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  • LethalEncounter Ive been busy the last few days updating all the opcodes and structs for the recent patch. Nearly everything works again please post any remaining unknown opcodes to the development forum.


  • Image Fixed #zsave and added #zunderworld so you can set the zcoord for underworld.


  • Image Took out an HP update in NPC::Damage() reduces HP updates big time and kills network traffic.
  • Image All HP Updates are done only to targets now, TODO: Queue group clients with HP updates (once they work again)


  • LethalEncounter Fixed a bug in tradeskills that was clearing the container before it was telling the client to.
  • LethalEncounter Fixed the opcode for mend.
  • LethalEncounter Fixed the guild trainer messages.
  • LethalEncounter Fixed char create so it creates the character with a new aa struct.
  • LethalEncounter Important fix for mob movement via waypoints and such. Mobs now move nearly exactly like live and it uses 20 times less bandwidth than before.


  • LethalEncounter Fixed Environmental Damage
  • LethalEncounter Added support for a new database variable called startzone.

To use this, add a record called startzone to the variables table and make the value the zone shortname you want players to start in. This will force all players to start in that zone.

  • LethalEncounter Fixed a bug that Shawn found where /zone wouldnt work correctly in zones with similiar names.


  • Shawn319 (Bud9weiser) Fixed start_zones bug. Players should now start in correct location as long as db is up to date.
  • LethalEncounter Item tint fix.
  • LethalEncounter Tradeskill items being deleted without correct recipe fix.
  • LethalEncounter Problem with the ' character inserting into the bug table fixed.


  • LethalEncounter Added Archery in for pvp.
  • LethalEncounter Fixed a throw bug.
  • LethalEncounter Fixed char select colors not matching your colors in game.


  • LethalEncounter Fixed the weapon delay bug. Special thanks to haecz for bring this to our attention.
  • LethalEncounter Fixed dup money bug. Special thanks to afrospy also for bring this to our attention.
  • LethalEncounter Fixed Bazaar Traders, they should work correctly.


  • LethalEncounter Fixes for item tints and dyes.
  • LethalEncounter Fixed NPC textures finally.


  • LethalEncounter Fixed Horses/Drogmors.


  • LethalEncounter Fixed a bug with pets causing lag.
  • LethalEncounter Fixed a crash bug/1017 bug related to login in, people on slow/lagged connections should be able to login fairly

consistently now.


  • LethalEncounter Trumpcard and I completely rewrote the linked lists to improve lag, they are about 4 times more efficient now.
  • LethalEncounter Fixed a small bug with zone points. BE SURE YOUR USING THE MOST UP-TO-DATE TABLE!!


  • LethalEncounter Fixed various loot bugs, including the duplicate lore item, blah blah blah bug..
  • LethalEncounter Fixed #zonestatus and /servers to be on multiple lines
  • LethalEncounter Fixed /who all guild tags to display the right guild
  • LethalEncounter Added the ability to send multi-lined emotes with the newline.
  • LethalEncounter Fixed the bug that gave the message: "Multiplier


  • Image Fixed last names for clients (When a new client zoned in, didn't send lastname).


  • LethalEncounter Added a default instance for pets that arent created via legit spells.
  • LethalEncounter Fixed the spell scribe issues.


  • LethalEncounter Added a new table called ground_spawns. This will allow you to spawn items randomly throughout the zone. Use this for only random locations, use the object table for static ones.
  • LethalEncounter Added Timers for ground spawns so they will respawn based on the time you set.


  • Image Fixed zoning and deaths so you no longer drop from the server.
  • Image Properly enabled LDoN on EQEmu.
  • Image Basic Adventure Merchant code implemented, throwing it to the STL guys to properly optimize.
  • LethalEncounter Fixed Tradeskill objects. If the objects show up as bags, thats a db issue


  • Trumpcard Several zone performance enhancements, as well as changes to decrease combat lag.
  • LethalEncounter Reworked pets, they should now work properly.


  • LethalEncounter Merchants wont trade with people while they are fighting now.
  • LethalEncounter Players can no longer attack while invulnerable.
  • LethalEncounter Fixed an AA bug that gave the player 199 aa points.


  • LethalEncounter Lotsa cool fixes like crash fixes and guild fixes and cool stuff like that


  • LethalEncounter Finally got /who all done and hopefully free of bugs.
  • LethalEncounter Fixed a crash bug with guilds and added some of the Guildmanagement features.


  • Trumpcard Several deallocate and mem leak errors corrected.
  • solar Fixed bug with mobs assisting entities they shouldn't. Often this

show itself with other mobs helping the player when the player

attacked one.

