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Relationship Diagram(s)

Diagram Edit

Diagram Edit


Relationship Type Local Key Relates to Table Foreign Key
Has-Many id adventure_details instance_id
Has-Many id character_bind instance_id
Has-Many id character_corpses instance_id
Has-Many id character_data zone_instance
Has-Many id character_instance_safereturns instance_id
Has-Many id character_instance_safereturns instance_zone_id
Has-Many id doors dest_instance
Has-Many id dynamic_zones instance_id
Has-Many id respawn_times instance_id
Has-Many id spawn_condition_values instance_id
Has-Many id zone_points target_instance
One-to-One version zone version
One-to-One zone zone zoneidnumber


Column Data Type Description
id int Unique Instance Identifier
zone int Zone Identifier
version tinyint Version
is_global tinyint Is Global: 0 = False, 1 = True
start_time int Start Time UNIX Timestamp
duration int Duration in Seconds
never_expires tinyint Never Expires: 0 = False, 1 = True