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Client Methods

void AddExpeditionLockout(string expedition_name, string event_name, uint32 seconds, string uuid = "")

Assigns the specified lockout to the client. If the client already has the lockout it's replaced with this one. If a uuid isn't supplied one is generated

e.other:AddExpeditionLockout("Anguish, the Fallen Palace", "Ture", 300)

void AddExpeditionLockoutDuration(string expedition_name, string event_name, int seconds, string uuid = "")

Adds seconds to the specified client lockout duration. If seconds is negative then the duration of the lockout is reduced (limited to 0).

If the client does not have the lockout and seconds is positive, a new lockout is created with the specified uuid. If a uuid isn't supplied one is generated.

 -- Decrease Ture lockout by 5 minutes
e.other:AddExpeditionLockoutDuration("Anguish, the Fallen Palace", "Ture", -300)
 -- Increase keldovan lockout by 5 minutes
e.other:AddExpeditionLockoutDuration("Anguish, the Fallen Palace", "Keldovan the Harrier", 300)

Expedition* CreateExpedition(string zone_short_name, int zone_version, int duration, string expedition_name, int min_players, int max_players, bool disable_messages = false)

This initiates an expedition creation request by the client. All members in the client's current group or raid (if in one) are validated for the expedition request. On success an expedition object is returned and all members of the client's group/raid are added to the expedition. Returns nullptr if the request is rejected

This method takes both the instance zone details and expedition details

Passing true for the optional disable_messages parameter disables all expedition rejection messages sent to the leader (member lockout conflicts, etc)

Note: Expedition creation follows behavior introduced with the live September 16, 2020 patch. The expedition may be created even if the group or raid exceeds the expedition's max player requirement, but only members up to the max are added to it. Players are added based on priority of raid group number followed by ungrouped players. The raid leader is added first. Players inside groups or raid groups may not be added in displayed order.

function event_say(e)
  if e.message == "request" then
    local expedition = e.other:CreateExpedition("anguish", 0, 36000, "Anguish, the Fallen Palace", 6, 54)
    if expedition.valid then
      eq.debug("Expedition creation was succesful")

Expedition* CreateExpedition(LUA_TTABLE expedition_info)

This is an alternate expedition request method that uses a table containing all creation data.

This table supports adding all dynamic zone data at creation time rather than post-creation. This has the benefit of only hitting the database once to insert the expedition's dz data.

Option data is placed in the table as hash keys. The expedition and instance keys are required to define creation

Keys marked as optional may be excluded if not used

key name supported keys description
expedition name, min_players, max_players, disable_messages expedition options
instance zone, version, duration dz instance details
compass zone, x, y, z (optional) compass coordinates
safereturn zone, x, y, z, h (optional) safe return coordinates
zonein x, y, z, h (optional) dz zone-in coordinates

expedition keys

key type description
name string expedition name
min_players int minimum players to request expedition
max_players int maximum expedition players
disable_messages bool (optional) disable leader messages on request

instance keys

key type description
zone int or string zone id or zone short_name of the expedition's dz instance
version int dz instance version
duration int dz expire time (seconds)

compass, safereturn, and zonein keys

key type description
zone int or string zone id or zone short name
x float (optional) x coordinate (default: 0)
y float (optional) y coordinate (default: 0)
z float (optional) z coordinate (default: 0)
h float (optional) heading (default: 0)
local anguish_info = {
  expedition = { name="Anguish, the Fallen Palace", min_players=6, max_players=54 },
  instance   = { zone="anguish", version=0, duration=21600 },
  compass    = { zone=300, x=1353.15, y=1712.19, z=109.001 },
  safereturn = { zone="wallofslaughter", x=1349.13, y=1715.00, z=123.81, h=0 },
  zonein     = { x=-9, y=-2466, z=-79, h=0 }
local dz = e.other:CreateExpedition(anguish_info)
if dz.valid then
  eq.debug("Expedition creation was successful")

Expedition* GetExpedition()

Return client's current expedition if client is in one, otherwise returns nullptr

local dz = e.other:GetExpedition()
if not dz.valid then
  eq.debug("Client is not in an expedition")

LUA_TTABLE GetExpeditionLockouts(string expedition_name = "")

Returns a hash table keyed on expedition name containing an event hash table with client's current lockouts. If expedition_name is supplied then just an event hash table is returned for that expedition. The value of event hash tables is the lockout's remaining duration. Returns empty table if client doesn't have any lockouts

local lockouts = e.other:GetLockouts()
for expedition_name,event_lockouts in pairs(lockouts) do
  for event_name,remaining in pairs(event_lockouts) do
    eq.debug(string.format("expedition: (%s) event: (%s) remaining: (%s) s",
      expedition_name, event_name, remaining))
-- filtered on expedition name
local lockouts = e.other:GetLockouts("Anguish, the Fallen Palace")
for event_name,remaining in pairs(lockouts) do
  eq.debug(string.format("Anguish lockouts event: (%s) remaining: (%s) s",
    event_name, remaining))

string GetLockoutExpeditionUUID(string expedition_name, string event_name)

Returns uuid string of the expedition the lockout was received in. Returns an empty string if client doesn't have the lockout

local uuid = e.other:GetLockoutExpeditionUUID("Anguish, the Fallen Palace", "Ture")
if uuid ~= "" then
  eq.debug(string.format("Client received lockout in expedition uuid %s", uuid))

bool HasExpeditionLockout(string expedition_name, string event_name)

Returns true of the client has the lockout, false otherwise

local has_lockout = e.other:HasExpeditionLockout("Anguish, the Fallen Palace", "Ture")
if has_lockout then
  eq.debug("Client has the lockout")
  eq.debug("Client does not have the lockout")

void MovePCDynamicZone(int zone_id, int zone_version = -1, bool msg_if_invalid = true)

void MovePCDynamicZone(string zone_short_name, int zone_version = -1, bool msg_if_invalid = true)

Attempts to move the client to the specified zone if the client is part of a system (expedition or otherwise) with an associated dynamic zone instance in the target zone.

If a valid zone_version (0 or higher) is supplied then the move will only be allowed if a player's dz to zone_id is also for that zone_version.

If the client is not associated with a dz for the specified zone, the client is not moved. If msg_if_invalid is true (default) the client is sent a message that the way is blocked.

If the client is associated with multiple dz systems to the same zone, the client's DynamicZoneSwitchListWnd interface window is invoked to allow the client to choose which dynamic zone to enter.

On success, the player is moved to the dynamic zone's zone in coordinates (set on creation or afterwards) If no zone in coordinates are set, the player is moved to the zone's default safe coords.

MovePCInstance should be used if finer control of zone in location is required, but care must be taken to validate the client is part of an instance for the target zone

e.other:MovePCDynamicZone(317) -- by zone id
e.other:MovePCDynamicZone("anguish") -- by zone short name

void RemoveAllExpeditionLockouts(string expedition_name = "")

Removes all expedition lockouts from the character, optionally filtered on an expedition name

-- removes all lockouts
-- removes all anguish lockouts
e.other:RemoveAllExpeditionLockouts(e.other:CharacterID(), "Anguish, the Fallen Palace")

void RemoveExpeditionLockout(string expedition_name, string event_name)

Removes the specified lockout from the character. No-op if the character doesn't have the lockout

e.other:RemoveExpeditionLockout("Anguish, the Fallen Palace", "Ture")