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  • Congdar Bots: Added rule EQOffline:BotManaRegen default 1.0 is fastest. 3.0 is closer to player regen rates
  • Congdar Bots: Added rule EQOffline:BotFinishBuffing default true. Allows out of combat buffing to complete even if the bot is out of mana.
  • Congdar Bots: Fixed bug where bot ownership could change to somebody else.
  • Congdar Bots: Added caster AA's for critical damage


  • Trevius Changed QueryLoot so that commands that use it (#npcstats & #npcloot show) will now show Item Links instead of just Item Names.
  • Trevius Added Item Links to #peekinv
  • Trevius Added new console command "LSReconnect" to allow manually restarting the auto Login Server connect loops if they stopped for any reason
  • Trevius Added a Reconnect option in the Web Tool to allow auto Login Server connect to restart if it has stopped and is not connected already.
  • Derision New program, mailserver, to implement in-game mail. See:,
or mailserver/readme.txt

Required SQL:

CREATE TABLE mail ( msgid int(10) unsigned NOT NULL auto_increment, charid int(10) unsigned NOT NULL, timestamp int(11) NOT NULL default '0', from varchar(100) NOT NULL, subject varchar(200) NOT NULL, body text NOT NULL, to text NOT NULL, status tinyint(4) NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (msgid), KEY charid (charid) ) ENGINE=MyISAM DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8;

ALTER TABLE character_ ADD mailkey CHAR( 16 ) NOT NULL ;


  • Trevius(Denivia) Pets that are on Hold will now follow their master
  • Trevius(Denivia) Pets will no longer try to attack corpses


  • KLS Removed old unused Guildwars, RaidAddicts and GroupLinking code.


  • KLS Updated how spawn timers work, spawn timers will now be based off absolute time like regular timers which will allow them to tic down even when the server is offline.
  • KLS Quest::clearspawntimers() has been disabled for now, will be reactivated in next update on spawn timers.
  • KLS Likewise #repop force has been temp. disabled as well pending updated code.


  • KLS Enabled Quest::clearspawntimers() and #repop force once again.
  • KLS Added quest::updatespawntimer(id, duration) to update the respawn time of a dead mob, this only applies if the mob is dead and will only apply once: ie. once the mob repops and dies again it will use it's normal respawn time unless this is called again. Not completely tested.
  • KLS creategroundobject constructor should create objects with max charges now. Untested.

Required SQL: DROP TABLE IF EXISTS respawn_times; CREATE TABLE respawn_times ( id int(11) NOT NULL default '0', start int(11) NOT NULL default '0', duration int(11) NOT NULL default '0', PRIMARY KEY (id) ) ENGINE=InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1;

ALTER TABLE spawn2 DROP timeleft;


  • KLS Added 2nd pass to heal aggro to correctly divide aggro between those recieved not just give all recieved full aggro.


  • Derision Fixed a couple of causes of combat related zone crashes.


  • Derision Name of the seller now reported correctly in the /buyer window.


  • AndMetal Added Client::MakeItemLink function, which allows for augments in Item Links. Can be used for Chat & Task windows. See zone/inventory.cpp for detailed notes on usage in the source.
  • AndMetal Updated quest::itemlink & loot drops to use MakeItemLink.
  • AndMetal (trevius) Fixed a small typo in utils/


  • Trevius Changed #itemsearch output to now place itemlinks for all items it outputs from the search
  • Trevius Increased the max results of #itemsearch from 20 up to 50
  • Trevius Added alias #fi as an abbreviation of #finditem, to shorten the command
  • Trevius Changed the default required status for accounts to access item search commands to min status of 10 (previously 0)


  • Trevius Moved mounts (Horses/Drogmors) into their own table instead of them being hard coded in the source.

Required SQL: utils/sql/svn/235_horses_table.sql


  • cavedude00 Traps will no longer be trackable.


  • AndMetal Spells can now be loaded from the database, and is now enabled by default. Use utils/ to import, utils/ to export. Use -h on either for usage.
  • Trevius Food and Drink will now actually give stats.

Required SQL: utils/sql/svn/229_spells_table.sql


Trevius/ *AndMetal Corrected the output of #showstats to provide accurate Attack Rating calculations.

  • Derision Initialise animation to zero in the Mob constructor to prevent players sometimes appearing to run off when they first spawn.
  • Derision /buyer /barter fix.
  • Trevius Added Account Limiting to allow limiting how many characters can be logged in per account at once * See Optional SQL.


  • Derision Implemented /buyer (cash compensation only) and /barter. Update your patch_Titanium.conf from the utils directory.


DROP TABLE IF EXISTS buyer; CREATE TABLE buyer ( charid int(11) NOT NULL, buyslot int(11) NOT NULL, itemid int(11) NOT NULL, itemname varchar(65) NOT NULL, quantity int(11) NOT NULL, price int(11) NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (charid,buyslot) ) ENGINE=MyISAM DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8;



  • cavedude00 (aza77) Added quest::collectitems.
  • cavedude00 (Rocker8956) Zones with IDs higher than 255 can now be instanced.


  • seveianrex (Varkalas) WAR Sturdiness AA Fix
  • AndMetal zone-*.log files on Linux will allow read access to group members. You may need to erase any existing logs to see the change.
  • AndMetal Added some logging for spell crits (SPELLS__CRITS)


  • Derision Bazaar: Added support for changing prices without ending Trader mode.


  • Derision Added command 'undyeme' to restore all a player's armor slots to their natural undyed state.
  • Trevius (Denivia) Changed Expansive Mind AA so that it raises the Worn Mana Regen Cap (as it should) instead of just increasing mana regen.
  • Derision Bazaar bug fix relating to items with -1 max charges.

Optional SQL:

INSERT INTO commands (command, access, description) VALUES ('undyeme', 0, 'Remove dye from all of your armor slots');


  • seveianrex Implemented AA use of SE_Accuracy (Ranger GoD AA "Precision of the Pathfinder" will have an effect now)
  • seveianrex Implemented Enchanter GoD AA "Mesmerization Mastery"
  • seveianrex Adjusted Monk Kick Mastery damage modifiers slightly.
  • Derision Using Find Trader in the Bazaar will teleport you to the Trader.
  • Derision Added Rule Bazaar:EnableWarpToTrader, default true.
  • Derision Added Rule World:TutorialZoneID, default 189 (tutorialb).
  • Derision MinPrice/MaxPrice in the Bazaar search window are now interpreted correctly as values in Platinum.
  • Derision Bazaar bug fix.


  • seveianrex Adjusted Coat of Thistles AA modifier.
  • seveianrex Implemented Pet Crits for NEC/MAG/BST (Deaths Fury, Elemental Fury, Warders Fury GoD era AAs)
  • Derision Bazaar Trader mode (not Barter). Please test it well.
  • Derision Updated OP_ShopDelItem for Titanium.