  • LethalEncounter Added in the GuildManagement tool. You will need 2 new columns in your character_ table for this.
  • LethalEncounter Fixed a couple crash bugs with guilds and spells.


  • solar Fixed a bug in commands where if you didn't define an accesslevel for a command

in the addon.ini it would default to accesslevel 0 instead of the hardcoded default.

  • solar Modified #help command to search for a partial command specified as argument.
  • solar HP wasn't being updated to client properly and would fall out of sync


  • LethalEncounter Fixed a bug in doors that would cause triggered doors to go into an endless loop and crash.


  • kathgar Fixed a crash when calling ZSList::FindByZoneID() when sending an invalid zone number.
   Stack was corrupt in the backtrace, so I am not sure what called it in this way.
  • LethalEncounter Fixed animation bug with attack.
  • LethalEncounter Fixed Tradeskills (again)
  • LethalEncounter Character Select will now show your equipment (Existing characters will need to swap the items)
  • LethalEncounter NPCs will now equip weapons and items from the db.
  • LethalEncounter You can now give weapons and items to NPCs to equip.


  • LethalEncounter Fixed skills, we had the struct one int32 off.
  • LethalEncounter Fixed GM Trainers, they should now work as intended.


  • Doodman Fixed zone crash in CheckCloseArrgo() during assist checking based on

flawed if logic.


  • LethalEncounter Fixed Stamina issues.


  • LethalEncounter Fixed Quests.
  • LethalEncounter A quest fix that makes them use far less memory, up to 25 MB per computer


  • LethalEncounter Fixed zoning, zone_points should now work correctly, but make sure you have the latest ones in zone_points!
  • LethalEncounter Fixed problem with spells not scribing.
  • LethalEncounter Fixed zoning bug where you zoned back into the same zone, but it looked like you were in the new zone.


  • Image Guildwars code and fixed a bug in MobAI for NPCs assisting clients, clients do not use

IsEngaged(), so it always returned false, now it uses AutoAttackEnabled() in its place for clients.

  • Image Reversed the AICheckCloseSpells if statements, now sanity checks before distance check, uses less CPU usage.


  • LethalEncounter Updated all of the opcodes that were changed in the patch today.
  • LethalEncounter Refined AA's some, added table to hold the timers for AA's so users can exploit them. Look in db.sql for the table.


  • LethalEncounter Added in the basic structure for AA's and got some of them working.


  • LethalEncounter Fixed factions.
  • LethalEncounter Fixed issues with mobs of different factions or no faction assisting.


  • LethalEncounter Fixed X, Y coords.
  • LethalEncounter Added in groups.
  • LethalEncounter Added in trades.
  • LethalEncounter Fixed various animations.
  • LethalEncounter Fixed client movement.
  • LethalEncounter Fixed NPC movement.
  • LethalEncounter Fixed forage.
  • LethalEncounter Fixed Attack.
  • LethalEncounter Fixed GM summon.
  • LethalEncounter Fixed GM goto.
  • LethalEncounter Fixed spells.
  • LethalEncounter Fixed lifts.
  • LethalEncounter Fixed automatic weather changes. Change the default in the zone table to suit your needs. 1: normal 2: Rainy most of the time 3: Snowing most of the time
  • LethalEncounter Fixed lotsa other important stuff that I cant remember :)


  • devn00b Yet again removed Faulty pet code. LEAVE THEM ALONE


  • Image Zone points code put in, need some testing done on it please!


  • Image More optimization to the aggro code and an infinite for loop fixed.


  • kathgar Removed deprecated guildwars code Added #ifdefs for IPC code, no more IsInteractive checks wasting cycles Fixed a memleak in NPC with attacked_timer
  • merth Updated zone objects:
  • Uses new item architecture
  • Fully supports imported data from packet collector
  • Objects dropped to ground persist zone sessions


  • Image Optimizations to Aggro code, ~10% more efficient according to Trumpcard.


  • Trumpcard Lots of performance improvements to combat code/AI code. Streamlined several calls, and found and removed unneeded calls
 in MobAI that were causing serious bottlenecks.  Went through and caught a few memory leaks, and converted
 many deletes to safe deletes.


  • LethalEncounter Somewhere around this date I added in bazaar traders and cool features like that.


  • Trumpcard Starting items are now in. LE also fixed the combat damage struct and mob hp bar updates.


  • scruffy Inverted the XY coordinates system to work like the EQLive system. Run invertxy.sql to update existing databases.


  • kathgar Added opcodes for things such as the LFG tool from SEQ, replaced some instances of static opcode use


  • devn00b Removed Faulty pet code, replaced with working code.


  • Image Added the functions for the GuildWars point system.


  • devn00b Moved pets from hardcoded to DB based. need to source pets.sql