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    quest_globals {
        int charid
        varchar name
        int npcid
        int zoneid
    character_data {
        intunsigned id
        varchar name
        varchar nane
        intunsigned zone_instance
        intunsigned zone_id
    item_tick {
        varchar it_itemid
        varchar it_qglobal
    merc_merchant_templates {
        varchar merc_merchant_template_id
        varchar qglobal
    spell_globals {
        varchar qglobal
        int spellid
    npc_types {
        intunsigned alt_currency_id
        int id
        int npc_faction_id
        text name
        intunsigned loottable_id
        intunsigned merchant_id
        intunsigned emoteid
        intunsigned adventure_template_id
        intunsigned armortint_id
        intunsigned npc_spells_id
        intunsigned npc_spells_effects_id
        intunsigned trap_template
    quest_globals ||--o{ character_data : "One-to-One"
    quest_globals ||--o{ item_tick : "Has-Many"
    quest_globals ||--o{ merc_merchant_templates : "Has-Many"
    quest_globals ||--o{ spell_globals : "Has-Many"
    quest_globals ||--o{ npc_types : "One-to-One"

    quest_globals {
        int charid
        varchar name
        int npcid
        int zoneid
    zone {
        int zoneidnumber
        varchar short_name
        tinyintunsigned version
        varchar content_flags
        varchar content_flags_disabled
    quest_globals ||--o{ zone : "One-to-One"

Relationship Type Local Key Relates to Table Foreign Key
One-to-One charid character_data id
Has-Many name item_tick it_qglobal
Has-Many name merc_merchant_templates qglobal
Has-Many name spell_globals qglobal
One-to-One npcid npc_types id
One-to-One zoneid zone zoneidnumber


Column Data Type Description
charid int Character Identifier
npcid int NPC Type Identifier
zoneid int Zone Identifier
name varchar Name
value varchar Value
expdate int Expiration Date UNIX Timestamp