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The Alternative Advancement system was introduced during the Luclin expansion of EverQuest. AAs were gained by contributing some portion of gained experience to the AA experience pool, diverting experience from the standard leveling experience pool.

Client Considerations

The behavior of most AAs is determined by spell effects. It is important that server operators who have customized AAs distribute an updated spells file to ensure proper behavior.


If you would like additional information regarding Spells, please refer to the Spells Guide. Having a thorough understanding of the spells system prior to editing AAs is recommended.

Additionally, the appearance of AAs or customized AAs in-game can be modified through the server operator's choice of AA Categories. These categories determine the tab on which the AA will appear in game.

Server Considerations

A number of database tables are used to create the AA system. You can, of course, customize AAs for your world.


Customizing AAs is typically achieved through direct edits / queries to your database, as their behaviors can vary from using spell effects, to rank effects, and so on.


Directly editing your database can have unintended consequences. Be sure to create a backup.

Understanding the interaction of the database tables will surely help, should you choose to customize:

Table Description
aa_ability the name of each AA, class/race/deity restrictions, enable/disable, AA type setting
aa_rank_effects modifies spell effects and base values for each AA as ranks increase
aa_rank_prereqs determines any prerequisites required before an AA purchase is allowed
aa_ranks settings for each AA cost and progression through its ranks