Creating a New Faction

This page describes adding a new faction on your EQEmu Server

To add a new faction on your server:

  1. Add the new faction to the faction_list table. Assign a value to base_value that indicates, aside from class/race/deity adjustments, how your new faction will regard everyone.

  2. Add an entry to faction_base_data if you want the limits on earned faction to differ from -2000 to 2000.

Faction Value

Faction CON

1100 -> ABOVE


750 -> 1099


500 -> 749


100 -> 400


0 -> 99


-100 -> -1


-500 -> -101


-750 -> -501


BELOW -> -751


  1. Decide if you want your faction to favor or dislike characters more of less based on their class, race or deity. If so, add entries to faction_list_mod for your newly created faction.

  2. Every NPC that you want to be on your new faction, will have to be on a new npc_faction that has a primary_faction set to your new faction from faction_list. But unless all the NPCS that you want will all have the same faction hits when killed, you'll need a separate npc_faction for each tier of hits. I hope we can factor this part out in a future work product.

  3. If you want to assign faction hits or gains for killing any npc on your newly created npc_faction, add these entries to npc_faction_entries using your new npc_faction_id.

  4. If you want your newly created faction members to attack or assist certain other factions, add these entries to npc_faction_entries using your new npc_faction_id.

  5. Assign the NPCs you want to your new npc_faction.

  6. Restart the server for this to take effect. We'll work on a live reloading mechanism.