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Encounters (Lua)

Encounter Scripts

Encounter scripts are quest scripts that are only loaded after explicitly called with one of the following:

eq.load_encounter_with_data("encounter_name", "some data string");

They will load one and only one from the following location. Which ever it finds first in the following order:

  • ./quests/zone/encounters/name.lua
  • ./quests/global/encounters/name.lua

Encounter scripts listen for specific events from other script types with the following functions:

Void register_npc_event(String name, Integer evt, Integer npc_id, luafunction func);
Void register_player_event(String name, Integer evt, luafunction func);
Void register_item_event(String name, Integer evt, Integer item_id, luafunction func);
Void register_spell_event(String name, Integer evt, Integer spell_id, luafunction func);

Note: Passing a value of -1 for npc, item or spell id to watch will watch every npc, item or spell for those events.

Encounters can be unloaded with the following in the same way they are loaded:

eq.unload_encounter_with_data("encounter_name", "some data string");

Unloading the encounter will automatically unhook all functions that are currently hooked to that named encounter.


  • Encounter scripts cannot properly catch EVENT_COMMAND or EVENT_TRADE unless an existing quest is already listening for them.
  • Encounter scripts also run before any normal script and will catch return values.