DROP TABLE IF EXISTS trader; CREATE TABLE trader ( char_id int(10) unsigned NOT NULL default '0', item_id int(10) unsigned NOT NULL default '0', serialnumber int(10) unsigned NOT NULL default '0', charges int(11) NOT NULL default '0', item_cost int(10) unsigned NOT NULL default '0', slot_id tinyint(3) unsigned NOT NULL default '0', PRIMARY KEY (char_id,slot_id) ) ENGINE=MyISAM DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8;

DROP TABLE IF EXISTS trader_audit; CREATE TABLE trader_audit ( time datetime NOT NULL, seller varchar(64) NOT NULL, buyer varchar(64) NOT NULL, itemname varchar(64) NOT NULL, quantity int(11) NOT NULL, totalcost int(11) NOT NULL ) ENGINE=MyISAM DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8;

UPDATE doors set opentype=155 where opentype=154 and zone='bazaar';


  • Congdar Bots: add command #bot lore * Casts Identify on the item on your mouse pointer
  • seveianrex Tweaked the Slay Undead damage to once again. Damage should be in-line with live numbers now.
  • Angelox (Kobaz): Fix for 'PIC register bx clobbered in asm' error
  • Angelox Improved filtering on [bot track rare] option for Ranger
  • Angelox Added option [bot track near] for Ranger


  • Congdar Bots: fix ghosting when runnning up to targets


Trevius/ *Derision Fix for GM Training Point exploit when de-leveling and leveling up again


  • Derision Implemented Looking For Group/Looking For Players Window. patch_Titanium_conf has been updated.
  • Derision Visual Studio users should add world/lfplist.h and world/lfplist.cpp to their project.




  • Congdar Bots: add command #bot resurrectme
  • Congdar Bots: modify heal ai, more mana calcs
  • Congdar Added Rule to allow melee to bind anywhere casters can bind, default is false

optional sql:

insert into rule_values values (1, 'Character:BindAnywhere', true);

  • seveianrex Figured out what was crashing ranged procs. Is fixed and fully implemented now. Rangers rejoice..
  • seveianrex Modified the way #melody works to improve the delay between songs being casted. Bards rejoice..


  • seveianrex GoD Rogue AA's: Seized Opportunity, Triple Backstab implemented
  • seveianrex (LeftRoad) Provide a damage message to client when mob is killed by a spell
  • Congdar Bots: reduce spam, fix crash when fighting Dain, change mana/hp from npc to client like calcs
  • Congdar make heading calculation more efficient, change sint8 to float for float calculations and heading variable
  • seveianrex Added #melody as a supplement for /melody until the OPcode can be located. Don't forget to:

INSERT INTO commands (command, access, description) VALUES ('melody', 0, 'A supplement for /melody until the OP code is found.')

  • seveianrex Added support for defensive and ranged spell-effect based procs. Having some zone-crash issues with the ranged proc code for some reason, so it's commented out until I can fix it.


  • Derision Dyed armor color should now show up correctly to other players.
  • Derision Implemented the Potion Belt.


  • seveianrex Added some scaling to the way NPC hitboxes are calculated. This corrects some of the issues with mobs like Wurms/Dragons who you could hit from miles away.
  • seveianrex NPCs who are 5% HP or lower, are fleeing, and have a decent snare on will no longer cover so much distance.
  • seveianrex Implemented Mob::GetSnaredAmount() function, utilized in the above. Returns the ABS() value of the snare.


  • seveianrex GoD AA Implementations: [CLR] Touch of the Divine, [BRD] Internal Metronome, [SHD] Improved Consumption of the Soul
  • Derision Allow backtick through the CleanName filter.
  • Derision Pickpocket should no longer occasionally bug the UI.
  • Derision Pickpocketing money should no longer show twice the amount taken in the client.
  • Derision Looting stackable PVPItem now works.
  • Derision Client now updates correctly when a charge on an item with a right click effect is used. Update your patch_Titanium.conf


  • seveianrex Monk updates: Strikethrough AA, Mend Worsen Frequency Tweak, Kick Mastery AA Fix
  • seveianrex Implemented Pet Flurries for MAG/BST/NEC
  • Derision Extended quest::popup to take optional PopupID and buttontype (OK or YES/NO) fields.


  • KLS Spell crits should work reasonably well once again.
  • Derision Fixed inability to jump introduced in Rev161.


  • Derision Mobs in water should no longer sink to the bottom.
  • cavedude00 Added rule to enable DeathExpLossMultiplier, or to use server code default.

Optional SQL: Insert into rule_values values (0, 'Character:UseDeathExpLossMult', 'true');


  • seveianrex Added server-side code for WAR sturdiness AA
  • Angelox (Cbodmer) Experience loss based on cbodmers formula with added rule to regulate loss amount
  • Trevius (Denivia) Added Critical Spell Damage for Lifetaps with the proper AAs

Optional SQL (options are 0-10, defaults to 3): Insert into rule_values values (0, 'Character:DeathExpLossMultiplier', 3);


  • Derision Implemented Bandolier. Test thoroughly before trusting it with your Epic.
  • Derision Minor change to enable the spell Tiny Companion to work.


  • seveianrex Implemented various GoD AAs: Coat of Thistles, Rapid Strikes, Elemental Durability, Subtlety2, Strengthened Strike, Vicious Smash
  • seveianrex Implemented GoD Monk AA "Kick Mastery"
  • Trevius Adjusted the new Frenzy AAs code to fix a crash
  • Trevius Removed the Shield Block for Paladin/SK AA until code is revised and working
  • Trevius (Denivia) Added Advanced Theft of Life and Soul Thief for Necros and SKs
  • Trevius (Denivia) Added Death Peace AA
  • Trevius (Denivia) Added Blur of Axes and Vicious Strike AAs for Berserkers
  • Trevius (Denivia) Added Shield Block AA for Paladin/SK
  • Derision 'Killing' LDoN chest type objects(e.g. Vermin Nests) will now update kill activities.
  • KLS Revert Lag fixes that were causing movement and facing abnormalities.
  • KLS Fix to a few problems with quest::creategroundobject that was causing it to not work in some situations.


