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    raid_details {
        int raidid
    raid_leaders {
        intunsigned rid
    raid_members {
        int charid
        varchar name
        int raidid
    raid_details ||--o{ raid_leaders : "Has-Many"
    raid_details ||--o{ raid_members : "Has-Many"

Relationship Type Local Key Relates to Table Foreign Key
Has-Many raidid raid_leaders rid
Has-Many raidid raid_members raidid


Column Data Type Description
raidid int Unique Raid Identifier
loottype int Loot Type
locked tinyint Locked: 0 = False, 1 = True
motd varchar Message of the Day
marked_npc_1 smallint Marked NPC 1
marked_npc_2 smallint Marked NPC 2
marked_npc_1_instance_id int
marked_npc_2_entity_id int
marked_npc_2_zone_id int
marked_npc_2_instance_id int
marked_npc_3_entity_id int
marked_npc_3_zone_id int
marked_npc_3_instance_id int