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Updating Akk Stack

Most of the time, unless instructed otherwise, updating the akk-stack is as simple as running the following command from the root of the akk-stack directory

make down
git pull
docker-compose pull
docker-compose build
make up

This does not touch the database, the server directory, or any of the configuration files. It's a safe way to update the stack without losing any data.

Keep in mind of new environment variables that may be added to the .env file via .env.example

Updating Spire

From within the eqemu-server container at the root of the home directory, you can run the following command to update the Spire server binaries. Do note that Spire can also be updated from within the Spire admin panel.

make update-admin-panel

It will kill the currently running panel, cycle it out, start it up. This is not service affecting for running servers with a launcher running.

Updating Server Binaries

Updating server binaries is as simple as running update in the eqemu-server shell, it will change directory to the source directory, git pull and run a build which will be immediately available the next time you boot a process

You can update using server release binaries by running


You can update by compiling the source yourself by running


You can also update binaries within the Spire Admin panel.