

Eastern Plains of Karana (eastkarana)

East Commonlands (ecommons)

Erudin (erudnext)

The Erudin Palace (erudnint)

Erud's Crossing (erudsxing)

Everfrost Peaks (everfrost)

The Feerrott (feerrott)

Northern Felwithe (felwithea)

Southern Felwithe (felwitheb)

East Freeport (freporte)

North Freeport (freportn)

West Freeport (freportw)

The Greater Faydark (gfaydark)

Grobb (grobb)

The Ruins of Old Guk (gukbottom)

The City of Guk (guktop)

Halas (halas)

High Keep (highkeep)

Highpass Hold (highpass)

Innothule Swamp (innothule)

South Kaladim (kaladima)

North Kaladim (kaladimb)

Kedge Keep (kedge)

Kerra Isle (kerraridge)

Kithicor Forest (kithicor)

Lake Rathetear (lakerathe)

The Lavastorm Mountains (lavastorm)

The Lesser Faydark (lfaydark)

The Castle of Mistmoore (mistmoore)

Misty Thicket (misty)

Najena (najena)

The Nektulos Forest (nektulos )

Neriak - Foreign Quarter (neriaka)

Neriak - Commons (neriakb)

Neriak - 3rd Gate (neriakc)

The Northern Plains of Karana (northkarana)

Northern Desert of Ro (nro)

Oasis of Marr (oasis)

Oggok (oggok)

Ocean of Tears (oot)

The Lair of the Splitpaw (paw)

The Permafrost Caverns (permafrost)

The Qeynos Aqueduct System (qcat)

The Western Plains of Karana (qey2hh1)

South Qeynos (qeynos)

North Qeynos (qeynos2)

The Qeynos Hills (qeytoqrg)

The Surefall Glade (qrg)

The Rathe Mountains (rathemtn)

Rivervale (rivervale)

The Liberated Citadel of Runnyeye (runnyeye)

Solusek's Eye (soldunga)

Nagafen's Lair (soldungb)

The Southern Plains of Karana (southkarana)

Southern Desert of Ro (sro)

Steamfont Mountains (steamfont)

Toxxulia Forest (tox)

The Estate of Unrest (unrest