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    bot_heal_rotations {
        varchar heal_rotation_index
        varchar bot_id
    bot_data {
        varchar bot_id
        varchar owner_id
        varchar spells_id
        varchar zone_id
    bot_heal_rotation_members {
        varchar bot_id
        varchar heal_rotation_index
    bot_heal_rotation_targets {
        varchar heal_rotation_index
    bot_heal_rotations ||--o{ bot_data : "One-to-One"
    bot_heal_rotations ||--o{ bot_heal_rotation_members : "Has-Many"
    bot_heal_rotations ||--o{ bot_heal_rotation_targets : "Has-Many"

Relationship Type Local Key Relates to Table Foreign Key
One-to-One bot_id bot_data bot_id
Has-Many heal_rotation_index bot_heal_rotation_members heal_rotation_index
Has-Many heal_rotation_index bot_heal_rotation_targets heal_rotation_index


Column Data Type Description
heal_rotation_index int Unique Heal Rotation Identifier
bot_id int Bot Identifier
interval int Interval
fast_heals int Fast Heals
adaptive_targeting int Adaptive Targeting
casting_override int Casting Override
safe_hp_base float Safe Health Base
safe_hp_cloth float Safe Health Cloth
safe_hp_leather float Safe Health Leather
safe_hp_chain float Safe Health Chain
safe_hp_plate float Safe Health Plate
critical_hp_base float Critical Health Base
critical_hp_cloth float Critical Health Cloth
critical_hp_leather float Critical Health Leather
critical_hp_chain float Critical Health Chain
critical_hp_plate float Critical Health Plate