  • Congdar Clone NoDrop removal code to NoRent, Lore, NoTrade. Optionally enabled in the db Variables table DisasbleNoDrop=1 DisableNoRent=true DisableLore=1 DisableNoTrade=1
  • Congdar Bot code cleanup, method call reduction
  • Congdar Bot DoubleAttack method is more like clients
  • Congdar Remove AFK leveling with bots
  • Angelox Added command '#Bot evac' for Druid bots
  • Angelox Added command '#Bot target calm' for Enchanter or Cleric bots
  • Trevius Removed the * 10 multiplier from the SE_ProcChance since it isn't needed
  • KLS Zone appearance should update for players zoning.
  • KLS Added command #modifynpcstat
  • KLS Added quest::modifynpcstat(identifier, value)
  • KLS Fix potential crash in MobProcess
  • KLS Added decay option to CreateGroundObject
  • KLS Added spelltype mez(2048) and spelltype in combat buff(1024).
  • KLS Setting level for npcs will now update their spawn level too.
  • KLS Fix potential memory leak in item link code.
  • KLS Changed resists a bit.
  • KLS Added rule: Spells:ResistPerLevelDiff(85) 8.5 resist points per level diff
  • KLS Added rule: Combat:BaseHitChance(54.0)
  • KLS Added rule: Combat:HitPerLevelDiff(145) 45% per level diff
  • KLS Added rule: Combat:AgiHitFactor(0.015)
  • Derision Added 'Repeatable' column to to tasks table. Default 1 (true).

Required SQL:



  • AndMetal Fix for item links to prevent occasional zone crashes
  • AndMetal Critical DOTs should now work correctly
  • AndMetal Fixed sql/svn/125_aggrozone.sql to work with current command table schema
  • AndMetal (Theeper) Shared Bank platinum. Added rule Character:SharedBankPlat(false) to enable since it is possible to dupe plat with multiple characters logged in on the same account at the same time
  • AndMetal Fixed a few random compile warnings
  • Angelox Bot Tracking improves as levels increase.
  • Angelox Druid Bot is now next best tracker
  • AndMetal Support for +Stat Cap (Wunshi's Focusing, etc)
  • AndMetal New rules for tweaking spell crits: Spells:BaseCritChance(0), Spells:BaseCritRatio(0), Spells:WizCritLevel(12), Spells:WizCritChance(7), Spells:WizCritRatio(15)
  • AndMetal Loot messages will now have item links instead of just the item name


  • KLS Some changes to make compiling with profiler enabled more error free.
  • KLS Added player quest event EVENT_TASK_STAGE_COMPLETE exports $task_id and $activity_id.
  • KLS Added player quest event EVENT_PICK_UP exports $picked_up_id for when a player picks up a ground spawn or dropped item.
  • KLS Added quest::CreateGroundObject(itemid, x, y, z, heading) which lets the quest script create ground objects in the zone like if they had been dropped.
  • KLS Objects should decay after they're loaded back into the world. Might want to backup your objects table till I can confirm this works 100%.
  • KLS Lowered ground object decay time from 30 min to 5 min.


  • AndMetal (erde) Moved SVN SQL updates to utils/sql/svn. File name will start with the revision they were introduced & optional updates have optional somewhere at the beginning of the name
  • Derision/Trevius Implemented sub EVENT_AGGRO_SAY
  • AndMetal Implemented Reverse Damage Shield
  • AndMetal Fixed +Damage Shield on items so that it doesn't work without having a Damage Shield spell first
  • AndMetal (seveianrex) Hate w[h]iped on CoH
  • AndMetal (via Yeahlight) New command: #aggrozone. Requires 100 status by default


  • Angelox Added a start to Bot tracking * Thanks Derision for all the help and know-how.
  • Derision Altered damage shield message processing to be more like (the same?) as live.
  • Derision If it exists, damage shield types are read from a new table (damageshieldtypes)
  • Derision If no entry exists in the table, a default based on resist type is used.

Optional SQL: See utils/sql/damageshieldtypes.sql


  • KLS Reworked classic style traps.
  • KLS Debuff style traps should function perfectly, the level field in the DB gives what level the caster is for resists in this case.
  • KLS Added respawn and respawn variance to traps.
  • KLS Increased range on sense traps.
  • KLS Sense trap will now point the player in the direction of the trap they are sensing.
  • KLS Disarm trap will no longer use sense trap's timer.
  • KLS Disarm trap will no longer fail to disarm traps on success.
  • KLS Increased range on disarm trap slightly.
  • KLS Change to MakeRandomInt() and MakeRandomFloat()
  • KLS Int generation be nearly 100% or more faster in most cases and float generation should be slightly faster in most cases
  • cavedude00 (seveianrex) Slay Undead Fix
  • cavedude00 (seveianrex) Levitate effect will no longer be removed in cases where you have two stacked lev spells and the first wears off.
  • cavedude00 (seveianrex) Hate list will now be cleared following CoH
  • cavedude00 (seveianrex) Group members will now see tradeskill emotes.

Required SQL: ALTER TABLE traps DROP spawnchance; ALTER TABLE traps ADD respawn_time INT(11) UNSIGNED DEFAULT '60' NOT NULL AFTER skill; ALTER TABLE traps ADD level MEDIUMINT(4) UNSIGNED DEFAULT '1' NOT NULL AFTER skill; ALTER TABLE traps ADD respawn_var INT(11) UNSIGNED DEFAULT '0' NOT NULL AFTER respawn_time;


  • KLS Tweaks to /pet attack
  • KLS Renamed WhipeHateList to WipeHateList so I never have to view that spelling monster ever again.
  • cavedude00 (Rocker8956) Added shutdowndelay to zone query.


  • Derision Cosmetic change to foraging to correctly identify food/drink items.
  • cavedude00 Added rules to determine if /ooc and /auction should be server wide (true) or zone wide (false * Live Like).
  • cavedude00 #peqzone can no longer be used if invulnerable.
  • KLS More changes to proc code. Added an option of calc. proc rate based on speed of the weapon
  • KLS Added Rules: Combat:AdjustProcPerMinute(true), Combat:AvgProcsPerMinute(18.0), Combat:ProcPerMinDexContrib(0.075), Combat:BaseProcChance(0.035), Combat:ProcDexDivideBy(11000)
  • KLS Tweak to monster AI to hopefully save computation.

Optional SQL: insert into rule_values values (0, 'Chat:ServerWideOOC', 'true'); insert into rule_values values (0, 'Chat:ServerWideAuction', 'true');


  • Derision Added OP_LevelAppearance to utils/patch_Titanium.conf and it is now sent to nearby clients (eye candy when you level)
  • Derision (seveianrex) Alcohol Drinking / Skillup Fix
  • KLS Change to proc code to correct some oddities with % chance to proc.
  • KLS Changed how avoidance bonuses are calculated to be like other melee bonuses.
  • KLS (seveianrex) Basic Pet Focus Implementation.


  • Trevius Charm Spells set to max level of 0 now have unlimited max level as they should
  • Derision Player pets should no longer be fearable if npcspecialattks contains 'D'.
  • cavedude00 (Rocker8956) Changes to quest::getlevel and quest::setinstflag/setinstflagmanually to reduce DB access
  • cavedude00 (Rocker8956) Added quest::getinstflag
  • KLS Fixed crash in shutdown delay, please test things for crashes before adding them, this was pretty obvious.
  • Derision Removed requirement to be grouped for Translocate spells.


