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Relationship Diagram(s)

Diagram Edit


Relationship Type Local Key Relates to Table Foreign Key
Has-Many id task_activities taskid
Has-Many id tasksets taskid
Has-Many type character_tasks type


Column Data Type Description
id int Unique Task Identifier
type tinyint Task Type
duration int Duration
duration_code tinyint Duration Code
title varchar Title
description text Description
reward varchar Reward Description
rewardid int Reward Item Identifier
cashreward int Cash Reward in Copper
xpreward int Experience Reward
rewardmethod tinyint Reward Method: 0 = Single Item ID, 1 = List of Items, 2 = Quest Controlled
reward_radiant_crystals int Reward Radiant Crystals
reward_ebon_crystals int Reward Ebon Crystals
minlevel tinyint Minimum Level
maxlevel tinyint Maximum Level
level_spread int Level Spread
min_players int Minimum Players
max_players int Maximum Players
repeatable tinyint Repeatable: 0 = False, 1 = True
faction_reward int Faction Reward
completion_emote varchar Completion Emote
replay_timer_seconds int Replay Timer in Seconds
request_timer_seconds int Request Timer in Seconds
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