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Bot Spell Settings


What a Bot casts, can be further defined by the player by using a set of various Bot Commands.

Using ^spells

^spells min_level (Optional Value) - Will provide a list of all available Bot Spells that your Targeted Bot can cast. Per the example below, you can see a List of Available Spells, along with an option to "Add" the Spell to your Spell Settings.

Using ^spellsettings

^spellsettings - Will provide a list of all Bot Spells that you have added to your Bots Spell Settings List, using this command you can Toggle the Enabled/Disabled State of Spells, or remove a Spell from the Bots Spell Settings List.

Using ^enforcespellsettings

^enforcespellsettings [true or false] - By default Enforcing the Spell Settings List is false (disabled). Setting ^enforcespellsettings to true will force your Bot to only cast spells that you have added to it's Spell Settings List (viewed/managed with ^spellsettings) you can add new spells to your Spell Settings List with ^spells and clickking on "Add"

Using ^spellsettingsupdate

^spellsettingsupdate [Spell ID] [Priority] [Min HP] [Max HP] - Optionally with this command you can assign a different Priority to an individual Bot Spell (Lower Priority is more likely to be cast), additionally you set a Min/Max HP for when your Bot will cast a spell (Currently this only works for conversion spells like Canni) but will eventually be expanded to work for all spells.