CLI Management Interface

Managing and interacting with your Login Server from the command line interface

In the latest overhaul of the login server, an enhanced command-line management interface was introduced to easily interface with basic management functionality needs. If you want to do more enhanced functionality such as integrating with the HTTP API, you can reference API Endpoints

CLI Menu

Help Menu

The login server command line help menu can be accessed by simply running the server binary from the command line with the option --help

[email protected]:~/server$ ./loginserver --help
> EQEmulator [LoginServer] CLI Menu
login-user:check-credentials Check user login credentials
login-user:check-external-credentials Check user external login credentials
login-user:create Creates Local Loginserver Account
login-user:update-credentials Change user login credentials
web-api-token:create Creates Loginserver API Token
web-api-token:list Lists Loginserver API Tokens
world-admin:create Creates Loginserver World Administrator Account

Command Example(s)

To see the required options and/or arguments for a command, simply type out the command to get the required context

loginserver login-user:create
login-user:create {username} {password}