Auto Create Login Accounts

Ideal for local LAN setups

Ideal for local LAN setups, you can enable this setting. If any login request comes in from a game client, if the account doesn't already exist, it will auto create the account on first attempt. Every subsequent attempt will use the created username and password combination

login.json snippet
"account": {
// ideal for local LAN setups, if you want a login attempt to automatically create an account
// this will automatically create the account using the username and password if it doesn't exist
"auto_create_accounts": true

Resetting Account Passwords

When using this configuration, it's easy for friends to forget their password or even your own after a long period. For this situation you can use the CLI interface to bail yourself out of this situation

./loginserver login-user:update-credentials test mynewpassword
> Executing CLI Command
[LoginServer] [Info] ChangeLoginserverUserCredentials account [test] source_loginserver [local] credentials updated!