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    merchantlist {
        varchar content_flags
        varchar content_flags_disabled
        varchar bucket_name
        int item
        varchar merchant_id
        int merchantid
    data_buckets {
        varchar key
    content_flags {
        varchar flag_name
    items {
        int id
        int book
        varchar name
        int recasttype
        int icon
        mediumint bardeffect
        int clickeffect
        int focuseffect
        int proceffect
        int scrolleffect
        int worneffect
    npc_types {
        intunsigned alt_currency_id
        int id
        int npc_faction_id
        text name
        intunsigned loottable_id
        intunsigned merchant_id
        intunsigned emoteid
        intunsigned adventure_template_id
        intunsigned armortint_id
        intunsigned npc_spells_id
        intunsigned npc_spells_effects_id
        intunsigned trap_template
    merchantlist ||--o{ data_buckets : "One-to-One"
    merchantlist ||--o{ content_flags : "One-to-One"
    merchantlist ||--o{ content_flags : "One-to-One"
    merchantlist ||--o{ items : "One-to-One"
    merchantlist ||--o{ npc_types : "Has-Many"

Relationship Type Local Key Relates to Table Foreign Key
One-to-One bucket_name data_buckets key
One-to-One content_flags content_flags flag_name
One-to-One content_flags_disabled content_flags flag_name
One-to-One item items id
Has-Many merchant_id npc_types merchant_id


Column Data Type Description
merchantid int Merchant Identifier
slot int Slot
item int Item Identifier
faction_required smallint Faction Required
level_required tinyint Level Required
min_status tinyint Minimum Status
max_status tinyint Maximum Status
alt_currency_cost smallint Alternate Currency Cost
classes_required int Classes Required
probability int Probability: 0 = Never, 100 = Always
bucket_name varchar Bucket Name
bucket_value varchar Bucket Value
bucket_comparison tinyint Bucket Comparison Type
min_expansion tinyint Minimum Expansion
max_expansion tinyint Maximum Expansion
content_flags varchar Content Flags Required to be Enabled
content_flags_disabled varchar Content Flags Required to be Disabled