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Client Spell ID Limitations

If you make ANY changes to the spells on your server, you will have to generate a new spells_us.txt file. It is important to note that your database probably has MANY spells inside, as EQEmu attempts to support all of the spells that are available.


If you're creating your own spells_us.txt file, please make sure that the maximum id of the spells in your spells_new database table is below the value listed below.

Client Max Spell ID
Titanium 9,999
Secrets of Faydwer 15,999
Seeds of Destruction 23,000
Underfoot 28,000
Rain of Fear 45,000
Rain of Fear 2 45,000
The Darkend Sea (not yet supported) 50,000

To generate your new spells_us.txt file:

1.) Go to your server directory (Linux example below):

cd /home/eqemu/server

2.) Create an export directory (you only need to do this the first time):

mkdir export

3.) Run the export_client_files binary:


You should then find a copy of the exported client files in your export directory:

All client files exported