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Shared Tasks

Shared tasks use the existing task system quest API with the added availability of dynamic zone instance creation. The only major difference where care needs to be taken in scripts is with player task update events which will trigger for all members of a shared task. Any script that depends on a single task update or stage completed event to perform an action will need to guard against multiple updates from members.

Note that mixing shared task types with other types is not supported via the taskselector APIs since shared tasks need to run through separate validation for player count and member level requirements. If any shared task type is included in a task selector offer, all other task types will be dropped.

The EVENT_TASK ACCEPTED event will only occur if shared task creation was successful after passing all validation requirements defined in the tasks database entry.

Dynamic Zones

Dynamic zones are the same underlying instancing system that expedition's use. These may be created for shared tasks through the client API method:

Client::CreateTaskDynamicZone(int taskid, LUA_TTABLE dynamic_zone_info)


This method is currently only available to the Lua API

This method creates a dynamic zone for a client assigned to the specified task id. If the client does not have a task for the task id or the specified task id is not a shared task, then the dynamic zone is not created. If dynamic zone creation is successful then all members of the client's shared task are added to it. Multiple dynamic zones may be created for a shared task to support custom servers.

Dynamic zone creation data is passed through the dynamic_zone_info parameter similar to the Client::CreateExpedition API. Passing a duration for the instance data will have no effect. The shared task system will automatically override the duration to the shared task's remaining time.


A shared task set to 0 duration in the database for unlimited time is not supported and the dynamic zone will be set to a max duration of 24 hours (suspected max of live shared tasks)

key name supported keys description
instance zone, version dz instance details
compass zone, x, y, z (optional) compass coordinates
safereturn zone, x, y, z, h (optional) safe return coordinates
zonein x, y, z, h (optional) dz zone-in coordinates

instance keys

key type description
zone int or string zone id or zone short_name of the expedition's dz instance
version int dz instance version
duration int (optional) no effect

compass, safereturn, and zonein keys

key type description
zone int or string zone id or zone short name
x float (optional) x coordinate (default: 0)
y float (optional) y coordinate (default: 0)
z float (optional) z coordinate (default: 0)
h float (optional) heading (default: 0)
local shared_task_id = 4795 -- some database task id with type set to shared task

function event_task_accepted(e)
  -- create dz for the accepted task on the client that accepted it
  if e.task_id == shared_task_id then
    -- dz duration will be overridden by time remaining on the shared task
    local dz = {
      instance   = { zone="thundercrest", version = 11 },
      compass    = { zone="broodlands", x=1241.88, y=511.147, z=23.4192 },
      safereturn = { zone="broodlands", x=1242.0, y=526.0, z=27.0, h=0.0 }
    e.other:CreateTaskDynamicZone(e.task_id, dz)