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    zone_points {
        varchar content_flags
        varchar content_flags_disabled
        intunsigned target_instance
        varchar zone
        intunsigned target_zone_id
        int version
    content_flags {
        varchar flag_name
    instance_list {
        int id
        tinyintunsigned version
        intunsigned zone
    zone {
        int zoneidnumber
        varchar short_name
        tinyintunsigned version
        varchar content_flags
        varchar content_flags_disabled
    zone_points ||--o{ content_flags : "One-to-One"
    zone_points ||--o{ content_flags : "One-to-One"
    zone_points ||--o{ instance_list : "One-to-One"
    zone_points ||--o{ zone : "One-to-One"
    zone_points ||--o{ zone : "One-to-One"
    zone_points ||--o{ zone : "One-to-One"

Relationship Type Local Key Relates to Table Foreign Key
One-to-One content_flags content_flags flag_name
One-to-One content_flags_disabled content_flags flag_name
One-to-One target_instance instance_list id
One-to-One target_zone_id zone zoneidnumber
One-to-One version zone version
One-to-One zone zone short_name


Column Data Type Description
id int Unique Zone Point Identifier
zone varchar Zone Short Name
version int Version
number smallint Represents the iterator field sent in the struct ZonePoint_Entry, zone points for the current zone are sent when client zones in (during Client::Handle_Connect_OP_ReqClientSpawn in client_packet.cpp). This number field must be unique and also could have a hardcoded equivalent in the client, eg. client is expecting a specific number value for a zone point or teleport/object pad, such as in Erudin (erudnext).
y float Y Coordinate
x float X Coordinate
z float Z Coordinate
heading float Heading Coordinate
target_y float Target Y Coordinate
target_x float Target X Coordinate
target_z float Target Z Coordinate
target_heading float Target Heading Coordinate
zoneinst smallint Instance Identifier
target_zone_id int Target Zone Identifier
target_instance int Target Instance Identifier
buffer float Zone Point Buffer
client_version_mask int Client Version Mask
min_expansion tinyint Minimum Expansion
max_expansion tinyint Maximum Expansion
content_flags varchar Content Flags Required to be Enabled
content_flags_disabled varchar Content Flags Required to be Disabled
is_virtual tinyint Is Virtual: 0 = False, 1 = True
height int Height
width int Width