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    inventory {
        intunsigned charid
        intunsigned itemid
        mediumintunsigned augslot1
        mediumintunsigned augslot2
        mediumintunsigned augslot3
        mediumintunsigned augslot4
        mediumintunsigned augslot5
        mediumint augslot6
    character_data {
        intunsigned id
        varchar name
        varchar nane
        intunsigned zone_instance
        intunsigned zone_id
    items {
        int id
        int book
        varchar name
        int recasttype
        int icon
        mediumint bardeffect
        int clickeffect
        int focuseffect
        int proceffect
        int scrolleffect
        int worneffect
    inventory ||--o{ character_data : "One-to-One"
    inventory ||--o{ items : "One-to-One"
    inventory ||--o{ items : "One-to-One"
    inventory ||--o{ items : "One-to-One"
    inventory ||--o{ items : "One-to-One"
    inventory ||--o{ items : "One-to-One"
    inventory ||--o{ items : "One-to-One"
    inventory ||--o{ items : "One-to-One"

Relationship Type Local Key Relates to Table Foreign Key
One-to-One charid character_data id
One-to-One itemid items id
One-to-One augslot1 items id
One-to-One augslot2 items id
One-to-One augslot3 items id
One-to-One augslot4 items id
One-to-One augslot5 items id
One-to-One augslot6 items id


Column Data Type Description
charid int Character Identifier
slotid mediumint Slot Identifier
itemid int Item Identifier
charges smallint Charges
color int Color
augslot1 mediumint Augment Slot 1
augslot2 mediumint Augment Slot 2
augslot3 mediumint Augment Slot 3
augslot4 mediumint Augment Slot 4
augslot5 mediumint Augment Slot 5
augslot6 mediumint Augment Slot 6
instnodrop tinyint No Drop: 0 = True, 1 = False
custom_data text Custom Data
ornamenticon int Ornamentation Icon
ornamentidfile int Ornamentation Texture
ornament_hero_model int Ornamentation Hero's Forge Model