  • Derision Looting your corpse while liched/wolf form etc should now auto-equip items


  • Derision No more binding wounds while feigning death.
  • Derision (Rocker8956) Movegrp quest command fix.
  • Derision (LeftRoad) TEMPORARY(NORENT) items in a character inventory will be retained if you log back into that character within 30 minutes.
  • KLS Implemented Raid::TeleportGroup() and Raid::TeleportRaid(), untested but should work.
  • KLS (seveianrex) Critical DoT and Sinister Strikes AA.


  • Derision Resurrection fix.
  • KLS Rebalanced skill ups.


  • AndMetal Added functions to calculate AA bonuses just like item & spell bonuses (not turned on yet)
  • Condgar Fix for Bots wont Attack
  • Congdar Fix low level bots hitting too hard
  • Derision Prevent two instances of possible zone crashes due to null pointers.
  • Trevius (Striat) Added quest commands for zone and world emotes * quest::ze() & quest::we()
  • Derision Recalculate Pet bonuses on zoning before setting current HP/Mana.


  • Congdar Replace Client IsEngaged() checks in Bot Source with bot aggro check
  • Trevius (AndMetal) Added quest Object SetOOCRegen() to adjust NPC Out of Combat Regen on the fly.
  • Trevius Relocated the Empty Corpse check code so that the Decay Time rule for it will now work.
  • Trevius Removed the Level 70 cap on the #traindisc command.
  • Trevius Added optional rule to allow Max Level Attainable via experience to be set independant of other Max Level rule checks.
  • Derision Reworked code to stop mobs fleeing if they have buddies to account for recent hate_list changes.

Optional SQL: Insert into rule_values values (0, 'Character:MaxExpLevel', 0);


  • Congdar Fix orphaned bots when camping/zoning
  • Congdar Link bot assist with client auto attack
  • Derision Added #titlesuffix command to add a title after a player's name.


  • Congdar Allow bot pets to be the main tank in a bot raid
  • Congdar Remove old Sense Heading skill check
  • AndMetal Web interface will now list open petitions.
  • Derision #title should now prefix the target player's name, e.g. #title Lord_Protector (underscores are replaced with spaces, max 31 chars)


  • Angelox Fix Bot names in group window (now is 'Mybot' instead of 'Mybot000')
  • cavedude00 (erde) Fix for world and zone crashing when compiled on VS 2008 in release mode.
  • cavedude00 (Rocker8956) Zone shutdown timer rule.
  • cavedude00 Added cleanipc to makefile.

Required SQL: ALTER TABLE zone ADD column shutdowndelay bigint (16) unsigned NOT NULL default '5000'; INSERT INTO rule_values VALUES (1,'Zone:AutoShutdownDelay', 5000);


  • Congdar Double Attack redo, tested working
  • Congdar Fix Bot follow bug when a bot gets killed
  • Derision Added minlevel and maxlevel fields to tasks table and new quest function istaskappropriate(task).
  • Derision All tasks in a TaskSet with a taskid of 0 as one of it's entries are now available to a player, subject to level restrictions.
  • Derision (Spoon/Andmetal) Rez spells with effectdescnum != 82 or 39067 (6.2 spells_us) will give 100% Mana/HP restoration and no rez effects.
  • Derision Corrected message when interrupting a spell with Shift-S.
  • Derision Fix to display Frogloks correctly in /who all and /who all froglok (half of the change came from a post by Theeper on the forums).



  • Congdar Add EQOffline Bot Source
  • Derision Removed 'stepped' column from task table. See
  • Derision Added display of Task Description to #task show to aid in debugging a reported problem.
  • Derision Lowered default required status for #task command from 250 to 150 for debugging purposes.
  • KLS Removed some lingering printf from the raid stuff.
  • KLS Auto attack code changed to not use target, instead we save the first target and now always use that.
  • KLS Hate list will no longer work for non ai controlloed player characters.
  • KLS Fix to crash in monk special attack function.

Required SQL: ALTER TABLE tasks DROP stepped ;


  • KLS (Congdar) Update to Tech. of Master Wu AA.
  • KLS Revert of double attack change, people reporting non warriors were no longer double attacking properly.
  • KLS Compile Warning in Database::GetZoneName()
  • KLS Change to IsPlayerIllusionSpell() to make it more consistant, illusion spells can be more than 49 so we work off behavior and effect now.
  • KLS Added AA__Message logs to project illusion code to try to track down an error.


  • Derision (erde) VS2008 Compile Fix (#if (_MSC_VER < 1500) #define vsnprintf _vsnprintf #endif
  • Derision Fix to stop zone crashing when looting PVPItem and PVPReward is set to 3.
  • cavedude00 Group members will no longer recieve a split when a player corpse is looted.


  • Derision Task activities with an activitytype of <= 0 in the activities table will be sent with an activitytype of 9 to the client.
  • Derision The reward field in the task table will now be displayed even if rewardid=0
  • cavedude00 (Rocker8956) Added quest function to get average group/raid level.
  • cavedude00 (Rocker8956) Changes to setinstflagmanually to allow deletion of instance flags and to allow manual flagging of raids, groups, and individuals.


  • cavedude00 Added rule World:ClearTempMerchantlist to control whether world clears temp merchant items when started or not.
  • AndMetal (Congdar) New Double Attack logic
  • Angelox Keyring code fix, so clicky portals that require keys will work too.
  • AndMetal Added AAs: Discordant Defiance, Blacksmithing Mastery, Baking Mastery, Brewing Mastery, Fletching Mastery, Pottery Mastery, Tailoring Mastery, Packrat, Expansive Mind, Veteran's Wrath, Advanced Fury of Magic Mastery, Destructive Fury
  • AndMetal Ayonae's Tutelage should now calculate bonus for Singing

Optional SQL: insert into rule_values values (0,'World:ClearTempMerchantlist','true');


  • AndMetal Fixed exploit for pets ignoring Fear by using /pet commands
  • AndMetal #wp add will now use the highest value in the grid_entries table + 1 if you don't use a Waypoint # or use 0


  • cavedude00 (AndMetal) Deathblow AA
  • cavedude00 (AndMetal) Swift Journey AA
  • cavedude00 (AndMetal) Convalescence and Healthy Aura AAs
  • cavedude00 (AndMetal) Slippery Attacks AA
  • cavedude00 (trevius/Derision) Additional IP limiting rules
  • cavedude00 (Congdar) Further PC main and second hand attack fixes
  • cavedude00 (Derision) Fix for percent heals
  • cavedude00 (Theeper) Fix for quest:itemlink()
  • cavedude00 (Rocker8956) More work on zone instancing

