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    account_ip {
        int accid
        varchar ip
    banned_ips {
        varchar ip_address
    gm_ips {
        int account_id
        varchar ip_address
    ip_exemptions {
        varchar exemption_ip
    account_ip ||--o{ banned_ips : "One-to-One"
    account_ip ||--o{ gm_ips : "One-to-One"
    account_ip ||--o{ ip_exemptions : "One-to-One"

Relationship Type Local Key Relates to Table Foreign Key
One-to-One ip banned_ips ip_address
One-to-One ip gm_ips ip_address
One-to-One ip ip_exemptions exemption_ip


Column Data Type Description
accid int Account Identifier
ip varchar IP Address
count int Number of times logged in from this IP
lastused timestamp Timestamp of when account was last logged in