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Welcome to the EverQuest Emulator Server community docs!

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If you see anything that is missing or could be improved, please feel free to contribute and feel free to submit pull requests! Merged pull requests immediately publish to these docs.

The information presented represents the commitment of countless hours of coding and documentation by a large, passionate, open-source community.

The breadth of information compiled in the documentation is the accumulation of open source community members dating back to early 2000's.

The purpose of this platform is to allow a scalable transfer of knowledge and information regarding this massive project.

Supported Clients

Titanium Edition Secrets of Faydwer Seeds of Destruction Underfoot Rain of Fear (Most used)
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EverQuest Emulator Server

EverQuest Emulator Server is a custom, completely from-scratch reverse-engineered open source server implementation for EverQuest built mostly on C / C++


  • Storage Engine MySQL / MariaDB is used as the database engine (over 200+ tables)

  • Scripting Engine(s) Perl and LUA are both supported scripting languages for NPC/Player/Quest oriented events

  • Game Content Open source database (Project EQ) has content up to expansion OoW (included in server installs)

  • Game server environments and databases can be heavily customized to create all new experiences

  • Hundreds of Quests and events created and maintained by Project EQ

Server Installation

Page Platform Description Install Count
Server Installation (Windows) Windows A guide for installing EQEmu Server on Windows
Server Installation (Linux) Linux (Debian / Ubuntu) Preferred (Redhat / CentOS / Fedora supported) A guide for installing EQEmu Server on Linux
AkkStack (Docker) (Advanced) Docker (Compose) Containerized EverQuest Emulator Server Environment -


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Bug Reports

  • Please use the issue tracker provided by GitHub to send us bug reports or feature requests.
  • Discord is also a place to get more immediate help from community members on troubleshooting
Page Link
EQEmulator Website
EQEmu Server GitHub Repository
Quest Scripts
Installer Resources
ProjectEQ (PEQ) Database

Additional / Alternative Quest Script Repositories

Description Link
Project 2002 - Classic through POP quests in Lua p2002 Quests