Optional SQL: Insert into rule_values values (0, 'World:AddMaxClientsPerIP', -1 ); Insert into rule_values values (0, 'World:AddMaxClientsStatus', -1 );


  • cavedude00 (trevius) IP Limiting Minor Fix
  • cavedude00 (trevius) New Quest Command quest::clearspawntimers()
  • cavedude00 (trevius) New Quest Command quest::traindiscs()
  • cavedude00 (trevius) Enraged, Flurry and Rampage Spamming Fix
  • cavedude00 (seveianrex) Implemented Project Illusion AA
  • cavedude00 (seveianrex) Corrected AA ding message
  • cavedude00 (Congdar) PC main and second hand attack fixes
  • cavedude00 (Cantus) 2H weapon damage bonus
  • cavedude00 (Derision) /who all friend
  • cavedude00 (Derision) All merchants will now show player sold items correctly
  • cavedude00 (Derision) Enter tutorial and Return Home buttons during char creation/select
  • cavedude00 (Derision) Implemented Task system
  • cavedude00 (Derision) Implemented Translocate and Sacrifice Confirmation Boxes
  • cavedude00 (Derision) Client popup window
  • cavedude00 (James76) Implemented keyring
  • cavedude00 (AndMetal) Corrected Technique of Master Wu AA
  • cavedude00 (AndMetal) Corrected some proc spells not working after zoning
  • cavedude00 (Hugghiebear) Charm will now fade if invis is cast
  • cavedude00 (AiliaMorisato) New command #advnpcspawn and related functions
  • cavedude00 (Rocker8956) Preliminary zone instancing
  • cavedude00 (KLS) Implemented raid system
  • cavedude00 Fixed autosplit (Thanks WildcardX!)
  • cavedude00 New command #peqzone
  • cavedude00 Several minor forage/fishing fixes

Required SQL is in utils/sql/09252008.sql Make sure you update your .conf files, also found in utils!


  • KLS (derision) Crash Fix.
  • KLS (haecz) Non-Melee damage filter.
  • KLS (LordKahel) Lore Slotted Augment.
  • KLS (Spider 661 via trevius) Chaotic Potential AA
  • KLS (Derision) OP_Sound update for titanium.
  • KLS (ndnet via trevius) MQ Illegal Item Equip Detection
  • KLS Modified faction modifiers for buying/selling.
  • KLS (AndMetal) Spell blocking implementation
  • KLS (Derision) Resurrection confirmation
  • KLS (Cripp) Delete stale corpse backup typos
  • KLS (AndMetal) CHA stacking buff bug resolved.

Required SQL: CREATE TABLE blocked_spells ( id int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment, spellid mediumint(8) unsigned NOT NULL default '0', type tinyint(4) NOT NULL default '0', zoneid int(4) NOT NULL default '0', x float NOT NULL default '0', y float NOT NULL default '0', z float NOT NULL default '0', x_diff float NOT NULL default '0', y_diff float NOT NULL default '0', z_diff float NOT NULL default '0', message varchar(255) NOT NULL default 'You cannot cast that spell here', description varchar(255) default NULL, PRIMARY KEY (id) )


  • KLS Fix for groups clearing on new group create.
  • KLS Fix for null row access in Database::GetLeaderName()
  • KLS CountDispellableBuffs now will validate buffs spells.


  • KLS Very basic work on raids.
  • KLS Moved group id calls to their own database as to not be blocked by long character_ selects and such.

Required SQL (Your groups will break completely without this): CREATE TABLE group_id ( groupid int(4) NOT NULL, charid int(4) NOT NULL, name varchar(64) NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (groupid, charid) ) ENGINE = InnoDB;


  • KLS Added dispel field for npc spells as 512.
  • KLS NPCs should be smarter about when they choose to cast certain spells; namely dots, lifetaps and dispels.
  • KLS NPCs should continue to cast nuke spells for a longer period of time.
  • KLS NPCs will no longer have a 2-3 sec forced delay between spell casts; it is now whatever the recovery time of the spell is just like players, beware.
  • KLS (trevius) Change to npcAI recast delay cap 1000->10000 seconds.
  • KLS Increased amount of mana npcs gain from int and wis.
  • KLS New rule: NPC:CorpseUnlockTimer (150000) 2.5 min default on corpses being unlocked after loot instead of decay time / 2
  • KLS New rule: NPC:EmptyNPCCorpseDecayTimeMS (0) empty npc corpses will decay after this long + 1000MS on the ground.
  • KLS More changes to groups: text should now be correct in almost all situations.
  • KLS Groups should stay synced in almost all situations and leader disbanding should be smoother.
  • KLS Groups will clear their info on the aquisition of a reused id.
  • KLS .conf file from earlier /rewind change should be correct now make sure to update it if you want it to function.

Optional SQL: UPDATE npc_spells_entries SET type='512' WHERE spellid='48'; UPDATE npc_spells_entries SET type='512' WHERE spellid='49'; UPDATE npc_spells_entries SET type='512' WHERE spellid='1526'; UPDATE npc_spells_entries SET type='512' WHERE spellid='1697';


  • KLS Group leader info should transfer to a new zone when the leader transfers to that zone.
  • KLS Will now force a group update to players not in zone, text not correct.
  • KLS Added #refreshgroup command * will refresh group visually from DB
  • KLS Deleting stale corpses will now bury corpses instead of make them decay if shadowrest is enabled.
  • KLS Small change to temp merchant lists with regards to charges.
  • KLS Initial implementation of Technique of Master Wu
  • KLS Spell's fizzles will now base their mana cost on the correct amount.
  • KLS Tweak to spell casting expertise and mastery of the past
  • KLS Hopefully fix to AEUndead spells hitting more than undead

Required SQL (Your groups will probably break completely without this): CREATE TABLE group_leaders ( gid int(4) NOT NULL, leadername varchar(64) NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (gid) ) ENGINE = InnoDB;


  • KLS Minor tweaks to heal aggro.


  • KLS Bald char fix revert, will try something else.
  • KLS Wake The Dead initial implementation.
  • KLS Hopefully better bald character fix base on kraeger's findings.


  • KLS (Derision) Pet Buff Window Implemented.
  • KLS Charmed pets should now function with the pet window, as well as appear correctly in group.
  • KLS Added rule Character:SkillUpModifier (100) to govern how fasts skill ups happen on a server. 100% = normal chance, 200% = double normal chance.
  • KLS (Derision) Implemented quest journal npc say.
  • KLS (Derision) Fix for npc not always facing attacker.
  • KLS (Derision) Stop Pets Fleeing
  • KLS (CodeMephit) Hunger and thirst for new characters.
  • KLS Upped food/water eat/drink gains by a lot.
  • KLS (greggg230) Aggro LOS fix.
  • KLS Fix for bald characters hopefully.
  • KLS (kraeger) RNG name fix.
  • KLS Big bug fixes with healing aggro.
  • KLS Charm spells will stop making a cha check after a certain resist adj threshold
  • KLS Adjusted melee hit chances to be more forgiving.
  • KLS Changed how +hit mods are applied
  • KLS Roughly implemented Skill Attack spell effect.

