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Getting Started with EQGZI

What is EQGZI?

As of 01/31/2023, EQGZI is a program that turns a 3D modeled project into an everquest EQG zone file. It uses the OBJ format as an intermediary export, and supports: Lights, Environment Emitters, Material/Shader definitions, Region, and Spawn placement data.



  • Download EQGZI-Manager and move it to a place you wish to keep your customized zones.
  • Double click eqgzi-manager.exe
  • Open eqgzi-manager, and click Download EQGZI & Manager
  • Ensure the Blender: path is set. If not, press Detect after installing Blender 3.0 or greater.
  • Click Create New Zone
    • Type in the shortname of any zone, e.g. clz
  • Click Create clz.eqg. See if the status says "Created clz.eqg" or not after
    • Click Open clz folder and see if an out folder is inside it. Open it, and see if clz.eqg was successfully made
  • Your environment is now set up!

Further reading and configuration