This is a listing of tools that will allow you to create / edit your EQEmu Server and Client. Additional coding/DB editing tools are found below this page.

EQEmu Server Database Editors

PEQ Database Editor

Link: Description: An intuitive editor that allows you to make changes to your world server. Installation: Install PEQ Database Editor

EQEmu Operations Center (EOC)

Link: Description: A powerful editor that includes mass editing, file utilities, and more. Connection Page: Input your server information

EQEmu Server Scripting

Wiki Quest API

Link: Description: a GitBook space that details the set of functions and procedures allowing the access of the features or data of the EQEmu Server.

Spire Quest API Explorer

Link: Description: a performant quest api explorer that is always current with EQEmu Server and provides examples of method types, event triggers, and exported constants with instant searching and filters.

Server Web Site Builders


Link: Description: Allows you to create an Allakhazam-like site for your server.

Character Browser

Link: Description: Allows you to create a Magelo-like site for your server.

Client Editing

EQEmu Particle Editor

Link: Description: Particle Editor for EQEmu

EQG Weapon Model Importer

Link: Description: EQG Weapon Model Importer for EQEmu

EQG Zone Importer

Link: Description: EQEmu Zone Importer

S3D Model Extractor

Link: Description: S3D Model Extracter for EQEmu

S3D Model Scaler

Link: Description: S3D Model Scaler for EQEmu

EQG Model Importer

Link: Description: EQG Model Importer for EQEmu

EQ Race Inventory

Link: Description: An inventory of all EQ client races and the zone files that load the corresponding model

EQ Icon Extractor

Link: Description: Extracts individual spell and item icons from .dds and .tga sprite sheets in .png format

EQ Eff2Emt Zone Sounds Converter

Link (command line): Link (GUI): Description: Converts .eff sound effect files to .emt format


Link: Description: Handles various EQ client file formats: .S3D, .EQG, .PFS, and .PAK


EQEmu Zone Utilities

Link: Description: Various utilities and libraries for parsing, rendering and manipulating EQ Zone files.

GeorgeS Tools

Link: Description: A series of pre-compiled closed-source tools for editing various server and client data.