Required: patch_6.2.conf and patch_Titanium.conf files have changed be sure to update them.


  • KLS (irv0) Fix for out of order ack not being sent in some situations.
  • KLS (Derision) Pet bar OOC update fix.
  • KLS Should have made client pets unable to give experience, untested but should work.
  • KLS Healing aggro should function better for people not on the hate list.
  • KLS Some work on public tradeskill objects saving their content between uses.


  • KLS Changed world/clientlist.cpp's line endings back to unix style line endings
  • KLS Fixed up ipban based on updated code from TheLieka.


  • KLS Belated updates to azone including (derision)EQG fixes and some changes to make it easier to compile under windows.
  • KLS Fixed inconsistant line endings in ruletypes.h; there are probably more line ending changes I didn't catch, please try to keep your line endings consistant with what's in the repo.


Scorpious2k (Knightly): Correction of divine intervention text Scorpious2k (LordKahel): Support for defensive Instinct and Reflexive Mastery AA


Scorpious2k (Derision): Fix for flee runspeed * linear flee speed reduction as HP drops Scorpious2k (Derision): Rule to prevent mobs from fleeing if they are being helped by other NPCs Scorpious2k (haecz): Distance check for corpse dragging Scorpious2k (haecz): Distance check for taunt Scorpious2k (greggg230): Merchant price faction/charisma fix Scorpious2k (greggg230): Faction will now show on /con for agnostic players Scorpious2k (BatCountry): Correction of a zone crash caused by reloading rules Scorpious2k (Congdar): Eliminated array index error/zone crash in spells


Scorpious2k (TheLieka): Ban by IP Scorpious2k (cavedude/TheLieka): Ability to limit melee guys from being bound in certain zones. This changes the canbind column of the zone table. Value 0 means noone can bind, value 1 means only casters can bind, value 2 means anyone can bind in the zone (ie cities).

Required SQL: CREATE TABLE Banned_IPs ( ip_address VARCHAR(32) NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (ip_address) ) ENGINE = InnoDB;

Optional SQL: Insert into rule_values values (0, 'World:UseBannedIPsTable', 0); Update zone set canbind = 2 where zoneidnumber in (1,2,3,8,9,10,19,23,24,29,40,41,42,45,49,52,54,55,60,61,62,67,75,82,83,106,155);


Scorpious2k(Trevius): Door names can now go beyond the 16 char limit to allow doors and other objects from later expansions to be used. The new max is 32 characters. Scorpious2k(Derision): New fear adjustment to cause mobs to flee at the correct rates instead of running very fast at certain percentages of health. Scorpious2k(TheLieka): Limit the number of connections for an IP address There are 2 new rule values. World:MaxClientsPerIP = Maximum number of simultaneous EQ Client connections allowed per IP address. Set the rule value to -1 to disable this feature. World:ExemptMaxClientsStatus = Minimum Account status to exempt the MaxClientsPerIP rule. This is helpful for the inevitable random family of 16 that live together, and all want to play on your server, as well as GMs, Devs, and QA staff. Again, set the rule value to -1 to disable this feature. Scorpious2k(TheLieka): Added /rewind command Scorpious2k(Striat): Quest Commands for Temp Race, Texture, Size and Gender Changes

Required sql: ALTER TABLE doors MODIFY COLUMN name VARCHAR(32) CHARACTER SET latin1 COLLATE latin1_swedish_ci NOT NULL;


  • Scorpious2k (Derision/Wiz) Added code to implement fear.
  • KLS (Leika) Implemented detection of various MQ activities.
  • KLS EVENT_CAST_ON should now export $spell_id properly.
  • KLS Further expanded on fear implementation including addition of rules to govern it's behavior.
  • KLS Fear on clients still uses stun but the stun should match up with the buff duration in a more accurate manner.

Hackers SQL table: DROP TABLE IF EXISTS hackers; CREATE TABLE hackers ( id int(4) NOT NULL auto_increment, account text NOT NULL, name text NOT NULL, hacked text NOT NULL, zone text, date timestamp NOT NULL default CURRENT_TIMESTAMP on update CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, PRIMARY KEY (id) ) AUTO_INCREMENT=8;


  • KLS Should have fixed discipline and combat ability timer overlap.
  • KLS Added a rule for partial hits on fear, seperate from normal resist partial hits.
  • KLS Fixed some quirks in the aggro system.
  • KLS (Bulle)Added quest event EVENT_KILLED_MERIT will trigger if you got credit for doing the most damage to a lootable npc.
  • KLS (Bulle)Added quest event EVENT_CAST_ON will trigger if a player casts on a npc.
  • KLS Fixed crash in server-side check for removing detrimental effects.
  • KLS (Magoth78), (Angelox)Added zone checks for levitating and being outdoors.
  • KLS (haecz) Fix to dupe corpse money on a zone crash.
  • KLS Changed root to resist per tic instead of partial hit.

Required SQL: alter table zone add column canlevitate tinyint (4) DEFAULT '1' NOT NULL after cancombat alter table zone add column castoutdoor tinyint (4) DEFAULT '1' NOT NULL after canlevitate;


  • Rogean Server-side check for removing detrimental spells.


  • Rogean Fixed a hack to sell no-drop items to merchants. (Reported by KingMort)
  • Rogean Fixed #hideme, it won't show you zone in and then disappear anymore. (Reported by KingMort)
  • Rogean Fixed /summon.
  • Rogean Changes to /who all and GM's:
  • GM * Tags will no longer show up unless your #gm on

    You will not show up to players of lower status if your /anon and #gm on, if your #gm off and /anon you will show up as

    a normal player, regardless of statuses.


  • KLS (AiliaMorisato)Fixed death packet bindzoneid and attack_skill fields being switched.
  • KLS Added rule based caps for all PoP item abilities.
  • KLS Agility will now affect a defenders chance to be missed slightly.
  • KLS Added accuracy rating (10 AR. = 1% chance to hit) and (LordKahel)ATK to npcs.
  • KLS Changed how mitigation is calculated slightly.
  • KLS Enc animations will now respond to /pet get lost no matter what level of the animation empathy aa they have.
  • KLS Hopefully fixed soul abrasion and consumption of the soul aas... again.
  • KLS Added quest::forcedooropen(doorid), quest::forcedoorclose(doorid), and quest::isdooropen(doorid).
  • KLS Changed archery calculations to be more similar to normal weapon damage calculations.
  • KLS Taunt will now always add hate if the user is already on the top of the hate list.
  • KLS Fixed EVENT_ZONE player event.

