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NATS Channels

Note that NATS is currently on an experimental branch

IN and OUT are from the perspective of a eqemu. So, if IN is yes, that means it is expected that a third party client will request messages to this channel, If OUT is yes, that means you can subscribe as a third party and get a feed of data.

Global Scoped

  • global.admin_message.out - eqproto::AdminMessage - Admin related communication. This is called from both zone and world, and may contain sensitive information, designed to be sent to an administrator-only channel. (hacker, zone bootup, new account creations, etc)

World Scoped

  • - eqproto::CommandMessage - Send a command. Commands are as follows:
  • who - Who is currently online
  • world.channel_message.out - eqproto::ChannelMessage - Any world-wide messages are broadcasted

Zone Scoped

  • - eqproto::ChannelMessage - Send a channel message to zone
  • - eqproto::CommandMessage - Send a command message to zone
  • zone.ecommons.entity.event.#.|No.|Yes.|EntityEvent.|Subscribe to events from entity #
  • zone.ecommons.entity.list.|Yes.|No.|Entities.|Request reply of a list of all entities
  • zone.ecommons.channel_message.|Yes.|No.|ChannelMessage.|Send a channel message to all provided zone