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DiaWind (Dialogue Window)

Dialogue Window used to be a plugin that is now source-native that provides a simple way to deliver a dialogue experience to players through a popup window instead of through the chat window.


  • Simple custom markdown with features to change window behavior
  • Simple html color code support
  • NPC animation support
  • Window timer support
  • Saylink / Bracket support response through buttons
  • If there are quest saylinks in the quest::say code, the dialogue window render will strip them out so they display normally in the window.
  • If there are multiple saylink responses, they are rendered in the chat window per normal window implementation. Single responses are at the click of a button
  • If there is no animation code set in the dialogue window the NPC will animate socially with a handful of different "greet" animations. This can also be shut off behind rule mentioned above


You can enable this feature globally and have it intercept all normal quest dialogue through middleware functionality by enabling rules

RULE_BOOL(Chat, QuestDialogueUsesDialogueWindow, false, "Pipes all quest dialogue to dialogue window")

QuestDialogueUsesDialogueWindow will need to be set to true


Below is when QuestDialogueUsesDialogueWindow is turned on, normal quest::say dialogue gets piped to a window.


Multiple Buttons


        {title: This is my amazing window title!}
        {button_one: This is one!}
        {button_two: This is two!}


Quest API Methods

$client->DiaWind("markdown"); // alias
e.other:DiaWind("markdown"); // alias


  • {lb} = Light Blue Color
  • {y} = Yellow Color
  • {gold} = Gold Color
  • {g} = Green Color
  • {r} = Red Color
  • {gray} = Gray Color
  • ~ = End Color Tag ()
  • [> = Response Text (Not Visible) - This is what the player responds with, for example: [What else do we need to do?>
  • [] = Response Text (Visible) - If a NPC has multiple brackets, it will give the player multiple saylinks to click, if there is just one [bracket] inline with the text, the player will respond by clicking 'Yes' on the window
  • +66+ = Animation number - As long as there is a number between two plus signs together, the NPC will perform that animation
  • +salute+ = Animation phrase - This references
  • {bullet} - Equivalent to a bullet such as the one in this list
  • {in} - Will indent the text
  • {linebreak} - Will create a linebreak
  • mysterious - If the text 'mysterious' is anywhere in the text, it will not show up in the player window, but it will format the window as 'Mysterious Voice tells you'
  • wintype:0/1 - If this is 1 the window will be Yes/No
  • popupid:ID - If this option is present, it will give the popup window an ID response on "Yes" or button one
  • secondresponseid:id - If this option is present, it will give the popup window an ID response on "No" or button two
  • noquotes - This tells the window to not use any quotes for special formatting at times
  • nosound - No sound affect will play with the window
  • =Timer= - If a number is specified between the two ==, it will countdown a timer on the popup window