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Commonly Asked Questions


Can I run my own Login server with myself and my friends?

The answer is yes, and its fairly straightforward, you can run a local Login server or you can run a Login server publicly that acts as a local Login server


Is a Loginserver hard to setup?

No, its actually quite simple, and you found yourself in the best place for how to do so!


I had a login server setup before a long time ago? Can I migrate to the newer login server?

Yes you can, any login server installed prior to September 2019 is considered legacy and should use the Migrating from a Legacy Login Server Database guide to do so


Are the passwords secure? I know we used weak algorithms like MD5 and SHA1

Yes, we support 15+ encryption algorithms and most specifically use Scrypt, if you want to learn more you can read this link


I was using the old login.ini - is there a way to convert my old config?

Simply, no there is not. But setting up a new config is very simple, you can find it at Configuration