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Expansion List

ID Token Name
0 EverQuest Default: No Expansions Enabled
1 RoK The Ruins of Kunark
2 SoV The Scars of Velious
3 SoL The Shadows of Luclin
4 PoP The Planes of Power
5 LoY The Legacy of Ykesha
6 LDoN Lost Dungeons of Norrath
7 GoD Gates of Discord
8 OoW Omens of War
9 DoN Dragons of Norrath
10 DoD Depths of Darkhollow
11 PoR Prophecy of Ro
12 TSS The Serpent's Spine
13 TBS The Buried Sea
14 SoF Secrets of Faydwer
15 SoD Seeds of Destruction
16 UF Underfoot
17 HoT House of Thule
18 VoA Veil of Alaris
19 RoF Rain of Fear
20 CotF Call of the Forsaken
21 TDS The Darkened Sea
22 TBM The Broken Mirror
23 EoK Empires of Kunark
24 RoS Ring of Scale
25 TBL The Burning Lands
26 ToV Torment of Velious