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Auto Create Login Accounts

Ideal for local LAN setups, you can enable this setting. If any login request comes in from a game client, if the account doesn't already exist, it will auto create the account on first attempt. Every subsequent attempt will use the **created username and password combination **

  "account": {
    // ideal for local LAN setups, if you want a login attempt to automatically create an account
    // this will automatically create the account using the username and password if it doesn't exist
    "auto_create_accounts": true

Resetting Account Passwords

When using this configuration, it's easy for friends to forget their password or even your own after a long period. For this situation you can use the CLI interface to bail yourself out of this situation

./loginserver login-user:update-credentials test mynewpassword

> Executing CLI Command

[LoginServer] [Info] ChangeLoginserverUserCredentials account [test] source_loginserver [local] credentials updated!