Character:ItemDamageShieldCap (30) Character:ItemAccuracyCap (150) Character:ItemAvoidanceCap (100) Character:ItemCombatEffectsCap (100) Character:ItemShieldingCap (35) Character:ItemSpellShieldingCap (35) Character:ItemDoTShieldingCap (35) Character:ItemStunResistCap (35) Character:ItemStrikethroughCap (35)



  • Rogean Fixed a merchant purchase packet exploit.


  • WildcardX Tweaked the code for the Divine Intervention spell line code and the Unfailing Divinity AA ability.


  • WildcardX Implemented HeadShot AA Ability.
  • WildcardX Archery and throwing attacks will not cause you to suffer injury from your target's damage shield.
  • WildcardX Implemented Spell: Death Pact.
  • WildcardX Implemented Spell: Divine Intervention.
  • WildcardX Implemented Unfailing Divinity AA Ability.


  • WildcardX Enchanters can now control their pets if they purchased the Animation Empathy AA.
  • WildcardX Mobs now have a chance to resist fear spell line each tic.
  • WildcardX Mobs now have a chance to resist charm spell line each tic.
  • WildcardX Implemented Total Domination AA.
  • WildcardX Reworked new charisma test. This test now evaluates factors like MR, CHA, mob and caster levels. It yields better live-like results.
  • WildcardX Enchanter pets now get the /pet report and /pet health commands by default.


  • WildcardX Only characters with Pet Affinity AA can have group buffs casted on their pets.
  • WildcardX Fixed a bug that would not allow a rune buff to be used in some situations.


  • WildcardX Characters can now have only one caster specialization skill above 50. If more than one specialization skill is detected above 50, then all specialization skills are reset to 1.
  • WildcardX Reworked mana reduction calculations.
  • WildcardX Implemented spell casting specilization checks.


  • WildcardX Removed the possible fix for the Call of Hero spell as it didnt actually fix the issue after extensive testing.
  • WildcardX Added new command #scribespell. This will scribe a specified spell into the target's spell book.
  • WildcardX Added new command #unscribespell. This will unscribe a specified spell from the target's spell book.


  • KLS Zone crash fix caused by calling the TryWeaponProc() method when dead.
  • WildcardX Changed the quest function depopzone() to accept a parameter to specify if the spawn timers should resume or become disabled. 0 = Disable, 1 = Enable.
  • WildcardX Added the quest function repopzone(). This function will cause a zone to repop it's spawns normally.
  • WildcardX Possible fix for a zoning bug caused by the Call Of Hero spell.
  • WildcardX Harmony/Pacify line of spells will now cause aggro when resisted.
  • WildcardX Added a check against CHA to avoid aggro from a resisted Harmony/Pacify spell.


  • WildcardX Found a small efficiency for the code that determines if an item is equipable.
  • WildcardX Re-worked the rune spell buff code to make it more efficient and reduce CPU utilization.
  • WildcardX Added the quest function depopall(int npctype_id). This will remove all mobs from the zone with the specified npctype_id.
  • WildcardX Added the quest function depopzone(). This will remove all mobs from the zone and NOT cause a repop.


  • WildcardX Mesmerize line of spells will now cause aggro when casted on a mesmerize immune mob.
  • WildcardX Fixed enchanter spell Theft of Thought. This spell will now work as described.
  • WildcardX The pacify/harmony line of spells will no longer require a line of sight check to complete a cast.


  • WildcardX Regenerated perl_mob.cpp due to deprecating the following methods: GetFamiliar(), SetFamiliar(), GetRune(), SetRune(), GetMagicRune(), SetMagicRune().
  • WildcardX Enchanters, this is your patch! Characters will now benefit from all rune and spell rune spell effects all spell buffs will provide, consistent with spell rules.
  • WildcardX Rune and spell rune spell buffs will now persist zoning and camping.
  • WildcardX Fixed a zone crash caused by TryWeaponProc() method.


  • WildcardX Subtle changes to zoning code to allow both the 6.2 and Titanium client to perform all zoning operations similiar to live.
  • WildcardX Fixed #zone and #goto commands for both the 6.2 and Titanium client.


  • WildcardX Regenerated perl_client.cpp and perl_groups.cpp due to parameter changes for Group::TeleportGroup and Client::MovePC methods. Changes to some quest files may be necessary.
  • WildcardX void MovePC(int32 zoneID, float x, float y, float z, float heading)
  • WildcardX void TeleportGroup(Mob* sender, int32 zoneID, float x, float y, float z, float heading)
  • WildcardX Pets will now report their buff list along with their health.
  • WildcardX Fixed a bug that resulted in a zone crash if spell error logging is turned on.
  • WildcardX (cavedude) Corrected an item id and some small typos in fishing.
  • KLS Fixed a potential crash in Mob::CheckWillAggro()
  • KLS Tweaked melee accuracy.
  • KLS Ironed out some quirks between min hit and the AC code that was keeping it from mitigating some hits into misses.
  • KLS (Knightly)#time should no longer be off by an hour, $zonehour, $zonemin and $zonetime are now exported to perl
  • KLS Added player quests, player quests are quests designed to be attached to player processes such as zoning and clicking objects.
  • KLS Player quests are loaded as either 'quests/zonename/' or as a template in 'quests/template/'
  • KLS Player quests will export qglobals the client should be able to see and the following events are available for player quests:

EVENT_TIMER with var $timer

EVENT_CLICKDOOR with var $doorid

EVENT_LOOT with vars $looted_id and $looted_charges

EVENT_ZONE with var $target_zone_id

EVENT_ENTERZONE with no special var

EVENT_LEVEL_UP with no special var


  • WildcardX Removed a 64 character cap length on merchant names sent during a merchant greeting.
  • WildcardX Fixed a bug that allowed players looting their corpse at just the right time, to duplicate their items.
  • WildcardX Fixed a bug I caused in group portals when I corrected the Succor/Evac line.
  • WildcardX Druids and Wizards rejoice! Succor/Evac will now perform a real zone and clear your aggro!
  • WildcardX GM's can now summon players from one zone to another.
  • WildcardX Cleaned up some of the code that handles zoning.
  • WildcardX (cavedude) Reworked LeaveCorpses and LeaveNakedCorpses rules to allow for more options.
  • WildcardX (cavedude) Created Character:DeathItemLossLevel rule to define when a player will leave items on a corpse.

Required SQL: insert into rule_values values(0, 'Character:DeathItemLossLevel', 10);


  • KLS Clients will be immune to proximity aggro until they are finished loading now.
  • KLS Slightly reduced the melee accuracy of clients.
  • KLS Melee mitigation should now properly enforce minimum damage.
  • KLS Increased the level based damage bonus for high level characters in melee combat.
  • KLS Removed tic by tic healing aggro.
  • KLS Fixed several potential crashes in various parts of the code.
  • KLS (Knightly)Merchants will now use their clean names when conversing with players.
  • KLS Fixed some improper casting in the GMSummon code.
  • KLS Figured in a work around for corpses between the server and client becoming unsynced for /corpse
  • KLS AA Consumption of the soul should now function correctly.
  • KLS AA Soul Abrasion should now function correctly


  • KLS Slightly reduced the effectivness of the Flurry AA
  • KLS Speed of the Knight AA implemented
  • KLS Evade will now reduce hate by a static amount, the static amount of hate increased slightly.
  • KLS Healing aggro should now not aggro pets instead of their owners,
  • KLS Removed the clause that made it so healing aggro was only effective if the healer had 100 hate or more on the target, effectivly making healers below level 30 immune to healer aggro.
  • KLS HideReuseTime on the server reduced by 1 second, should reduce the number of times a player sees the 'Reuse time not met' error message.
  • KLS Pets should now default to taunt ON instead of taunt OFF
  • KLS Fixed a typo in ZoneDatabase::UpdateSpawn2TimeLeft()
  • KLS LDoN treasure should now really check only class and not body type.
  • KLS Added new rule NPC:BuffFriends, if false npcs will only heal and not buff their friends, defaults to false.
  • KLS Changed Mob::CheckHitChance() should be more consistant throughout the levels; puts more value into skill levels.
  • KLS Changed Mob:AvoidDamage() to use a single roll system, as well as applied dex to parry, block and riposte chance and agil to dodge.
  • KLS Brought the melee attack formula more in line with what it should be.
  • KLS Added a moderate melee damage bonus to monks, and a small one to all classes at 50, 55 and 60.
  • KLS Fixed an issue with strikethrough where it could go off even if you had no chance to strikethrough.
  • KLS NPCs will now load their skills from the max skills of their level via the skill caps database instead of being randomly generated.
  • KLS Increased the damage of backstab from str and dex and the general damage of several monk abilities.
  • KLS Mob::GetProcID() should now try to fix SK spells automatically.
  • KLS Aggro changes: Aggro has been changed to be based on a more live-like system, it is now based on potential damage instead of actual inflicted damage, hate is now unaffected by melee mitigation and resists.
  • KLS Implemented jolt like effects straight into the aggro system, such effects should be calculated into a spells aggro regardless of resistance now.
  • KLS Added an optional smart aggro list controlled by rule Aggro:SmartAggroList; true will enable it. This aggro list attempts to choose targets in a much smarter fashion, prefering players to pets, sitting and critically injured players to normal players, and players in melee range to players not.

Added several rules to adjust the aggro system with: Aggro:SmartAggroList ( true ) Aggro:SittingAggroMod ( 35 ) Aggro:MeleeRangeAggroMod ( 20 ) Aggro:CurrentTargetAggroMod ( 0 ) Aggro:CriticallyWoundedAggroMod ( 100 ) Aggro:SlowAggroMod ( 450 ) Aggro:IncapacitateAggroMod ( 500 ) Aggro:MovementImpairAggroMod ( 175 ) Changed Spells:SpellAggroModifier to Aggro:SpellAggroMod ( 100 ) Changed Spells:BardSpellAggroMod to Aggro:SongAggroMod ( 33 ) Changed Spells:PetSpellAggroMod to Aggro:PetSpellAggroMod ( 10 )


  • KLS Updated AA_Data.sql with various small fixes.
  • KLS Changed HasPet() to check for the existance of the pet as mob as well as the petid, should sync up with GetPet() nicely now.


  • KLS LDoN /open will only check for class now, client does not enforce bodytype so neither will the server.
  • KLS Numhits in disciplines should work correctly now
  • KLS Changed many instances where HasPet() was being checked to verify that we have a valid pet pointer from GetPet(), GetPet() will be used instead, (it is possible to have a valid pet ID and an invalid GetPet() pointer)
  • KLS Bind wound will no longer check for existance of skill, everyone gets this skill and it was breaking bind wound for people with 0 skill.
  • KLS Fixed an issue that was keeping berserkers and rangers from triple attacking.
  • KLS PickPocket should now correctly skill up on it's own through normal use.
  • KLS GetMinLevel(int16 spell_id) will now return 0 if the level for the class was 255 instead of 255, many buff formulas do not work well with 255 which can cause some issues when a class can use a clicky item with a spell they cannot scribe normally.
  • KLS GetProcID() should no longer have hard coded values.. whatever these represented are no longer valid in the current spell data.


  • WildcardX Replaced the corpse consent system with one that allows cross zone player consents.


  • FatherNitwit (Derision) Added tool (awater) to extract BSP tree with region type info from .s3d files into .wtr files.
  • FatherNitwit (Derision) Added support for zone to load .wtr files.
  • FatherNitwit (Derision) Employ water file to prevent under water mobs from sinking.
  • FatherNitwit (Derision) Employ water file to enforce fishing near water.

New Rules (see ruletypes.h for more info):

  • **Watermap**CheckWaypointsInWaterWhenLoading (Default: false)
  • **Watermap**CheckForWaterAtWaypoints (Default: false)
  • **Watermap**CheckForWaterWhenMoving (Default: false)
  • **Watermap**CheckForWaterOnSendTo (Default: false)
  • **Watermap**CheckForWaterWhenFishing (Default: false)
  • **Watermap**FishingRodLength (Default: 30)
  • **Watermap**FishingLineLength (Default: 40)


  • WildcardX (cavedude) Fixed beastlord pet sizes.


  • KLS Starting items will now be saved if they are placed in slots other than the primary 8, this includes inside bags and on the character's inventory and bank slots
  • KLS Kick at level 55 or higher now has a chance to act as a spell interrupt as bash does.
  • KLS (TheLieka) Stun Immunity for Frontal Stuns on Ogres
  • KLS (TheLieka) Added out of combat regen to NPCs based on rule NPC:OOCRegen
  • KLS NPCs with quests using the Perl Quest Parser should no longer stop if they do not have an EVENT_SAY sub
  • KLS /autofire cleaned up some, fixed many situations where it shouldn't fire and it now will auto. use throwing weapons as well as bows
  • KLS Ranged and Throwing attacks will break invis. correctly.
  • KLS Added the following rules:
  • Character:HealOnLevel (Default: false)
  • Character:FeignKillsPet (Default: false)
  • Character:ItemManaRegenCap (Default: 15)
  • Character:ItemHealthRegenCap (Default: 15)
  • Combat:UseIntervalAC (Default: false)
  • Combat:PetAttackMagicLevel (Default: 30)
  • NPC:SayPauseTimeInSec (Default: 5)
  • NPC:OOCRegen (Default: 0)


  • FatherNitwit Fixed more windows compile errors on .net 2003+...